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Corporate Presentations of Seabridge Gold Inc.
7/31/2009Singular Research initiates coverage of Seabridge Gold
7/7/2009Seabridge Continues to Successfully Monetize its Non-Core As...
6/16/2009Two Long-Term Pit Scenarios Emerge for Seabridge’s KSM Proje...
3/12/2009Expands World-Class Mitchell Deposit at its KSM Project
2/3/2009Hunting the Big Game: Emerging Miners with Big Project Value...
4/29/2008Seabridge Gold to move KSM project towards feasibility
3/27/2008Seabridge Gold rating strong buy in update;
1/30/2008Seabridge Increases Resource Estimate at Noche Buena;
1/11/2008Seabridge Increases Resource Estimate at Kerr-Sulphurets
In the News and Medias of Seabridge Gold Inc.
3/14/2012Seabridge Gold mammoth hunting at Courageous Lake
1/27/2011Seabridge's Courageous Lake may hold nearly 7m gold ounces
4/8/2010Seabridge: Taking It To The Shorts
9/15/2009Seabridge Gold, Inc. in Singular Research Annual “Best of th...
3/12/2009Seabridge's Growth at Mitchell Deposit Provides Promising Op...
11/13/2008Follow up N° 6
Annual reports of Seabridge Gold Inc.
Annual Report Available for Seabridge Gold
2009 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report
2003 Annual Report
Financings of Seabridge Gold Inc.
6/30/2011Royal Gold and Seabridge Close Private Placement/Royalty Par...
6/22/2011Golden Predator and Seabridge Gold Agree to Contribute Selec...
6/17/2011Royal Gold and Seabridge Agree to PrivatePlacement/Royalty P...
Nominations of Seabridge Gold Inc.
1/5/2012Appoints Vice President, Corporate Affairs
4/5/2011Announces Transition in Chief Financial Officer Position
2/14/2011Seabridge Hires hired Jay S. Layman Executive Vice President...
12/6/2010Appointments of R. Brent Murphy as VP, Environmental Affairs...
Financials of Seabridge Gold Inc.
11/14/2013Files Third Quarter Report to Shareholders and Its Financial...
8/15/2013Files Second Quarter 2013 Financial Statements and MD&A
5/14/2013Publishes 2012 Annual Reportand Files First Quarter 2013 Fin...
5/16/2012Publishes 2011 Annual Reportand Files First Quarter 2012 Fin...
8/16/2011Files Second Quarter 2011 Financial Statements and MD&A
4/1/2011Files Year End Audited Financial Statements and MD&A
11/12/2010Files Third Quarter 2010 Financial Statements and MD&A
8/9/2010Files Second Quarter 2010 Financial Statements and MD&A
11/12/2009Files Third Quarter 2009 Financial Statements and MD&A
8/13/2009Files Second Quarter 2009 Financial Statements and MD&A
4/6/2009Precious Metal Developers Outperform Gold-Silver in First Qu...
11/13/2008Files Third Quarter Financial Statements and MD&A
8/14/2008Files Second Quarter Financial Statements and MD&A
5/9/2008Files First Quarter Financial Statements and MD&A
Project news of Seabridge Gold Inc.
2/18/2014Initial Resource Estimate for Seabridge
11/12/2013Reports Final Results from Highly Significant Deep Kerr Disc...
10/8/2013Moving Deep Kerr Towards High-Grade Resource
9/24/2013Finds Strong Continuity of Higher Grade Material at Deep Ker...
9/23/2013Gitxsan Nation Expresses Support for Seabridge Gold's KSM Pr...
9/10/2013Intercepts Rich Bornite Zone at KSM Project
8/20/2013Closes In On Second High-Grade Core Zone Discovery at KSM
5/13/2013New Walsh Lake Drilling Improving SeabridgeGold's Courageous...
12/12/2012Plans $15M Drill Campaign Targeting High-Grade at KSM
11/28/2012Seabridge Confirms Continuity of High-Grade Walsh Lake Gold ...
10/16/2012Seabridge's Walsh Lake Discovery Delivers More High-Grade Go...
9/27/2012Narrows Search for KSM High-Grade Core
9/10/2012Seabridge Discovers High Grade Gold Occurrence at Courageous...
7/11/2012unveils KSM project website
5/14/2012New Preliminary Feasibility Study Improves Seabridge Gold's ...
3/15/2012Seabridge to Option Red Mountain Project to Banks Island Gol...
3/14/2012(Courageous Lake)Commences 2012 Exploration Program at Courageous Lake
2/8/2012(Kerr (ksm))2011 Drilling Upgrades and Grows Resources at Seabridge Gold...
1/10/2012Seabridge Adds More Than 1 Million Ouncesof M&I Gold Resourc...
1/4/2012(Kerr (ksm))Drilling at Seabridge Gold's Kerr DepositYields Significant ...
12/1/2011(Kerr (ksm))Revises KSM Permitting Schedule to Accommodate Improved Desi...
11/29/2011New Gold Zone to Expand Seabridge's Courageous Lake Project
11/22/2011(Sulphurets)Drill Results to Upgrade Resources and Increase Reserves at ...
10/20/2011(Sulphurets)Sulphurets Deposit Continues to Grow
9/22/2011(Mitchell Zone)New Drilling Supports Partial Underground Scenario at Seabri...
9/12/2011(Courageous Lake)Drilling Confirms Likely Resource Enhancements at Seabridge ...
8/9/2011(Courageous Lake)Drilling Upgrades and Expands Gold Resources at Seabridge's ...
7/27/2011(Sulphurets)Continued Drilling Success at Seabridge Gold's Sulphurets De...
6/20/2011Files Preliminary Feasibility Study for KSM Project
6/9/2011(Kerr (ksm))2011 Drill Program Underway at Seabridge Gold's KSM Project
6/2/2011(Courageous Lake)New Preliminary Assessment Completed for Seabridge Gold's Co...
5/9/2011(Kerr (ksm))and Pretium Sign Agreements on Cooperation
4/18/2011(Grassy Mountain)Options Grassy Mountain Project to Calico Resources
3/30/2011(Courageous Lake)Moving Courageous Lake Towards Preliminary Feasibility
3/23/2011(Grassy Mountain)Options Grassy Mountain Project to Calico Resources
2/16/2011(Kerr (ksm))Resources Continue to Grow at Seabridge Gold's KSM Project
2/8/2011(Kerr (ksm))Reports Major New Gold/Copper Resource at KSM's Iron Cap Zon...
1/25/2011(Courageous Lake)Seabridge Improves Size, Grade and Quality of Courageous Lak...
12/9/2010(Kerr (ksm))Drilling Expands Iron Cap: Resource Estimate Expected Shortl...
11/23/2010(Courageous Lake)Drilling Success Continues at Seabridge Gold's Courageous La...
9/27/2010(Courageous Lake)Drills Upgrading Large Resource at Seabridge Gold's Courageo...
9/8/2010(Kerr (ksm))Drilling Expands and Upgrades KSM Project
6/9/2010(Kerr (ksm))Permitting Progresses at Seabridge Gold's KSM Project
5/27/2010(Kerr (ksm))Drilling Commences at Seabridge Gold's KSM Project
3/15/2010(Kerr (ksm))Independent Review Confirms Resource Estimates for Seabridge...
1/27/2010(Mitchell Zone)Files NI-43-101 Technical Report for KSM Project
12/21/2009Reports on Progress of KSM Preliminary Feasibility Study
11/23/2009(Kerr (ksm))Permitting Progresses at Seabridge Gold's KSM Project
11/3/2009(Kerr (ksm))Reports Positive Drill Results From Kerr Zone
9/10/2009(Kerr (ksm))2009 Drill Program Nearing Completion at Seabridge Gold's KS...
9/8/2009(Kerr (ksm))Completes Land Expansion at KSM Project
8/13/2009Expands Land Position at KSM Project
6/26/2009(Red Mountain)Agrees to Sell Red Mountain Project for C$12 Million
6/10/2009(Mitchell Zone)Reports Updated Open Pit Scenarios for KSM Project
3/25/2009(Kerr (ksm))Reports Updated Resources for Sulphurets and Kerr Zones
3/11/2009(Mitchell Zone)Reports Major Expansion of Mitchell Resource
1/7/2009(Sulphurets)Reports Final 2008 Drill Results From Sulphurets Zone
12/22/2008(Kerr (ksm))Reports Final 2008 Drill Results From Mitchell Zone
10/23/2008(Kerr (ksm))KSM Project Continues to Expand
6/4/2008(Kerr (ksm))15,000 Meter Drill Program Begins at Seabridge Gold's KSM Pr...
4/29/2008(Sulphurets)Project Description Report Filed for Seabridge Gold's KSM Pr...
3/25/2008(Kerr (ksm)) to Drill 15,000 Meters at KSM Project in 2008
3/10/2008(Courageous Lake)Economic Assessment Completed for Seabridge Gold's Courageou...
1/10/2008(Sulphurets) Resource Estimates for Seabridge's Kerr and Sulphurets Gold...
12/19/2007(Kerr (ksm))Mitchell Gold-Copper Deposit Continues to Expand
Corporate news of Seabridge Gold Inc.
2/4/2014Seabridge Gold Reports Sale of Grassy Mountain NPI Not Proce...
1/30/2014Seabridge Gold continues support of education in Northwester...
1/14/2014Seabridge Drilling Improving Size and Grade
12/19/2013Richard Kraus Appointed a Director of Seabridge Gold
12/10/2013Seabridge Closes $16.8 Million Flow-Through
11/5/2013Drills Spectacular Intercept Within Deep Kerr Deposit at KSM
10/29/2013Deep Kerr Continues to Grow
10/25/2013(Quartz Mountain)Alamos Gold Makes $2 Million Option Payment to Seabridge Gol...
8/13/2013Nisga'a Nation and Seabridge Gold ConfirmAgreement in Princi...
8/12/2013Seabridge Discovers Large, Higher-Grade Copper-Gold Core Zon...
6/27/2013Reports on Results of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
6/11/2013at Singular Research's conference June 13
6/5/2013Seabridge Hires Senior Vice President of Technical Services
6/4/2013KSM Environmental Assessment Application Accepted for Review
5/24/2013Acquires Shares of Wolfpack Gold Corp. Under RTO
5/22/2013Begins Drilling for High Grade at KSM
5/16/2013Seabridge Reports Excellent Gold Recoveries from Walsh Lake ...
4/9/2013The Gold Market
3/27/2013Files 2012 Year End Audited Financial Statements and MD&A
3/7/2013Seabridge Begins Drilling Walsh Lake High Grade Gold Target ...
2/28/2013Completes KSM Environmental Assessment and Environmental Imp...
2/1/2013Filing KSM Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact...
1/16/2013Seabridge Expands Camp Zone High Grade Gold Deposit at KSM
1/4/2013January 9th Presentation & Webcast
11/12/2012Nov 14th Presentation & Webcast
10/1/2012Presents at the John Tumazos Conference
9/17/2012American Creek Receives Notice of Application from Seabridge...
9/7/2012Time change: Seabridge Gold at Denver Gold Forum
9/7/2012Live at Denver Gold Forum
9/5/2012Seabridge Discovers High Grade Epithermal Gold Deposit at KS...
7/24/2012(Courageous Lake)Preliminary Feasibility Study Completed for Seabridge Gold's...
6/28/2012en Predator Corp=2E and Seabridge Gold Inc=2E Announce Closi...
6/28/2012Reports on Annual Meeting Results and Senior Management Chan...
6/18/2012Acquires Shares of Banks Island Gold Ltd=2E Under Option Agr...
6/7/2012en Predator Corp=2E and Seabridge Gold Inc=2E Sign Definitiv...
4/10/2012to Commence Trading on New York Stock Exchange
4/4/2012to List on the New York Stock Exchange Under Symbol "SA"
3/30/2012Files Year End Audited Financial Statements and MD&A
11/29/2011Seabridge's CEO Interview
9/30/2011Views on Gold from Seabridge
12/16/2010Sells Residual Noche Buena Project Interest for US$10=2E12 M...
10/28/2010to Sell Residual Noche Buena Project Interest for US$10=2E12...
8/19/2010Projected Economics Continue to Improve at Seabridge Gold's ...
7/26/2010Drilling Confirms Iron Cap as Major New Gold-Copper Deposit
2/26/2010Announces Pricing of Offering
6/5/2009(Video) BNN chats with Rudi Fronk, President and CEO of Seab...
3/27/2009Files Year End Audited Financial Statements and MD&A
12/17/2008to be Added to S&P/TSX Global Gold and Global Mining Indices
12/15/2008Completes Sale of Noche Buena to Fresnillo/Newmont JV
12/1/2008Preliminary Economic Assessment Completed forSeabridge Gold'...
11/7/2008Interview on TMX Money
10/9/2008Agrees to Sell Noche Buenato Fresnillo/Newmont Joint Venture
9/8/2008Positive Metal Recoveries Predicted for Seabridge Gold's KSM...
7/17/2008Independent Road Access Study Completed for Seabridge Gold's...
7/10/2008Announces Commencement of Trading on the TSX
6/18/2008Receives Conditional Approval for TSX Listing
3/31/2008Files Year End Audited Financial Statements and MD&A
3/31/2008Files Year End Audited Financial Statements and MD&A
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Seabridge Gold Inc.

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