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Published : November 06th, 2013

Saint Jean Carbon Inc. (formerly Torch River) Featured by Resource Investing News

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Saint Jean Carbon Inc. � Pursuing Lump Graphite in Quebec and Sri Lanka

Saint Jean Carbon Inc.


Saint Jean Carbon Inc. (TSXV:SJL), formerly Torch River Resources, Ltd., is an exploration company focused on becoming a pure-play lump graphite enterprise. The Company has acquired strategic properties in the graphite mining jurisdictions of Quebec and Sri Lanka. Saint Jean Carbon�s two most important projects are the Walker Mine Lump Graphite Project in Quebec and the Sri Lanka/">Han Tal Lump Project in Sri Lanka. The Company is led by a management team with in-depth experience in the graphite sector.

The Walker Mine is a past-producing graphite mine and positive metallurgical test results � best result, 99.1% Carbon � have strengthened management�s resolve to better define the scope of the deposits. At Han Tal, management anticipates to begin preparations for a NI 43-101 Technical Report in the coming months.


  • Low CAPEX to get into production with lump graphite at Walker Mine, Quebec and Sri Lanka
  • Low operating cost with lump graphite, below $400 per ton expected in Quebec and Sri Lanka
  • Grade of more than 90%C in commercial quantities at Walker
  • Sri Lanka is the only region in the world that produces vein (lump) graphite at commercial levels
  • Management is highly experienced in the graphite sector


Walker Mine Lump Graphite Project�Buckingham Township, Quebec

The Walker Mine Lump Graphite Project is a past-producing graphite mine located 100 km west of Montreal in the Buckingham Township of Quebec, Canada. Between 1876 and 1920, the Walker Mine produced approximately 816 tons of lump graphite. The property covers 9.02 square km and consists of 15 claims, 4 of which cover the historic mine. The project is easily accessible via main and private roads.

Saint Jean Carbon acquired the project May 21, 2013 and began an exploration program on the Walker Mine property shortly after to quantify the lump graphite grades, composition and extent. This work included a geophysical survey, a geological mapping program, and technical studies on samples retrieved from the property.

In July 2013, the Company announced the results of its first grab sampling program on the Walker property. The purpose of the program was to assess the potential for high grades encountered across this mineralization region. Based on analysis using the IR (infrared) process, the results confirmed the presence of a high quality lump/vein graphite mineralization with an assay value of 89.5% Cg. Lump graphite typically has grades from 50% to 95%, with an average grading in the 65% to 80% range.


In October 2013, Saint Jean Carbon announced the results of two test programs aimed  to assess the potential of the Walker lump graphite to be upgraded to 95%-99% Carbon. The best result of the tests was 99.1% Carbon. At this purity-level, the Company�s graphite is fully suited for a wide range of high purity applications. The tests were also successful in producing very favourable yields which will be important in maintaining a low cost base once production begins.

The positive test results led the Company to develop a full geologic program which commenced in October 2013 with a preliminary beep mapping survey to examine for conductors, and will be followed by an airborne EM survey shortly thereafter. The results of the program will form the basis for an initial historical NI 43-101 report on Walker (to include the Wallingford and St. Jovite properties discussed below). The Company will use the report to develop a comprehensive drill program to properly quantify the size and the extent of its lump graphite deposits.

Han Tal Lump Project � Sri Lanka

Saint Jean Carbon is in the process of acquiring the Han Tal Project, which comprises 113 square-kilometers of lump graphite claims containing 56 historical mines and exclusive exploration licenses, in October 2013. The Han Tal Lump Project is located in southwest Sri Lanka approximately 45km from the Port of Colombo, the nation�s largest and busiest port. Paved roads provide easy access to and from the project and the port.

These claims have been described by the Sri Lankan Geological Survey and Mining Bureau as comprising some of the best graphite areas in the country. Many of the claims were originally artisanal mining operations in the 1920�s and 1930�s. The Company believes the veins associated with these operations may remain open 10m to 15m below the surface of the pits, offering potential for near term production.

Saint Jean Carbon estimates that the mines could be re-activated within 12 to 24 months of commencing preparations for a resource estimate followed by a positive economic feasibility study to support the viability of the mines.

Management expects to begin preparing a NI 43-101 Technical Report in the coming months and further technical information is expected to be disclosed once the report is completed.

Wallingford Lump Graphite Property�Buckingham Township, Quebec

The Wallingford Lump Graphite Property is located 10 km north of Buckingham Village and 182 km west of Montr�al. The Property is located in the Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville geological Province, which contains several dykes and massive bodies of pegmatite. Pegmatites are often in close spatial relationship with graphitic bodies, as observed elsewhere in the Buckingham area. Pegmatites seem to be largely present over the property and offer a great opportunity to find graphitic mineralization at the contact between pegmatite and marbles. Such contact would represent a favorable context for skarn-type graphite mineralization.

St. Jovite Mines�Quebec

The St. Jovite Property is located 8.5 km south-south-east of the village of Br�beuf, in the Laurentian region, approximately 153 km northwest of Montreal. The property is 4.5 km southeast of the Br�beuf-SSE deposit, a graphitic occurrence located in marble and quartzite which was mined sporadically from 1954 to 1961. Historical data on the Br�beuf deposit mention a graphite content of 33.82% from a graphitic band within the marble and a flaky and lump type mineralization.


Saint Jean Carbon Inc., formerly Torch River Resources, Ltd., is focused on becoming a player in the lump graphite market. The Company has moved quickly to acquire a portfolio of strategic lump graphite properties in Quebec and Sri Lanka. The Company�s management team boasts many past and recent successes in the graphite mining industry.

Saint Jean Carbon�s two most important projects are the Walker Mine Lump Graphite Project in Quebec and the Han Tal Lump Project in Sri Lanka. Recent tests on grab samples from the The Walker Mine project have proven the commercial viability of potential product from the project with the best result being 99.1% Carbon. Given the strong results, the Company commenced a full geologic development program in October 2013 with a preliminary beep mapping survey to examine for conductors. The program will be followed by an airborne EM survey shortly thereafter. The results of the program will aid in the creation of an initial historical NI 43-101 report on Walker (to include the Wallingford and St. Jovite properties).

The Han Tal Project, described by the Sri Lankan Geological Survey and Mining Bureau as comprising some of the best graphite areas in the country, were originally artisanal mining operations in the 1920�s and 1930�s. Saint Jean Carbon estimates that the mines could be re-activated within 12 to 24 months following the completion of a resource estimate and receipt of a positive economic feasibility study to support the viability of the mines. Management anticipates to begin preparations for a NI 43-101 Technical Report in the coming months.


Paul Ogilvie � Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and Director
Mr. Ogilvie brings a wealth of knowledge on the graphite sector to the Company. Mr. Ogilvie has been extensively involved in several start-ups, including emerging graphite companies, for more than 33 years. He most recently served as Chief Executive Officer and Director for both Mega Graphite Inc. and Canada Carbon. Prior to this, in 2007 Mr. Ogilvie led a private investment group in the redevelopment and turnaround of Industrial Minerals Inc. (now known as Northern Graphite Corporation (NGC-TSX.V), a junior mining company that is presently developing one of the largest large-flake natural graphite deposits in the world. Mr. Ogilvie has direct experience in the development of technologies related to the production of graphite ores and the operation of global graphite markets for base and high purity graphite products.

John Carter � Vice President, Engineering
Mr. Carter has over 30 years experience in the metals and mining industries. Mr. Carter specializes in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of mineral processing equipment for mining operations and for operators such as Timcal Inc., currently the largest natural graphite mining company in North America. Recently Mr. Carter served as Vice President of Operations at Mega Graphite Inc., and Canada Carbon both junior mining companies. Mr. Carter brings significant value to Torch because of his extensive knowledge of mill development and mines in the natural graphite sector.

Laurie A. McCarney � Director, Corporate Communications
Mrs. McCarney comes to Saint Jean Carbon with over 20 years of sales, marketing, public relations, and senior leadership experience in a variety of businesses. Mrs. McCarney�s responsibilities have included strategic planning, financial reporting, publishing, and positions of sales manager, general manager and president. With many years in corporate communications, Mrs. McCarney�s mandate will be to manage and orchestrate all internal and external communications to customers, shareholders and stakeholders while maintaining an up-to-date website and to disseminate important information within our group of companies. Previously, Mrs. McCarney served as Director of Corporate Communications for Mega Graphite Inc., and Canada Carbon.

Paul K. Cooper � Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Cooper brings 30 years of experience in operational and financial management in both the private and public sectors to the Company. Mr. Cooper has senior leadership experience in industrial minerals and precious metals mining including the role of COO of Industrial Minerals Inc., a publicly traded OTC-BB company that today is Northern Graphite. From 2009 to 2012, Mr. Cooper was Chief Operating Officer and Director of Mega Graphite Inc., now a publicly traded company with graphite properties in Eastern Ontario. He has a Bachelor of Engineering Science (Chemical) from The University of Western Ontario. In addition, he has an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business also at The University of Western Ontario.

Barry A. Pearson, CMA � Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Pearson has been the CFO of Saint Jean Carbon (formerly Torch River Resources) since June 2006 as well as Secretary to the Board since July 2006. As a management consultant, he has provided his expertise in electronic records management; business process improvement software development and implementation, accounting systems support as well as mentoring several small businesses. Mr. Pearson has been involved in other public companies including bringing CPC (Capital Pool Company) into the market and has held the following positions: Controller for Western Canada for a major Health & Pharmaceutical Group, Director of Internal Audit for a major food group; Manager of Internal Audit for Western Canada and NW United States for a large Canadian multinational. Mr. Pearson has been active in the market for the past 15 years.

Dr. William E. Pfaffenberger � President and Director
Dr. Pfaffenberger is President of Saint Jean Carbon (formerly Torch River Resources ) having joined the company in April 2006. He is a retired professor of mathematics who was in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at the University of Victoria for 38 years. Dr. Pfaffenberger served as a Member of the Board of Governors and Chair of his department and served as Chair of the Board of Pension Trustees for 11 years overseeing a fund of over $400 million. Dr. Pfaffenberger currently serves as a Director for Cancana Resources (TSX-V:CNY) and as President of a private minerals company, Fundamental Resources Corp.

Dick van Wyck, B.A., LL.B., LL.M. � In-house Counsel
Mr. van Wyck has over 20 years of experience practicing business and commercial law, as in-house counsel with the federal Canadian Department of Justice as well as Laidlaw Inc. and Waste Management Inc. / Canadian Waste Services Inc. Mr. van Wyck has developed expertise in corporate and commercial law, intellectual property matters, mergers and acquisitions, contracting, commercial leases, environmental law and business law. Mr. van Wyck has a Bachelor degree from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Ottawa, and a Master of Laws degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Ashis Basu � Director, Product Development, and Sales Operations
Mr. Basu has more than 30 years of product development, marketing, sales process optimization and operations experience in India, East Africa and Canada in the private, public, and government sectors. He has extensive knowledge and relationships within the lithium-Ion battery industry. Most recently, Mr. Basu has been involved with one of North America�s leading cell and battery system manufacturers based in Canada, where Mr. Basu led the development and launch of new battery systems for the health care, e-mobility, telecom and energy storage industries.

Mark Burack � Vice President, Business Development
Mr. Burack has more than 20 years of business experience managing client and business development for a number of technology companies including IBM Corporation, EMC Corp., SHL SystemHouse, GE Capital, and Puredata Corp., both in the US and Canada. Mr. Burack�s experience has also included business strategy development and sales programs for Canada Carbon Inc. a lump graphite project, where Mark led the sale team and product development. Mr. Burack�s more personal style, track record in developing mutually beneficial business partnerships and years of experience delivering superior business cases/cost justification make him an excellent asset within the Company.

Peter Smith � Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Mr. Smith comes to the Company with more than 25 years of success in a variety of global sales roles including Director of Sales and Marketing at Canada Carbon and Leader of Business Development at Mega Graphite Inc. Mr. Smith used his experience in with all levels of industries to establish a high level sales database of graphite consumers.

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Torch River Resources Ltd.

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Torch River is a gold and copper exploration company based in Canada.

Torch River holds various exploration projects in Canada.

Its main exploration properties are MT. COPELAND, GROUSE MOUNTAIN, HIGHROCK ISLAND, NAHMINT and RED BIRD in Canada.

Torch River is listed in Canada, in Germany and in United States of America. Its market capitalisation is CA$ 2.2 millions as of today (US$ 2.2 millions, € 1.6 millions).

Its stock quote reached its highest recent level on December 31, 2007 at CA$ 0.91, and its lowest recent point on April 12, 2013 at CA$ 0.01.

Torch River has 44 888 000 shares outstanding.

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