Teck Metals Reaches Agreement at Community Justice Forum
Published : May 11, 2011
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TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 11, 2011) - On May 10th and 11th, 2011 Teck Metals Ltd. Trail Operations participated in a successful community justice forum.

The forum focused on the previously announced October 7th, 2010 mercury discharge into the Columbia River and a leachate overflow into Stoney Creek that occurred September 13, 2010. Both incidents were reported to the BC Ministry of Environment and Environment Canada when they occurred. Teck accepts full responsibility and deeply regrets that they occurred.

At the conclusion of a lengthy joint investigation under the Fisheries Act and the Environmental Management Act the Conservation Officer Service and Environment Canada's Environmental Enforcement Branch recommended the community justice forum process as a method to resolve these incidents. The forum was coordinated by trained facilitators from the Conservation Officer Service.

The forum brought together the parties involved and those impacted by these incidents, including representatives of the company, employees, community and environmental groups. As a result of the forum, and to compensate for the incidents, all parties have reached the following agreement:

  • Teck agrees to pay $325,000 in total for the two incidents, which will be used to benefit community environmental initiatives, including; LeRoi Community Foundation, Environmental Damages Fund, Gyro Park Spray Park Water Recycling Project, Trail Wildlife Association Endowment Fund, Columbia River Interpretive Centre Project, Kootenay Columbia Trails Society, and Bear Aware.
  • Potential Columbia River entry points through sumps will be clearly identified.
  • Complete a review of all process sumps to ensure piping configurations will not allow for entry into any river discharge systems.
  • Procedures will be established to ensure process solution does not enter the sanitary sewer system.

In addition, Teck has already taken a number of steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future, including:

  • Launched Phase II of a $5.5 million Effluent Spill Reduction Program to significantly reduce the risk of spills with Phase I at $2.8 million essentially complete.
  • Provided increased training to all employees at Trail Operations to ensure they are aware of the importance of protecting waterways.
  • Reviewed all effluent discharge alarms to ensure they are functioning properly. 
  • Completed a review of the Hazard Risk Assessment and Work Package Hazard Checklists process to ensure all workers are apprised of the associated risks with regard to work activities.
  • Modified the field inspection process and involvement of contractors to include a review of contractor job procedures and individual trades' skills.
  • Reviewed all lift stations (18) and three associated sumps on the property for piping configuration, alarms and for any possible direct connections to effluent discharge streams. 
  • Improved the accessibility of Emergency Response equipment.
  • Initiated a total rebuild of the Stoney Creek leachate sump and control system. 
  • Revised procedures in response to routine maintenance activities at the Stoney Creek effluent collection system and the high/low level alarms.

Teck has made significant investments in Trail Operations over the last 15 years to improve its environmental performance with overall air and water emissions dropping by more than 95%.

Teck is committed to continually improving its environmental performance at Trail and appreciates the opportunity provided by the BC Ministry of Environment and Environment Canada to address these two incidents through the community justice forum. We would like to thank the facilitators from the Conservation Officer Service, Andy MacKay and Ryane McIntyre, who conducted the forum in a constructive and professional manner. Additionally, we would like to thank, and are greatly appreciative of, the community members who participated in the forum on their own time and at their own expense. Their involvement and insight were instrumental in developing the resolution for these incidents.

About a Community Justice Forum

A community justice forum utilizes the principles of restorative justice and brings a responsible party, and parties involved or affected by an incident, including the community, together with trained facilitators to discuss the incident and its effects. A successful community justice forum results in an agreement by the parties on how to resolve the situation.

About Teck Metals Ltd.

Teck Metals Ltd. Trail Operations represents one of the world's largest fully integrated zinc and lead smelting and refining complexes. Trail's metallurgical operations also produce a variety of precious and specialty metals, chemicals and fertilizer products, as well as being a recycler of electronic waste. Trail has a two-thirds interest in the Waneta hydroelectric dam as well as ownership of the related transmission system. The Waneta Dam provides clean and renewable power to the metallurgical operations.

Marcia Smith
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Teck Metals Ltd.
Richard Deane
Manager, Energy & Public Affairs
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Teck Resources Limited

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Teck is a producing company based in Canada.

Teck produces coal, copper, gold, lead, molybdenum, silver and zinc in Canada, in Chile, in El Salvador and in Peru, develops copper, gold, lead, molybdenum, silver and zinc in Australia, in Canada, in Mexico, in Panama and in Turkey, and holds various exploration projects in Argentina, in Australia, in Burkina Faso, in Canada, in Chile, in China, in Guyana, in Honduras, in Mexico, in Peru and in Turkey.


Teck is listed in Canada, in Germany and in United States of America. Its market capitalisation is US$ 13.7 billions as of today (€ 11.7 billions).

Its stock quote reached its lowest recent point on October 17, 2008 at US$ 10.08, and its highest recent level on December 15, 2017 at US$ 23.82.

Teck has 576 419 968 shares outstanding.

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3/17/2015How is Freeport reacting to lower energy prices?
3/17/2015Lower energy prices a negative for Freeport-McMoRan
3/17/2015How lower copper prices impact Freeport-McMoRan
3/11/2015What part of Freeport’s financials should investors track?
3/10/2015How’s Freeport doing with its energy assets?
3/10/2015Why Freeport’s North American operations are so important
3/9/2015Freeport-McMoRan’s global mining portfolio
3/6/2015How Freeport is responding to regulatory changes in Indonesi...
3/6/2015Why asset sales won’t be easy for Freeport-McMoRan
3/6/2015An investor’s guide to Freeport-McMoRan
1/22/2014Named to the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations List
1/16/2014Media and Investor Audiocast Advisory
11/20/2013Announces Dividend
11/17/2013Uranium | Silver Market Review | Teck
11/13/2013Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
10/17/2013Acquires East Kootenay Lands
9/13/2013Named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index
9/5/2013Announces Exercise of Strait Minerals Warrants
7/16/2013Copper Fox Metals and Teck Resources form Schaft Creek Joint...
6/26/2013Receives Regulatory Approval for Renewal of Share Buy-Back P...
6/11/2013Announces Subscription to Horizonte Minerals Share Placement
6/7/2013Announces Asset Exchange Agreement
6/7/2013Recognized for Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibili...
5/9/2013Announces Subscription to True Gold Mining Share Placement
5/7/2013Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
4/27/2013(Port)Reports Voting Results from Annual General Meeting
4/24/2013Announces Dividend
4/16/2013Receives B=2EC=2E Ministry of Environment Area Based Managem...
4/3/2013UNICEF Canada and Teck Launch Partnership to =?ISO-8859-1?Q?...
2/20/2013Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
2/19/2013The Micronutrient Initiative, Government of Canada and Teck ...
1/23/2013Named to Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations List
1/14/2013Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
12/21/2012Provides Update on Coal Shipments
12/15/2012Announces Decision in Phase 1 of Upper Columbia River Litiga...
12/7/2012Announces Response to Incident at Westshore Terminals
11/28/2012Appoints New Vice President, Human Resources
11/9/2012Announces New Vice President Appointments
10/19/2012Announces Redemption of Notes
9/15/2012Named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index
9/14/2012Announces Vice President Appointments
9/10/2012Announces Agreement as to Certain Facts in Upper Columbia Ri...
9/5/2012Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
8/16/2012Announces Subscription to Strait Minerals Share Placement
7/31/2012Announces Pricing of US$1.75 Billion Notes Offering
7/9/2012Announces Temporary Withdrawal of Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 SE...
7/6/2012(Cardinal River)Announces New Collective Agreement at Cardinal River Operati...
6/28/2012Marks Canada Day with Trans Canada Trail Investment
6/26/2012Receives Regulatory Approval for Renewal of Share Buy-Back P...
6/19/2012Announces Subscription to Horizonte Minerals Share Placement
6/9/2012Announces New Collective Agreement at Trail Operations and R...
6/1/2012Announces Tentative Collective Agreement at Trail Operations
5/10/2012Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
4/4/2012Announces Closing of SilverBirch Transaction
3/19/2012and China's Ministry of Agriculture Sign Agreement to Promot...
3/14/2012Media and Investor Advisory
2/23/2012Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
2/17/2012Announces Redemption of US$1.051 Billion Principal Amount of...
2/17/2012Announces Pricing of US$1.00 Billion Notes Offering
2/16/2012Announces Notes Offering
2/9/2012(Port)Reports Unaudited Results for 2011
2/8/2012Announces New Collective Agreement at its Quebrada Blanca Op...
1/27/2012and BASF Announce Partnership to Reduce Zinc Deficiency Thro...
1/18/2012Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
1/7/2012(Carmen De Andacollo)Announces New Collective Agreement at Carmen de Andacollo
12/20/2011Closes Strait Gold Placement
11/28/2011Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
11/21/2011Announces Senior Management Changes
11/18/2011Recommends That Shareholders Reject "Mini-Tender Offer" by T...
11/10/2011Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
9/22/2011(Highland Valley)Announces Major Upgrades at Trail and Highland Valley Operat...
9/6/2011Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
9/2/2011and Ridley Terminals Announce Coal Shipment Agreement
6/30/2011Announces Pricing of US$2.0 Billion Notes Offering
6/29/2011Announces Notes Offering
6/23/2011Receives Regulatory Approval for Share Buy-Back Program
6/20/2011s Coal Guidance
5/12/2011Reaches Agreement at Community Justice Forum
4/6/2011Announces Extension of its Odd Lot Selling Program
3/14/2011Announces Coal Production Guidance
3/4/2011Announces Coal Shipment Agreement with Westshore
2/24/2011Announces Odd Lot Selling Program
1/19/2011Provides Coal Guidance
12/17/2010Announces Final Results of Debt Tender Offer
11/17/2010Announces Dividend Increase
10/8/2010Trail Operations Reports Mercury Discharge
10/6/2010and Canadian Pacific Announce 10-Year Agreement for Westboun...
10/6/2010Announces Expiration and Final Resultsof Tender Offer for 10...
9/29/2010Announces Coal Mountain Collective Agreement
9/22/2010to Partner With Suncor on Wintering Hills Wind Power Project
9/22/2010Notes Offering Closes
9/22/2010Announces Extension of Tender Premium P =?ISO-8859-1?Q?eriod...
9/20/2010s Coal Guidance
9/14/2010Named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index
9/9/2010Announces Pricing of US$700 Million of Notes
9/7/2010Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
8/17/2010Notes Offering Closes
8/9/2010Increases Its Previously Announced Cash Tender Offer
8/4/2010Announces Pricing of US$750 Million of 7 and 30 Year Notes
7/16/2010Provides Additional Update on Greenhills Incident
6/21/2010Media & Investor Webcast Advisory
5/26/2010To Renew Debt Shelf Prospectus
5/20/2010Aqqaluk to Proceed
5/7/2010Media and Investor Webcast Advisory
3/23/2010Annual Disclosure Documents
3/5/2010Waneta Dam Sale Closing
3/1/2010Confirms No Damage to Chilean Mines
2/17/2010Comments on Additional Permit Appeal at Red Dog
2/12/2010Agreement with Westshore on Coal Shipments
2/4/2010BCUC Approval of Waneta Dam Transaction
1/25/2010Closing of Andacollo Gold Royalty Transaction
12/8/2009Coal Production Guidance
9/23/2009Recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Mine Reclamation
7/31/2009Full Production at Trail and Update on Coal Sales
7/6/2009Secures Reduction in Rail Costs
6/25/2009Reports on Geotechnical Issues Identified at Highland Valley
6/23/2009Recognized for Excellence in Mine Safety and Mine Rescue & F...
6/22/2009Provides Coal Update
5/9/2009Bond Offering Closes
5/5/2009Announces Pricing of US$4.225 Billion of 5, 7 and 10 Year No...
5/1/2009Announces Execution of Credit Agreements
4/28/2009Provides Update on Terms of Bank Extension
4/24/2009Shareholders Approve Name Change to Teck Resources Limited
4/21/2009Bridge and Term Loan Extension-US$4=2E4 Billion of 2009 Paym...
4/8/2009Sale of Kinross Shares
2/20/2009Sale of El Brocal
1/8/2009Announces Global Workforce Reduction of 13% and 2009 Coal Pr...
10/1/2008 Announces the Creation of Five Strategic Business Units and...
9/30/2008 Enters Into Definitive Credit Agreements
10/1/2008Announce Receipt of Final Order and Satisfaction of Closing ...
9/29/2008Provides Update on Financing for Fording Transaction
9/11/2008Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index
8/2/2008Global Copper Corp=2E and Teck Cominco Limited Announce Clos...
7/29/2008Acquire Fording Canadian Coal Trust Assets
7/28/2008Global Copper Shareholders Approve Teck Cominco Transaction
6/11/2008Metals Ltd=2E and United Steelworkers Reach Contract Agreeme...
5/31/2008on Trail Incident From Teck Cominco Metals Limited
5/30/2008Statement From Teck Cominco Metals Limited
4/23/2008Announces Dividend
4/14/2008Acquire Global Copper Corp.
3/7/2008Receives Regulatory Approval For Share Buy-Back Program
1/8/2008U.S. Supreme Court Denies Teck Cominco's Petition for Review...
11/21/2007Announces Dividend
10/31/2007 Files Shelf Prospectus
9/28/2007Completes Acquisition of Aur Resources
9/24/2007Increases Holding in Fording Canadian Coal Trust to 19.95%
9/20/2007Announces Acquisition of Additional 5% Interest in Fort Hill...
8/30/2007Commences Compulsory Acquisition of Remaining Aur Shares
8/22/2007Acquires Approximately 93% of Aur Resources Common Shares
8/13/2007European Commission Approval for Aur Resources Transaction
8/3/2007Announces Canadian Competition Approval for Aur Resources Tr...
7/14/2007Review Coroner's Inquest Jury Recommendations
7/3/2007CORRECTION FROM SOURCE: Teck Cominco Makes Friendly C$41 Per...
6/28/2007Announces Fort Hills Design Basis Approval
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