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Published : March 23rd, 2016

Offer Document - Non-Renounceable Rights Issue

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Offer Document - Non-Renounceable Rights Issue


Argonaut Resources NL

ACN 008 084 848

Non-Renounceable Rights Issue

Offer Document

Pursuant to S708AA(2) Corporations Act 2001(Cth)

A non-renounceable rights issue to existing shareholders of Argonaut Resources NL of one (1) New Share at an issue price of A$0.012 each for every six (6) Shares held to raise up to approximately

$1,109,383 before costs of the Offer.

Important notice

This document is not a prospectus. This document does not contain all of the information that an investor may require in order to make an informed investment decision regarding the New Shares offered by this document. The New Shares offered by this document should be considered speculative.

This document should be read in its entirety. If after reading this document you have any questions about the Offer or the New Shares then you should consult your stockbroker, accountant or other professional advisor.

The Offer is fully underwritten.

Important Information

It is the responsibility of overseas Applicants to ensure compliance with all laws of any country relevant to their Acceptance.

A number of terms and abbreviations used in this Offer Document have defined meanings, which are explained in the Definitions and Glossary in section 6.

Money as expressed in this Offer Document is in Australian dollars or else as indicated.

Key dates for investors

Record Date for determining entitlements under the Offer: .......... 01 April 2016, 7:00pm (Sydney time) Offer Opens: .................................................................................. 04 April 2016, 9:00am (Sydney time)

Offer Expected to Close: ............................................................... 13 April 2016, 5:00pm (Sydney time)

Expected Date for Despatch of New Shareholding statements: .........................................21 April 2016

Expected Commencement of trading of New Shares on ASX: ...........................................21 April 2016

Further details regarding the timetable for the Offer are set out in section 1.7. All dates are subject to change and accordingly are indicative only. In particular, the Company has the right to vary the dates of the Offer, without prior notice. Investors are encouraged to submit their Entitlement and Acceptance Forms as soon as possible.

Offer statistics

Number of New Shares to be issued: ......................................................................... up to 92,448,617* Issue Price: ....................................................................................................................................$0.012

*Excludes any New Shares which may be issued in the event that any Existing Options are exercised prior to the Record Date

Important notice

The Offer made pursuant to this Offer Document is for a rights issue of continuously quoted securities (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act)) of the Company. This rights issue Offer Document is not a disclosure document for the purposes of Chapter 6D of the Corporations Act. The Company is offering the securities under this Offer Document without disclosure to investors under Chapter 6D of the Corporations Act pursuant to section 708AA of the Corporations Act. Accordingly, the level of disclosure contained in this Offer Document is significantly less than that required under a prospectus and Eligible Shareholders should consider all relevant facts and circumstances, including their knowledge of the Company and disclosures made to the ASX, and should consult their professional advisors before deciding whether to accept the Offer.

This Offer Document is dated 24 March 2016 and was lodged with the ASX on that date. The ASX does not take any responsibility for the contents of this Offer Document.

Securities will only be issued on the basis of this Offer Document in accordance with the terms set forth in this Offer Document.

As at the date of this Offer Document, the Company has complied with the:

  • Provisions of Chapter 2M of the Corporations Act, as they apply to the Company; and

  • Section 674 of the Corporations Act.

No excluded information

As at the date of this Offer Document the Company is not aware of any excluded information of the kind which would require disclosure in this Offer Document pursuant to subsections 708AA (8) and (9) of the Corporations Act.

Foreign Shareholders

The Company has not made any investigation as to the regulatory requirements that may prevail in the countries, outside of Australia, in which the Company's Shareholders may reside. The distribution of this Offer Document in jurisdictions outside Australia may be restricted by law and persons who come into possession of this Offer Document should seek advice on and observe those restrictions. Any failure to comply with restrictions might constitute a violation of applicable securities laws.

The Offer may only be accepted by Eligible Shareholders and does not constitute an offer in any place in which or to any person to whom, it would be unlawful to make such an offer.

The Company has decided that it is unreasonable to make offers under the Offer to Shareholders with registered addresses outside of Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, having regard to the number of Shareholders in those places, the number and value of the New Shares they would be offered and the cost of complying with the legal and regulatory requirements in those places. Accordingly, the Offer is not being extended to, and does not qualify for distribution or sale by, and no New Shares will be issued to, Shareholders having registered addresses outside of Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

New Zealand

In making this offer to Eligible Shareholders in New Zealand, the Company is relying on the Securities Act (Overseas Companies) Exemption Notice 2013 by virtue of which this Offer Document is not required to be registered in New Zealand.

Hong Kong

This Offer is being made in Hong Kong and is exempt from the prospectus registration requirement under the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance, and restrictions under the Securities and Futures Ordinance.

WARNING: The contents of this document have not been reviewed by any Hong Kong regulatory authority. You are advised to exercise caution in relation to the Offer. If you are in doubt about any contents of this document, you should obtain independent professional advice.


This document and any other materials relating to the Offer have not been, and will not be, lodged or registered as a prospectus in Singapore with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Accordingly, this document and any other document or materials in connection with the Offer may not be issues, circulated or distributed, nor may any shares be offered or sold, or be made the subject of an invitation for subscription or purchase, whether directly or indirectly, to person in Singapore except pursuant to and in accordance with exemptions in Subdivision (4) Division 1, Part XIII of the Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore 9SFA), or as otherwise pursuant to, and in accordance with any conditions of any other applicable provisions of the SFA.

This document has been given to you on the basis that you are an existing holder of Shares in the Company. In the event that you are not an existing holder of Shares in the Company, please return the document immediately. You may not forward or circulate this document to any other person in Singapore.

Any offer is not made to you with a view to the Shares being subsequently offered for sale to any other party. There are on-sale restrictions in Singapore that may be applicable to investors who acquire the shares. As such investors are advised to acquaint themselves with the SFA provisions relating to resale restrictions in Singapore and comply accordingly.

Notice to Nominees and Custodians

Shareholders resident in Australia and New Zealand holding Shares on behalf of persons who are resident overseas are responsible for ensuring that taking up an Entitlement under Offer does not breach regulations in the relevant overseas jurisdiction. Return of a duly completed Entitlement and Acceptance Form will be taken by the Company to constitute a representation that there has been no breach of those regulations.

No representations

No person is authorised to give any information or to make any representation in connection with the Offer which is not contained in this Offer Document. Any information or representation in connection with the Offer not contained in this Offer Document may not be relied on as having been authorised by the Company or its officers. This Offer Document does not provide investment advice or advice on the taxation consequences of accepting the Offer. The Offer, and the information in this Offer Document, do not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs (including financial and tax issues) as an investor.

Deciding to Accept the Offer

No person named in this Offer Document, nor any other person, guarantees the performance of the Company, the repayment of capital or the payment of a return on the New Shares.

Please read this document carefully before you make a decision to invest. An investment in the Company has a number of specific risks which you should consider before making a decision to invest. Some of these risks are summarised in section 4. This Offer Document is an important document and you should read it in full before deciding whether to invest pursuant to the Offer. You should also have regard to other publicly available information about the Company, including ASX announcements, which can be found at the Company's website:

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Argonaut Resources NL

ISIN : AU000000ARE9
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Argonaut is a gold and copper exploration company based in Australia.

Argonaut develops gold, copper and zinc in Australia, and holds various exploration projects in Australia and in Laos.

Its main asset in development is MT.KROOMBIT in Australia and its main exploration properties are CENTURY AREA and XEKONG in Laos and TORRENS PROJECT, LAKE TORRENS and MT PARRY in Australia.

Argonaut is listed in Australia. Its market capitalisation is AU$ 1.6 millions as of today (US$ 1.2 millions, € 1.0 millions).

Its stock quote reached its highest recent level on January 14, 2011 at AU$ 0.19, and its lowest recent point on November 04, 2022 at AU$ 0.00.

Argonaut has 813 849 984 shares outstanding.

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