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Published : January 21st, 2015

Western Gawler Craton Project Update

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Western Gawler Craton Project Update

Microsoft Word - 20150121_ASX_Announcement_Western_Gawler_Craton_Project_Update

Exploration Office Unit 2, 81 Harrison Road Dudley Park

SA 5008

ABN: 96 110 336 733

Tel: +61 8 8245 4900

Fax: +61 8 8245 4999


For Immediate Release

Wednesday 21 January, 2015


Western Gawler Craton Project Update


High-resolution aeromagnetic survey completed

New high quality data showing significant increase in resolution from current magnetic data

New data highlighting areas of interest for magmatic Ni-Cu style mineralisation

Major drilling program planned for mid-2015

Monax Mining Ltd (ASX:MOX) is pleased to announce that a detailed aeromagnetic survey has been completed on its Western Gawler Craton ("WGC") Project (see Figure 1), wholly funded by Western Areas Limited ("Western Areas") (ASX:WSA) under the recently announced Farm-In Agreement (see ASX Release 9 October 2014).

The survey comprised 100m spaced flight lines over the entire project area and was completed in approximately six weeks. The new data provides a high-quality dataset suitable for outlining areas of favourable lithology and structural setting to host massive polymetallic mineralisation.

Figure 2 shows a reduced to pole (RTP1) image with the previously available data shown in the background. Figure 3 provides a comparison between the older data and the newly acquired magnetic data showing the significant increase in detail for the newly acquired data.

Interpretation of the data has commenced and Western Areas are planning a major drilling program to commence in the coming months once the required statutory access approvals are received.

The western Gawler Craton is interpreted to have a geological history analogous to the Thompson Nickel Belt in Canada and the Albany-Fraser Belt in Western Australia. The western Gawler Craton is considered a highly prospective and under-explored part of South Australia and Monax has acquired a strategic landholding within this potential new mineral province.

The Nova-Bollinger Deposit in the Albany-Fraser Belt in Western Australia is located within a prominent magnetic and gravity ridge. Two prominent magnetic and gravity ridges are located within Monax's WGC Project area, representing prime targets for potential magmatic nickel- copper mineralisation similar to that at Nova-Bollinger.

Page 1

The Tropicana gold deposit is located along the margin of the Albany Fraser Belt and exploration will also be focussed on testing the potential for a similar style of mineralisation within the WGC Project area.

"Monax is excited by the new aeromagnetic data and is looking forward to reviewing and interpreting the data with our partner Western Areas," Monax Mining Managing Director, Mr Gary Ferris, said today.

"The new data is a significant step forward for the project because the prospective basement rocks are obscured by a thin veneer of recent sediments and this data will allow a systematic approach to interpreting the data and planning the upcoming drilling program " he said.

"We are excited to have such a proactive partner in Western Areas who have completed this major survey within three months of signing the Farm-In agreement" he said.

Gary Ferris Managing Director, Monax Mining

Ph: (08) 8245 4900

Email: [email protected]

The information in this report that relates to Exploration Results, Mineral Resources or Ore Reserves is based on information compiled by Mr G M Ferris, who is a Member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Mr Ferris is employed full time by the Company as Managing Director and, has a minimum of five years relevant experience in the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration and qualifies as a Competent Person as defined in the 2012 edition of the "Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves" Mr Ferris consents to the inclusion of the information in this report in the form and context in which it appears.

1 Reduced to pole (RTP) - reduction-to-pole (RTP) transformation is commonly applied to aeromagnetic data to minimize polarity effects.

Page 2

W' ELA 1997/00190

132° 136"


.. . ELA 2014/0043

ELA 1997100155 - ELA 1997/00245

Musgrave ELA n D




Designated Project

ELA 2013100170




ELA 2014/177 ....



34 Main road

-- Railway


d L.ake

lron Oxide Copper Gold deposit

Designated Projects

Monax Exploration Ucenoe

Monax Exploration Ucenoe Application

Alliance Exploration Ucence Application

Kangaroo lsland



FMG Exploration Ucence

Farm-ln Agreement- Western Areas Ltd

o 100 km

MOX 8 Decembe' 20 4

Figure 1. Location of Monax's projects including Western Gawler Craton










Figure 2. Newly acquired detailed aeromagnetic data over Western Gawler Craton Project (lmage shows Reduced to Pole (RTP) image). Background previously available magnetic data.

Page 4

o ol" ""!iii!o-- ­



Figure 3. Comparison of older aeromagnetic data and newly collected aeromagnetic data (a= older data; b = new data)

Page 5

JORC Code, 2012 Edition - Table 1 report template

Section 1 Sampling Techniques and Data

(Criteria in this section apply to all succeeding sections.)

Criteria JORC Code explanation Commentary

Sampling techniques

Nature and quality of sampling (eg cut channels, random chips, or specific specialised industry standard measurement tools appropriate

to the minerals under investigation, such as down hole gamma sondes, or handheld XRF instruments, etc). These examples should

not be taken as limiting the broad meaning of sampling.

Include reference to measures taken to ensure sample representivity and the appropriate calibration of any measurement tools or systems used.

Aspects of the determination of mineralisation that are Material to the

Public Report.

In cases where 'industry standard' work has been done this would be relatively simple (eg 'reverse circulation drilling was used to obtain 1 m samples from which 3 kg was pulverised to produce a 30 g charge

for fire assay'). In other cases more explanation may be required,

such as where there is coarse gold that has inherent sampling problems. Unusual commodities or mineralisation types (eg submarine nodules) may warrant disclosure of detailed information.

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.


Drill type (eg core, reverse circulation, open-hole hammer, rotary air

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.


blast, auger, Bangka, sonic, etc) and details (eg core diameter, triple

or standard tube, depth of Diamond tails, face-sampling bit or other

type, whether core is oriented and if so, by what method, etc).

Drill sample

Method of recording and assessing core and chip sample recoveries

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.


and results assessed.

Measures taken to maximise sample recovery and ensure

representative nature of the samples.

Whether a relationship exists between sample recovery and grade

and whether sample bias may have occurred due to preferential

loss/gain of fine/coarse material.


Whether core and chip samples have been geologically and

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.

geotechnically logged to a level of detail to support appropriate

Mineral Resource estimation, mining studies and metallurgical


Whether logging is qualitative or quantitative in nature. Core (or

costean, channel, etc) photography.

The total length and percentage of the relevant intersections logged.


If core, whether cut or sawn and whether quarter, half or all core

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.

techniques and



If non-core, whether riffled, tube sampled, rotary split, etc and

Page 6

Criteria JORC Code explanation Commentary


whether sampled wet or dry.

For all sample types, the nature, quality and appropriateness of the sample preparation technique.

Quality control procedures adopted for all sub-sampling stages to maximise representivity of samples.

Measures taken to ensure that the sampling is representative of the in situ material collected, including for instance results for field

duplicate/second-half sampling.

Whether sample sizes are appropriate to the grain size of the material being sampled.

Quality of

The nature, quality and appropriateness of the assaying and

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.

assay data and

laboratory procedures used and whether the technique is considered


partial or total.


For geophysical tools, spectrometers, handheld XRF instruments, etc,

the parameters used in determining the analysis including instrument

make and model, reading times, calibrations factors applied and their

derivation, etc.

Nature of quality control procedures adopted (eg standards, blanks,

duplicates, external laboratory checks) and whether acceptable levels

of accuracy (ie lack of bias) and precision have been established.

Verification of

The verification of significant intersections by either independent or

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.

sampling and

alternative company personnel.


The use of twinned holes.

Documentation of primary data, data entry procedures, data

verification, data storage (physical and electronic) protocols.

Discuss any adjustment to assay data.

Location of

Accuracy and quality of surveys used to locate drill holes (collar and

The aeromagnetic survey was undertaken by MAGSPEC Airborne

data points

down-hole surveys), trenches, mine workings and other locations

used in Mineral Resource estimation.

Surveys Pty Ltd using a Cessna fixed wing aircraft. Flight lines were

100m apart with 40m survey height. Lines were oriented 120o - 320o.

Specification of the grid system used.

Data was collected using WGS84 UTM grid system.

Quality and adequacy of topographic control.

Topographic control was achieved using a integrated Novatel

OEM616 GPS Receiver together with a radar altimeter which

provides data on the aircraft height above the terrain.

Data spacing

and distribution

Orientation of data in relation to geological

Data spacing for reporting of Exploration Results.

Whether the data spacing and distribution is sufficient to establish the degree of geological and grade continuity appropriate for the Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve estimation procedure(s) and

classifications applied.

Whether sample compositing has been applied.

Whether the orientation of sampling achieves unbiased sampling of possible structures and the extent to which this is known, considering the deposit type.

Not applicable - data not used for resource estimation.

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.

Lines were oriented 120o - 320o which is considered optimal for the area.

Page 7

Criteria JORC Code explanation Commentary

structure If the relationship between the drilling orientation and the orientation of key mineralised structures is considered to have introduced a sampling bias, this should be assessed and reported if material.

Sample security

Audits or reviews

The measures taken to ensure sample security.Not Applicable for magnetic survey.

The results of any audits or reviews of sampling techniques and data.Not Applicable for magnetic survey.

Section 2 Reporting of Exploration Results

(Criteria listed in the preceding section also apply to this section.)


JORC Code explanation Commentary

Mineral tenement and land tenure status

Type, reference name/number, location and ownership including agreements or material issues with third parties such as joint ventures, partnerships, overriding royalties, native title interests, historical sites, wilderness or national park and environmental settings.

The security of the tenure held at the time of reporting along with any known impediments to obtaining a licence to operate in the area.

The survey was undertaken on Exploration Licences 5077, 5199 and

5200 which are owned 100% by Monax Mining Limited. These 3 tenements are part of a farm-in agreement with Western Areas Limited. The tenements are partly located in Aboriginal Lands Trust (ALT), Yellabinna Regional Reserve and freehold land. The area outside of the ALT area is part of the Far West Native Title determination.

There are no known impediments to obtain a licence to operate in the area. Monax and Western Areas have commenced negotiations with the Aboriginal Lands Trust and the Far West Native Title Group.

Exploration done by other parties

Acknowledgment and appraisal of exploration by other parties.Several companies have explored for coal, mineral sands and nickel in the area. Monax has reviewed this exploration data and no systematic approach in the search for Ni-Cu has been undertaken.

GeologyDeposit type, geological setting and style of mineralisation.Intrusive Ni-Cu style mineralisation.

Drill hole


A summary of all information material to the understanding of the exploration results including a tabulation of the following information for all Material drill holes:

o easting and northing of the drill hole collar

o elevation or RL (Reduced Level - elevation above sea level in

metres) of the drill hole collar

o dip and azimuth of the hole

o down hole length and interception depth

o hole length.

If the exclusion of this information is justified on the basis that the

information is not Material and this exclusion does not detract from
the understanding of the report, the Competent Person should clearly explain why this is the case.

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.

DataIn reporting Exploration Results, weighting averaging techniques,Not Applicable for magnetic survey.

Page 8

Criteria JORC Code explanation Commentary

aggregation methods

maximum and/or minimum grade truncations (eg cutting of high grades) and cut-off grades are usually Material and should be stated.

Where aggregate intercepts incorporate short lengths of high grade results and longer lengths of low grade results, the procedure used

for such aggregation should be stated and some typical examples of

such aggregations should be shown in detail.

The assumptions used for any reporting of metal equivalent values should be clearly stated.


These relationships are particularly important in the reporting of

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.


Exploration Results.



If the geometry of the mineralisation with respect to the drill hole

widths and

angle is known, its nature should be reported.


If it is not known and only the down hole lengths are reported, there


should be a clear statement to this effect (eg 'down hole length, true

width not known').


Appropriate maps and sections (with scales) and tabulations of

Map showing location of survey area included in this report.

intercepts should be included for any significant discovery being

reported These should include, but not be limited to a plan view of

drill hole collar locations and appropriate sectional views.


Where comprehensive reporting of all Exploration Results is not

Not Applicable for magnetic survey.


practicable, representative reporting of both low and high grades

and/or widths should be practiced to avoid misleading reporting of

Exploration Results.


Other exploration data, if meaningful and material, should be reported

Data from previous exploration has been previously released.


including (but not limited to): geological observations; geophysical


survey results; geochemical survey results; bulk samples - size and


method of treatment; metallurgical test results; bulk density,

groundwater, geotechnical and rock characteristics; potential

deleterious or contaminating substances.

Further work

The nature and scale of planned further work (eg tests for lateral

Monax and Western Areas Limited will review newly acquired

extensions or depth extensions or large-scale step-out drilling).

magnetic data to assist in determining the next phase of exploration.

Diagrams clearly highlighting the areas of possible extensions,

including the main geological interpretations and future drilling areas,

provided this information is not commercially sensitive.

Page 9

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Western Areas NL is a nickel and gold producing company based in Australia.

Western Areas NL holds various exploration projects in Australia.

Its main assets in production are FORRESTANIA, FLYING FOX MINE and KOOLYANOBBING in Australia, its main asset in development is SANDSTONE - LORD NELSON in Australia and its main exploration properties are MT FINNERTY NICKEL JV, LAKE KING, MT ALEXANDER, MT JEWELL and SPOTTED QUOLL in Australia and EAST BULL LAKE in Canada.

Western Areas NL is listed in Australia and in Canada. Its market capitalisation is AU$ 1.0 billions as of today (US$ 754.6 millions, € 661.0 millions).

Its stock quote reached its highest recent level on April 15, 2011 at AU$ 6.78, and its lowest recent point on March 27, 2020 at AU$ 1.66.

Western Areas NL has 272 280 000 shares outstanding.

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