West African Resources Ltd.

Published : December 23rd, 2015

Becoming a substantial holder for WAF

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Becoming a substantial holder for WAF


23 December 2015

The Manager

Company Announcements Office ASX Limited

20 Bridge Street

Sydney NSW 2000

By e-lodgement: https://www.asxonline.com

Dear Sir

Initial Substantial Shareholder Notice of Ausdrill Limited (ASX:ASL) for West African Resources Limited (ASX:WAF)

Attached is a completed and signed Form 603 Notice of Initial Substantial Shareholder for West African Resources Limited.

A copy of the Form 603 has been sent to the Company Secretary of West African Resources Limited.

Yours sincerely

Domenic Santini Company Secretary AUSDRILL LIMITED

Holder of relevant interest

Date of acquisition

Consideration (9)

Class and number of securities



The Ausdrill Group

22 December 2015


15,384,616 ordinary shares

Holders of relevant interest

Registered holder of Securities

Person entitled to be registered as a holder (8)

Class and number of securities

The Ausdrill Group

Ausdrill International

Ausdrill International

15,384,616 ordinary shares

Form 603

Corporations Act 2001 Section 671B

Notice of initial substantial holder

To: Company Name/Scheme ACN/ARSN

1. Details of substantial holder (1)


ACN/ARSN (if applicable)

West African Resources Limited (ASX: WAF)

121 539 375

Ausdrill Limited (ASX: ASL) (Ausdrill) and subsidiaries of Ausdrill as set out in Annexure A (referred to together as the Ausdrill Group)

009 211 474

The holder became a substantial holder on 22 / 12 / 2015

2. Details of voting power

The total number of votes attached to all the voting shares in the company or voting interests in the scheme that the substantial holder or an associate (2) had a relevant interest (3) in on the date the substantial holder became a substantial holder are as follows:

Class of securities (4)

Number of securities

Person's votes (5)

Voting power (6)

Ordinary shares




3. Details of relevant interests

The nature of the relevant interest the substantial holder or an associate had in the following voting securities on the date the substantial holder became a substantial holder are as follows:

Holder of relevant interest

Nature of relevant interest (7)

Class and number of securities

Ausdrill International Pty Ltd (Ausdrill International) pursuant to a placement of securities announced by West African Resources Services Limited to ASX on 14 December 2015

Pursuant to section 608(1)(a) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cwlth)

15,384,616 ordinary shares

Other members of the Ausdrill Group

Pursuant to sections 608(1)(b), 608(1)(c) or 608(3)(b) of the Corporations Act or as associates

15,384,616 ordinary shares

  1. Details of present registered holders

  2. Consideration

The persons registered as holders of the securities referred to in paragraph 3 above are as follows:

The consideration paid for each relevant interest referred to in paragraph 3 above, and acquired in the four month s prior to the day that the substantial holder became a substantial holder is as follows:



All members of the Ausdrill Group

6-12 Uppsala Place, Canning Vale, Western Australia 6155

Name and ACN/ARSN (if applicable)

Nature of association

See Annexure A

Bodies corporate controlled by Ausdrill

  1. Associates

  2. Addresses

The reasons the person named in paragraph 3 above are associates of the substantial holder are as follows:

The addresses of persons named in this form are as follows:


print name Domenic Mark Santini capacity Company Secretary

sign here

date 23 / 12 / 2015


  1. If there are a number of substantial holders with similar or related relevant issues (eg. A corporation and its related corporations, or the manager and trustee of an equity trust), the names could be included in an annexure to the form. If the relevant interests of a group of persons are essentially similar, they may be referred to throughout the form as a specifically named group if the membership of each group, with the names and addresses of members is clearly set out in paragraph 7 of the form.

  2. See the definition of "associate" in Section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001.

  3. See the definition of "relevant interest" in sections 608 and 671B(7) of the Corporations Act 2001.

  4. The voting shares of a company constitute one class unless divided into separate classes.

  5. The total number of votes attached to all the voting shares in the company or voting interests in the scheme (if any) that the person or an associate has a relevant interest in.

  6. The person's votes divided by the total votes in the body corporate or scheme multiplied by 100.

  7. Include details of:

  8. any relevant agreement or other circumstances by which the relevant interest was acquired. If subsection 671B(4) applies, a copy of any document setting out the terms of any relevant agreement, and a statement by the person giving full and accurate details of any contract, scheme or arrangement, must accompany this form, together with a written statement certifying this contract, scheme or arrangement; and

  9. any qualification of the power of a person to exercise, control the exercise of, the voting powers or disposal of the securities to which the relevant interest relates (indicating clearly the particular securities to which the qualification applies).

  10. If the substantial holder in unable to determine the identity of the person (eg. If the relevant interest arises because of an option) write "unknown".

  11. Details of the consideration must include any and all benefits, money and other, that any person from whom a relevant interest was acquired has, or may, become entitled to receive in relation to that acquisition. Details must be included even if the benefit is conditional on the happening or not of a contingency. Details must be included of any benefit paid on behalf of the substantial holder or its associate in relation to the acquisitions, even if they are not paid directly to the person from whom the relevant interest was acquired.

  12. See the definition of "relevant agreement" in section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001.

Annexure A

This is Annexure A of 1 page referred to in Form 603 (Notice of initial substantial holder) given by Ausdrill Limited and its subsidiaries.

23 December 2015

Domenic Mark Santini Date

Company Secretary



African Mining Services (Ghana) Pty Ltd

32 076 301 472

African Mining Services Burkina Faso SARL

African Mining Services Mali SARL

AMCG Limited

Ausdrill Finance Pty Ltd

90 159 906 395

Ausdrill Ghana Pty Ltd

67 053 575 518

Ausdrill International & Management Services Pty Ltd

68 074 414 387

Ausdrill International Pty Ltd

49 069 769 811

Ausdrill Northwest Pty Ltd

58 103 661 374

Ausdrill Properties Pty Ltd

92 104 659 074

Ausdrill Tanzania Limited

Ausdrill Underground Mining Services Australia Pty Ltd

85 002 822 522

Ausdrill Utilities Pty Ltd

99 103 016 771

Best Tractor Parts Pty Ltd

80 073 655 919

Brandrill Limited

46 061 845 529

BTP Equipment Pty Ltd

55 128 386 201

BTP Parts Pty Ltd

28 096 533 283

Connector Drilling Pty Ltd

14 148 853 561

Diamond Communications Pty Ltd

56 090 105 141

Drill Rigs Australia Pty Ltd

99 128 786 603

Drilling Tools Australia Pty Ltd

79 105 205 749

DT-Hi Load Australia Pty Ltd

32 103 534 087

Energy Drilling Australia Pty Ltd

74 137 680 221

Golden Plains Pty Ltd

79 006 307 179

Logistics Direct Australia Pty Ltd

23 078 441 031

Logistics Direct Limited

MinAnalytical Holdings Pty Ltd

21 147 048 075

MinAnalytical Laboratory Services Australia Pty Ltd

54 146 875 774

Mining Technology & Supplies Ltd

Remet Engineers Pty Ltd

18 105 226 935

Supply Direct Pty Ltd

29 059 611 862

Supply Direct South Africa Pty Ltd

70 087 063 303

Synegex Holdings Pty Ltd

11 103 420 971

West African Mining Services Ltd

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West African Resources Ltd.

ISIN : AU000000WAF6
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West African Resources is a exploration company based in Australia.

Its main exploration properties are MARANDET in Niger and BOULSA in Burkina Faso.

West African Resources is listed in Australia. Its market capitalisation is AU$ 554.5 millions as of today (US$ 400.2 millions, € 350.5 millions).

Its stock quote reached its lowest recent point on February 26, 2016 at AU$ 0.05, and its highest recent level on November 19, 2021 at AU$ 1.47.

West African Resources has 484 249 984 shares outstanding.

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12/23/2015Becoming a substantial holder for WAF
12/21/2015Preliminary metallurgical recoveries average 97.5% at M1 and...
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