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Corporate Presentations of Enerplus Resources Fund
11/23/2009Investor Presentation Advisory
11/7/2008Investor Presentation Advisory - Ontario
6/5/2008Investor Presentation Advisory - Minneapolis, Kansas City, S...
Annual reports of Enerplus Resources Fund
Files 2008 Annual Report and Oil and Gas Reserves and Operat...
2008 Annual report
Annual Report 2007
Financings of Enerplus Resources Fund
2/9/2012Closed Equity Financing
9/10/2009Closes Equity Offering
Option Grants of Enerplus Resources Fund
12/21/2012Announces Cash Dividend for January 2013
11/30/2012Announces Cash Dividend for December 2012
9/28/2012Announces October Dividend
8/29/2012Announces September Dividend
2/29/2012Announces Cash Dividend for March 2012
12/23/2011Announces January Dividend
11/30/2011Announces December Dividend
8/30/2011Announces September Dividend
5/2/2011Announces Cash Dividend for May 2011
Nominations of Enerplus Resources Fund
11/5/2008Announces Executive Appointments
5/30/2008Announces Appointment of Computershare as Trustee, Transfer ...
5/6/2008 Announces Appointment of President, U.S. Operations
Financials of Enerplus Resources Fund
11/9/2012Announces Third Quarter 2012 Results
8/10/2009Announces Results for Second Quarter 2009
5/8/2009Announces Results for First Quarter 2009
11/7/2008Announces 2008 Third Quarter Operating and Financial Results
8/7/2008Announces 2008 Second Quarter Results and Increase in Monthl...
5/9/2008Announces 2008 First Quarter Results
Project news of Enerplus Resources Fund
2/21/2014Exceeds Operating & Financial Targets for 2013
10/23/2013Increases Production Estimates for 2013 and Sells Non-Core A...
6/27/2013Sells Non-Core Assets and Maintains Production Guidance
12/9/2010Resource Fund Announces Unitholder Approval of Proposed Conv...
Corporate news of Enerplus Resources Fund
8/19/2016Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for September 2016
7/26/2016Enerplus Corp. breached its 50 day moving average in a Beari...
7/19/2016Enerplus Corp. : ERF-CA: Dividend Analysis : June 28th, 2016...
7/19/2016Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for August 2016
7/18/2016ETF’s with exposure to Enerplus Corp. : July 18, 2016
7/15/2016Enerplus Corp. : ERF-CA: Dividend Analysis : June 28th, 2016...
7/14/2016Coverage Initiated on Select Oil and Gas Drillers Stocks
7/13/2016Enerplus Announces Conference Call for Second Quarter 2016 R...
7/12/2016Enerplus Corp. : ERF-CA: Dividend Analysis : June 28th, 2016...
7/12/2016I Am Watching Some Momentum Names
7/6/2016Enerplus Corp. : ERF-CA: Dividend Analysis : June 28th, 2016...
6/30/2016ETF’s with exposure to Enerplus Corp. : June 30, 2016
6/30/2016Enerplus Corp. : ERF-CA: Dividend Analysis : June 28th, 2016...
6/27/2016Enerplus Corp. : ERF-CA: Dividend Analysis : June 28th, 2016...
6/27/2016Enerplus Corp. : ERF-US: Dividend Analysis : June 28th, 2016...
6/20/2016ETF’s with exposure to Enerplus Corp. : June 20, 2016
6/17/2016Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for July 2016
1/25/2016Enerplus Corp.: Strong price momentum but may lack support f...
1/22/2016Enerplus Announces Conference Call for Year-End 2015 Results
1/21/2016Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for February 2016
1/12/2016Enerplus Announces Sale of Certain Canadian Natural Gas Asse...
1/8/2016Enerplus downgraded by Macquarie
12/21/2015Enerplus Completes Sale of Non-Operated Interests in North D...
12/18/2015Coverage initiated on Enerplus by Raymond James
12/18/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for January 2016
12/14/2015Enerplus Corp. Earnings Analysis: Q3, 2015 By the Numbers
12/8/2015ENERPLUS CORP Financials
12/7/2015Falling Earnings Estimates Signal Weakness Ahead for Enerplu...
12/5/2015Is a Return of $100 Oil Really Just Around the Corner?
12/1/2015Enerplus Slips to Strong Sell on Weak Commodity Pricing
11/30/2015Do Hedge Funds Love Banner Corporation (BANR)?
11/28/2015Hedge Funds Are Crazy About Enerplus Corp (USA) (ERF)
11/25/2015Should You Avoid Wright Medical Group NV (TRNX)?
11/20/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for December 2015
11/11/2015Enerplus CEO: 'Powerful forces' could push oil higher
11/6/2015Enerplus reports 3Q loss
11/6/2015Enerplus Announces Strong Third Quarter 2015 Results, A Redu...
11/3/2015Enerplus to Present at Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2015 Gl...
10/20/2015Enerplus Corp. breached its 50 day moving average in a Beari...
10/20/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for November 2015
10/7/2015Enerplus Announces Conference Call for 2015 Third Quarter Re...
10/6/2015Enerplus Announces Conference Call for 2015 Third Quarter Re...
9/30/2015Oil and Gas Drilling and Exploration Stocks Under Review -- ...
9/18/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for October 2015
9/15/2015Enerplus Announces Appointment of New Chief Financial Office...
9/11/2015Enerplus to Present at Peters & Co. Limited 2015 Energy Conf...
9/3/2015Enerplus to Present at Barclays CEO Energy/Power Conference ...
8/20/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for September 2015
8/12/2015Enerplus to Present at EnerCom's Oil & Gas Conference
8/12/2015Baytex Energy Corp. Earnings Q2*, 2015
8/12/2015Enerplus Corp. Earnings Q2*, 2015
8/11/2015Oasis Petroleum, Inc.: Sudden move in price, will it continu...
8/7/2015Enerplus Announces Strong Second Quarter 2015 Results
8/7/2015Enerplus reports 2Q loss
8/7/20156:35 am Enerplus reports Q2 (Jun) results
7/20/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for August 2015
7/8/2015Enerplus Announces Conference Call for 2015 Second Quarter R...
6/19/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for July 2015
6/17/2015Enerplus Corp (ERF): Strong Industry, Solid Earnings Estimat...
6/11/2015Enerplus upgraded by TD Securities
6/11/2015Enerplus CEO: We're hedging our bets
6/10/20156:39 am Enerplus increases production guidance and capital s...
6/10/2015Enerplus Continues Strong Operational Performance - Updates ...
6/9/2015Three Possible Takeover Targets In The Canadian Oil Patch
5/19/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for June 2015
5/13/2015Enerplus to Present at the UBS Global Oil and Gas Conference
5/8/2015Enerplus Announces Voting Results from the 2015 Annual Meeti...
5/8/2015Enerplus reports 1Q loss
5/8/2015Enerplus Building Momentum with Strong Operational First Qua...
5/7/2015The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: National Bank of Canada, ...
5/6/20154 Great Canadian Dividend Stocks for Your Portfolio - Analys...
4/24/2015This commodity is a smart investment: Experts
4/24/2015Coverage initiated on Enerplus by UBS
4/20/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for May 2015
4/9/2015Enerplus Announces Conference Call for 2015 First Quarter Re...
3/19/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for April 2015
2/26/2015ENERPLUS CORP Financials
2/20/2015Enerplus Delivers Strong 2014 Operating Results and Low Cost...
2/17/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for March 2015
2/5/20154 Stocks to Play Oil's Bounce
1/22/2015Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for February 2015
1/20/2015Enerplus Announces Conference Call for Year-End 2014 Results
1/15/2015Enerplus to Present at the 2015 CIBC Institutional Investor ...
12/18/2014Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for January 2015
12/18/2014Enerplus Announces 2015 Guidance: Reduced Spending, Continue...
11/14/2014Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for December 2014
11/7/2014Enerplus Continues Operational Momentum in Third Quarter 201...
11/6/2014Enerplus to Present at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 201...
11/4/2014Enerplus to Present at the Jefferies 2014 Global Energy Conf...
10/28/2014Enerplus Announces 2014 Third Quarter Results Conference Cal...
10/20/2014Enerplus Announces Cash Dividend for November 2014
2/21/20142013 Q4 & Year-end Results
2/4/2014Exceeds Production Guidance for 2013 and Delivers Record Res...
12/20/2013Announces Cash Dividend for January 2014
11/25/2013Announces Cash Dividend for December 2013
6/26/2013Announces Cash Dividend for July 2013
6/25/2013Reschedules Investor Day for June 27, 2013
6/20/2013Announces Investor Day Webcast Details
5/24/2013Announces Cash Dividend for June 2013
4/23/2013Announces Cash Dividend for May 2013
3/25/2013Announces Cash Dividend for April 2013
3/22/2013Announces Succession of President & CEO
2/21/2013Announces Cash Dividend for March 2013
1/25/2013Announces Cash Dividend for February 2013
12/20/2012Closes Purchase of Bakken Oil Assets in Montana and Sale of ...
3/12/2012' President & CEO's CNBC Interview with Jim Cramer
8/2/2011Enerplus Announcements August Dividend
5/16/2011Enerplus Announces Sale of Non-Operated Marcellus Interests
1/4/2011Completes Corporate Conversion
12/1/2010Announces December Distribution
3/5/2010Presentation Advisory
2/19/2010Notice of Record and Meeting Date for Annual General Meeting...
1/29/2010Announces Cash Distribution for February 2010 and Provides U...
12/14/2009Announces Operational Guidance for 2010 and Preliminary 2009...
11/5/2009Presentation Advisory
10/14/2009Presentation Advisory - Florida
8/31/2009Announces Cash Distribution for September 2009
7/29/2009Announces Cash Distribution for August 2009
6/30/2009Announces Cash Distribution for July 2009
6/19/2009Announces Closing of Senior Unsecured Notes
6/10/2009Presentation Advisory - Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia,...
6/1/2009Presentation Advisory - Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa
5/29/2009Announces Cash Distribution for June 2009
4/30/2009Announces Cash Distribution for May 2009
4/14/2009Presentation Advisory - Toronto
3/23/2009Presentation Advisory - AMMENDED
2/27/2009Announces Cash Distribution for March 2009
2/24/2009Notice of Record and Meeting Date for Annual General Meeting...
12/18/2008Announces January 2009 Cash Distribution and 2009 Guidance -...
12/4/2008Presentation Advisory - New York
11/28/2008Announces Cash Distribution for December 2008
10/31/2008Announces Cash Distribution for November 2008
10/3/2008Presentation Advisory - Miami, FL
9/30/2008Announces Cash Distribution for October 2008
8/29/2008confirms increase to cash distribution for September 2008
8/1/2008Presentation Advisory
8/1/2008Closes Sale of Joslyn Lease
7/30/2008Announces Cash Distribution for August 2008
6/27/2008Announces Cash Distribution for July 2008
6/23/2008Announces Agreement to Sell its Interest in Joslyn Oil Sands...
6/12/2008to Present at Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers' 2...
6/5/2008Presentation Advisory - Montreal
5/30/2008Announces Cash Distribution for June 2008
5/26/2008Presentation Advisory
5/9/2008 Present at Tristone Capital Global Energy Forum
4/30/2008 Announces Cash Distribution for May 2008
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Enerplus Resources Fund

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