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Gold 1230.900.34
Silver 17.17-0.02
Platinum 1243.50-2.00
Palladium 776.00-2.75
DOWJONES 16805128
NASDAQ 448431
NIKKEI 15292153
ASX 539929
CAC 40 4129-29
DAX 8988-60
HUI 184-1
XAU 760
AUS $ 1.4416
CAN $ 1.4227
US $ 1.2669
GBP (£) 0.7875
Sw Fr 1.2059
YEN 137.0400
AUS $ 1.1382
CAN $ 1.1230
Euro 0.7893
GBP (£) 0.6217
Sw Fr 0.9518
YEN 108.0700
Gold / Silver71.69
Gold / Oil15.17
Dowjones / Gold13.65
Copper 3.060.01
WTI Oil 81.14-0.61
Nat. Gas 3.60-0.02
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Corporate Presentations of Enerplus Resources Fund
11/23/2009Investor Presentation Advisory
11/7/2008Investor Presentation Advisory - Ontario
6/5/2008Investor Presentation Advisory - Minneapolis, Kansas City, S...
Annual reports of Enerplus Resources Fund
Files 2008 Annual Report and Oil and Gas Reserves and Operat...
2008 Annual report
Annual Report 2007
Financings of Enerplus Resources Fund
2/9/2012Closed Equity Financing
9/10/2009Closes Equity Offering
Option Grants of Enerplus Resources Fund
12/21/2012Announces Cash Dividend for January 2013
11/30/2012Announces Cash Dividend for December 2012
9/28/2012Announces October Dividend
8/29/2012Announces September Dividend
2/29/2012Announces Cash Dividend for March 2012
12/23/2011Announces January Dividend
11/30/2011Announces December Dividend
8/30/2011Announces September Dividend
6/29/2011Announces Cash Dividend for July 2011
5/2/2011Announces Cash Dividend for May 2011
Nominations of Enerplus Resources Fund
3/16/2009Announces Executive Appointment
11/5/2008Announces Executive Appointments
5/30/2008Announces Appointment of Computershare as Trustee, Transfer ...
5/6/2008 Announces Appointment of President, U.S. Operations
Financials of Enerplus Resources Fund
8/9/20132013 Second Quarter Results Ahead of Expectations
5/10/2013Announces Strong 2013 First Quarter Results
11/9/2012Announces Third Quarter 2012 Results
7/28/2010Announces 2010 Second Quarter Results Conference Call
8/10/2009Announces Results for Second Quarter 2009
5/8/2009Announces Results for First Quarter 2009
11/7/2008Announces 2008 Third Quarter Operating and Financial Results
8/7/2008Announces 2008 Second Quarter Results and Increase in Monthl...
5/9/2008Announces 2008 First Quarter Results
8/2/2007 Announces 2007 Second Quarter Operating and Financial Resul...
Project news of Enerplus Resources Fund
2/21/2014Exceeds Operating & Financial Targets for 2013
12/2/2013Increases 2013 Production Estimate and Forecasts 10% Product...
10/23/2013Increases Production Estimates for 2013 and Sells Non-Core A...
6/27/2013Sells Non-Core Assets and Maintains Production Guidance
12/10/2012Announces Guidance for 2013 and Acquisition of Additional Ba...
11/1/2012Raises $220 Million Through Sale of Non-Core Production
12/9/2010Resource Fund Announces Unitholder Approval of Proposed Conv...
Corporate news of Enerplus Resources Fund
2/21/20142013 Q4 & Year-end Results
2/4/2014Exceeds Production Guidance for 2013 and Delivers Record Res...
12/20/2013Announces Cash Dividend for January 2014
11/25/2013Announces Cash Dividend for December 2013
11/8/2013Q3 Interim Report
11/8/2013Reports Strong 2013 Third Quarter Results, Acquisition of Ad...
6/26/2013Announces Cash Dividend for July 2013
6/25/2013Reschedules Investor Day for June 27, 2013
6/21/2013Enerplus Postpones Investor Day Due to Local State of Emerge...
6/20/2013Announces Investor Day Webcast Details
5/24/2013Announces Cash Dividend for June 2013
4/23/2013Announces Cash Dividend for May 2013
3/25/2013Announces Cash Dividend for April 2013
3/22/2013Announces Succession of President & CEO
2/22/2013Enerplus 2012 Results
2/21/2013Announces Cash Dividend for March 2013
1/25/2013Announces Cash Dividend for February 2013
12/20/2012Closes Purchase of Bakken Oil Assets in Montana and Sale of ...
8/10/2012Delivers Production Growth Through Second Quarter 2012
8/10/20122nd Quarter 2012 Results
5/11/20121st Quarter 2012 Results
3/12/2012' President & CEO's CNBC Interview with Jim Cramer
9/29/2011Enerplus Announces October Dividend
8/2/2011Enerplus Announcements August Dividend
6/29/2011Closes Sale of Marcellus Acreage
5/31/2011Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for June 2011
5/16/2011Enerplus Announces Sale of Non-Operated Marcellus Interests
3/8/2011Announces Analyst Day Webcast Details and Updates Corporate ...
1/4/2011Completes Corporate Conversion
12/20/2010Announces Cash Distribution for January 2011
12/17/2010Enerplus Announces Guidance for 2011 and Outlook for 2012
12/1/2010Announces December Distribution
10/29/2010Enerplus Announces Cash Distribution for November 2010
8/31/2010Announces Cash Distribution for September 2010
6/3/2010Presentation Advisory
3/5/2010Presentation Advisory
2/19/2010Notice of Record and Meeting Date for Annual General Meeting...
1/29/2010Announces Cash Distribution for February 2010 and Provides U...
12/14/2009Announces Operational Guidance for 2010 and Preliminary 2009...
11/5/2009Presentation Advisory
10/14/2009Presentation Advisory - Florida
8/31/2009Announces Cash Distribution for September 2009
7/29/2009Announces Cash Distribution for August 2009
6/30/2009Announces Cash Distribution for July 2009
6/19/2009Announces Closing of Senior Unsecured Notes
6/10/2009Presentation Advisory - Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia,...
6/1/2009Presentation Advisory - Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa
5/29/2009Announces Cash Distribution for June 2009
5/14/2009Presentation Advisory - San Francisco
4/30/2009Announces Cash Distribution for May 2009
4/17/2009Deferral of Kirby oil sands project
4/14/2009Presentation Advisory - Toronto
3/23/2009Presentation Advisory - AMMENDED
2/27/2009Announces Cash Distribution for March 2009
2/24/2009Notice of Record and Meeting Date for Annual General Meeting...
1/30/2009Announces Cash Distribution for February 2009
12/18/2008Announces January 2009 Cash Distribution and 2009 Guidance -...
12/4/2008Presentation Advisory - New York
11/28/2008Announces Cash Distribution for December 2008
10/31/2008Announces Cash Distribution for November 2008
10/3/2008Presentation Advisory - Miami, FL
9/30/2008Announces Cash Distribution for October 2008
9/9/2008to Present at the Peters & Co 2008 North American Oil & Gas ...
9/9/2008Presentation Advisory
8/29/2008confirms increase to cash distribution for September 2008
8/1/2008Presentation Advisory
8/1/2008Closes Sale of Joslyn Lease
7/30/2008Announces Cash Distribution for August 2008
6/27/2008Announces Cash Distribution for July 2008
6/23/2008Announces Agreement to Sell its Interest in Joslyn Oil Sands...
6/12/2008to Present at Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers' 2...
6/5/2008Presentation Advisory - Montreal
5/30/2008Announces Cash Distribution for June 2008
5/26/2008Presentation Advisory
5/9/2008 Present at Tristone Capital Global Energy Forum
4/30/2008 Announces Cash Distribution for May 2008
3/26/2008 to Reevaluate Its 15 % Stake in Joslyn Oil Sands Project
7/31/2007 Announces Cash Distribution for August 2007
6/28/2007Announces Cash Distribution for July 2007
6/13/2007Updates Corporate Strategy and Information Following Tax on ...
5/30/2007Announces Cash Distribution for June 2007
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Enerplus Resources Fund

US$ 15.06
10/24 16:01 -0.350
Prev close Open
15.41 15.38
Low High
14.99 15.38
Year l/h YTD var.
14.53 -  25.23 -15.54%
52 week l/h 52 week var.
14.53 -  25.23 -13.00%
Volume 1 month var.
668,539 -20.40%
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