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Whitehorse, Yukon, February 11, 2013: Golden Predator Corp. (TSX: GPD) (the �Company�) announced today that it has retained Raymond James Ltd. (�Raymond James�) as financial advisor to the Company in connection with its royalty portfolio including providing an analysis of the strategic alternatives available to the Company with a view to identify one or more accretive transactions. This would include any possible business combination or the acquisition of new royalties and any potential financing.

The Company does not intend to disclose developments with respect to the strategic review process unless and until its Board of Directors has approved a definitive transaction or other course of action or otherwise deems that disclosure of developments is appropriate. There can be no assurance that any transaction will occur, or if a transaction is undertaken, as to its terms or timing.

�Golden Predator owns significant assets, highlighted by the royalty division that holds 34 individual royalty interests primarily in Nevada, that receive little value in our share price,� said William M. Sheriff, Chairman & CEO. �The lack of appreciation by the market of these royalty assets, in addition to the Company�s Brewery Creek Project, form the rationale behind the recently announced name change to Americas Bullion Royalty Corp and the proposed spin-out of the exploration and development package. We are looking forward to working with Raymond James to bring full valuation to the Company�s extensive assets.�

About Raymond James Ltd.
Raymond James is one of North America's leading full-service investment dealers with an extensive presence across Canada and the United States. Raymond James Ltd. is the Canadian subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, Inc. Established in 1962, Raymond James Financial, Inc. made its initial public offering in 1983 and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange using the ticker symbol RJF. Raymond James Ltd.�s Investment Banking team is focused on serving the financial and advisory needs of Canadian mid-market growth companies in market sectors covered by our equity research team. With over 100 investment banking professionals across North America, Raymond James is committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our corporate clients.

About Golden Predator Corp.
Golden Predator Corp. announced on January 18, 2013 a planned change of name in order to focus entirely on royalty and streaming by building on its existing portfolio of 34 projects. Golden Predator Canada Corp. will continue to advance the Brewery Creek Project as a separate entity to be divested to shareholders by spin-out or similar transaction.

Americas Bullion Royalty Corp. will focus on royalty and streaming assets providing revenue as well as lower risk exposure to shareholders through project diversity in first world jurisdictions. The Company's existing portfolio is highlighted by Gross in-kind Royalties on Midway Gold's Pan and Gold Rock deposits, as well as 2 separate projects encompassing more than 34 square miles at Barrick's Bald Mountain project in Nevada.

The Company holds additional royalties including a Net Smelter Royalty on the Taylor Silver project and a portion of the Tonkin Springs project also in Nevada. The entire package comprises more than 100,000 acres located primarily in Nevada, with 7 of the projects located in Wyoming, Oregon, California and Mexico. Current royalty revenue is anticipated to experience acceleration as early as 2014 as several of these projects begin to advance. As Americas Bullion Royalty Corp., the Company's royalty portfolio is unique in the mineral development industry due to its ability to receive the majority of projected revenues in-kind (gold bullion as opposed to cash).

Golden Predator Canada Corp. will remain the Yukon's Gold Company, and will be mandated to become the Yukon's next gold producer by advancing its 100% owned Brewery Creek Project with a production goal of 2014. The Company has an extensive exploration portfolio in the Yukon including advanced road accessible assets at Clear Creek, Grew Creek and Gold Dome along with the Cache Creek and Rogue projects in the Selwyn Basin. Golden Predator Canada Corp. will continue to have one of the largest controlled land positions in the Yukon, and is proud of their demonstrated commitment to strong relationships with First Nations and local communities.



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Golden Predator Royalty & Development Corp.

ISIN : CA38116K1066
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12/19/2012Announces New Appointments
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10/12/2012William Sheriff, Chairman & CEO, Interviewed on BNN's Commod...
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10/11/2012(Alkalic)Announces New Brewery Creek Discovery: Open-Ended Lone Star ...
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2/23/2012(Grew Creek)Intersects 68 m of 5.96 g/t Gold at Carlos Zone, Grew Creek ...
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11/15/2011(Brewery Creek)intersects 16.2 m of 4.16 g/t Gold at Bohemian-Schooner Zone...
11/10/2011(Brewery Creek)intercepts 34.4 m of 2.92 g/t Gold at Sleeman Zone, Brewery ...
11/4/2011(Brewery Creek)continues to advance with Intercepts of 24.3 m @ 3.88 g/t Go...
10/27/2011(Brewery Creek)Reports Discovery of New Zone and Further Progress at Brewer...
10/4/2011presents at Yukon Gold Mining Forums in New York City & Bost...
9/28/2011(Clear Creek)Intersects 52.95m of 2.26 g/t Gold at Bear Paw Zone, Clear C...
8/29/2011(Pan)Brewery Creek\222s Expanding Sle...
8/5/2011and Ross River Dena Council Sign Traditional Knowledge P...
6/30/2011(Pan)Continues to Expand Brewery Creek's Bohemian-Schooner Zone
6/21/2011(Grew Creek)Intersects 46.7m of 3.78 g/t Gold at Carlos Zone, Grew Creek...
12/13/2010Signs Definitive Agreements with Silver Predator
9/29/2009Provides Update on Yukon Projects
7/28/2009Drilling Commences at Gold Dome Project, Yukon Territory
3/17/2009EMC Metals Corp. Announces Change of Management
3/7/2009Completes Spin-Out
3/5/2009Announces Voting Results of Special Meeting
3/3/2009Timing of Shareholders Meeting To be Held On March 4, 2009
2/26/2009to Retire Convertible Debentures of Subsidiary
2/13/2009Confirms Date of Shareholder Meeting
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