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Alasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.
Oil for gold – the real story
Following an article in the Nikkei Asia Review, which reported China will shortly introduce an oil futures contract priced in yuan, there has been some confusion about what it means. The article pointed out that in combination with existing gold futures priced in yuan, an oil exporter to China contracting to accept yuan could use these two futures contracts to take delivery of physical gold in payment for oil.I was quoted in that article as follows:"It is a mechanism which is likely to appeal to
Sunday, October 15, 2017
Jan Skoyles - GoldCore
U.S. Mint Gold Coin Sales and VIX Point To Increased Market Volatility and Higher Gold
– US Mint gold coin sales and VIX at weakest in a decade – Very low gold coin sales and VIX signal volatility coming – Gold rises 1.7% this week after China’s Golden Week; pattern of higher prices after Golden Week – U.S. Mint sales do not provide the full picture of robust global gold demand – Perth Mint gold sales double in September reflecting increased gold demand in both Asia and Europe – Middle East demand likely high given geopolitical risks – Iran seeing increased gold demand and Iran’s
Friday, October 13, 2017
Alasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.
The upcoming increase in interest rates
Last week, both Janet Yellen of the Fed and Mark Carney of the Bank of England prepared financial markets for interest rate increases. The working assumption should be that this was coordinated, and that both the ECB and the Bank of Japan must be considering similar moves.Central banks coordinate their monetary policies as much as possible, which is why we can take the view we are about to embark on a new policy phase of higher interest rates. The intention of this new phase must be to normalise
Friday, October 6, 2017
George F. Smith - Barbarous Relic
Were Americans ever fit for stateless government? 
Jacob Hornberger recently posted an article discussing his reasons why he considers the advent of the US national security state to be the worst thing the government has ever done.Bad as they are, the income tax, the federal reserve act, and government schooling don’t come close.His reason: The US national security state has “the power to kill Americans (and others) without risk of any criminal or civil liability. . . . All that US officials have to do is relate the killing to ‘national security
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Jason Hamlin - Gold Stock Bull
Ponzi Finance and Gold Stocks
September News Recap: THE FEDERAL RESERVE met and talked. The unofficial statement issued after their meeting was, “Yada, Yada, Yada.” Their statement was translated by an obscure web site, link unavailable, which interpreted their statement as: “The Federal Reserve along with other important central banks and G-20 nations have created a pyramid of debt. This debt is ever-increasing and will be repaid by issuing new debt. Example:  Issue $2 trillion in new debt to repay $1.5 trillion in old debt
Thursday, September 28, 2017
Steve St Angelo - SRSRocco Report
By Steve St. AngeloThe four-decade long monopoly of the U.S. Petro-Dollar as the world’s reserve currency is coming to an end.  Unfortunately, most Americans have no clue that when the Dollar loses its reserve currency status, life will get a lot tougher living in the U.S. of A.  Let’s say, Americans will finally receive “Precious metals religion.”The U.S. Dollar Index fell considerably yesterday and is now down below a key support level.  In early morning trading yesterday, the U.S. Dollar Inde
Thursday, September 14, 2017
Peter McKenzie-Brown - Language Instinct
The Suncor Story
This article is largely the text of a presentation I recently gave for the launch of my latest book.  The well-attended event took place at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary.  The image above is a map of Alberta’s oil sands, and its purpose is to orient you geographically to the oil sands themselves. I have registered the book as a Canada 150 publication, so it sports that logo. In global terms, the oil sands are the world’s second-largest petroleum resource. Only Venezuela has more bitumen
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Richard Mills - Ahead of the Herd
Only Political Dividing Line Left - Roots Based Politics Because of the rise of Globalism in the late 20th century the U.S. and Western Europe have recently seen stirrings of nationalist awakenings. Terrorism, turmoil in the Middle East and waves of Muslim refugees have fueled the trend. Wikipedia says this about Nationalism; “a nation should govern itself, free from unwanted outside interference, and is linked to the concept of self-determination. Nationalism is further oriented towards developing and maintaining a national iden
Sunday, September 10, 2017
Bill Holter
Mutiny “For” The Bounty? 
China recently announced they will trade oil for yuan “backed” by gold. The story has gotten some press (none of it mainstream mind you), and many have questions as to what it really means. While quite complicated as a whole, when you break this down into pieces I believe it is a quite simple and logical end to Bretton Woods. For a background, China has had an exchange open for about a year where gold can be pu
Thursday, September 7, 2017
Jan Skoyles - Goldcore
Precious Metals Outperform Markets In August – Gold +4, Silver +5
– All four precious metals outperform markets in August – Gold posts best month since January, up nearly 4% – Gold reaches highest price since US election, climbs due to uncertainty and safe haven demand – S&P 500 marginally higher; Euro Stoxx, Nikkei lower for month – Platinum is best performing metal climbing over 5% – Palladium climbs over 4% thanks to seven year supply squeeze – Fear, uncertainty and political sanctions are amongst biggest drivers for precious metals – Never been a better ti
Friday, September 1, 2017
The Daily Market Report: Gold Sets Another New High for the Year in Earlier Trade
USAGOLD/Peter Grant/08-29-17 Gold jumped to another new high for the year, spurred by the latest North Korean provocation and a corresponding rise in risk aversion. While a rise in U.S. consumer sentiment tempered gains, the current fundamentals remains broadly supportive. North Korea fired a ballistic missile that passed over Japan, further amplifying already high geopolitical tensions. Japan’s Abe called it “a most grave threat.” U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley warned that North Korea
Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Mark O'Byrne -
Gold, Silver Consolidate On Last Weeks Gains, Palladium Surges 36 YTD To 16 Year High
– Gold and silver rise as stocks fall sharply after Barcelona attack – Gold, silver 0.6% higher in week after last weeks 2%, 5% rise – Palladium +36% ytd, breaks out & reaches 16 year high (chart) – Gold to silver ratio falls to mid 75s after silver gains last week – Perfect storm of financial and geopolitical tensions is driving safe haven demand and should see higher prices – Weekly close over $1,300 could see gold quickly test $1,400 – Palladium at 16 year highs today; gold, silver in coming
Friday, August 18, 2017
Perth Mint Blog - Perth Mint Blog.
Perth Mint CEO shines light on Australian gold exports in live business broadcast
It was a case of lights, camera, action at The Perth Mint this morning as leading figures from Western Australia’s business community gathered to report on the State’s economic fortunes live on Channel 9. Among the guests joining Today Perth News host Tracy Vo was Richard Hayes, CEO of The Perth Mint, who was invited to discuss the current strength of demand for Australian gold. Mr Hayes said that The Perth Mint, which refines more than 90% of Australia’s annual gold mine output, was currently e
Thursday, August 17, 2017
Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
Gold Market Morning: August-10-2017: FOMC and North Korea
Gold Today–New York closed yesterday at $1,279.30.London opened at $1,278.00today.Overall the dollar was stronger against global currencies, early today. Before London’s opening:-The $: € was stronger at $1.1732 after the yesterday’s$1.1760: €1.-The Dollar index was strongerat 93.70 after yesterday’s 93.61.-The Yen was weaker at 109.98 after yesterday’s 109.75:$1. -The Yuan was much strongerat 6.6594 after yesterday’s 6.6782: $1. -The Pound Sterling was weaker at $1.2980 after yesterday’s $1.300
Thursday, August 10, 2017
Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
Gold Market Morning: August-8-2017: Gold and silver steady
Gold Today–New York closed yesterday at $1,264.70.London opened at $1,260.00today.Overall the dollar was slightly weaker against global currencies, early today. Before London’s opening:-The $: € was slightly weaker at $1.1804 after the yesterday’s$1.1802: €1.-The Dollar index was slightly weakerat 93.36 after yesterday’s 93.38.-The Yen was stronger at 110.58 after yesterday’s 110.81:$1. -The Yuan was strongerat 6.7059 after yesterday’s 6.7190: $1. -The Pound Sterling was weaker at $1.3035 after
Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
Gold Market Morning: August-7-2017: Gold and silver steadying at lower levels
Gold Today–New York closed Friday at $1,264.40.London opened at $1,258.40today.Overall the dollar was stronger against global currencies, early today. Before London’s opening:-The $: € was stronger at $1.1802 after the Friday’s$1.1881: €1.-The Dollar index was strongerat 93.38 after Friday’s 92.74.-The Yen was weaker at 110.81 after Friday’s 110.026:$1. -The Yuan was strongerat 6.7190after Friday’s 6.7200: $1. -The Pound Sterling was weaker at $1.3050 after Friday’s $1.3149: £1Yuan Gold FixTrade
Monday, August 7, 2017
Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
Gold Market Morning: August-4-2017
Overall the dollar was weaker against global currencies, early today. Before London’s opening:-The $: € was weaker at $1.1881 after the yesterday’s$1.1849: €1.-The Dollar index was weaker at 92.74 after yesterday’s 92.92.-The Yen was stronger at 110.02 after yesterday’s 110.66:$1. -The Yuan was strongerat 6.7200after yesterday’s 6.7237: $1. -The Pound Sterling was weaker at $1.3149 after yesterday’s $1.3232: £1Yuan Gold FixTrade DateContractBenchmark Price AM 1 gmBenchmark Price PM 1 gm      201
Friday, August 4, 2017
Alasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.
Follow the money
Since 2009, equities and other financial assets have climbed a wall of worry. Initially, it was recovery from the threat of a complete financial collapse, before the Fed saved the system once again.Systemic collapse continued to be on the cards, with European banks at risk of bankruptcy. We still talk about this today. More walls of worry to climb.The global economy has not imploded, as the bears have consistently warned. Systemic and other dangers still exist. The bears now point to excessive v
Thursday, August 3, 2017
Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
Gold Market Morning: August-3-2017: still consolidating
Gold Today–New York closed yesterday at $1,278.40.London opened at $1,261.40today.Overall the dollar was weaker against global currencies, early today. Before London’s opening: -The $: € was weaker at $1.1849after the yesterday’s$1.1832: €1.-The Dollar index was weaker at 92.92 after yesterday’s 92.99.-The Yen was stronger at 110.66 after yesterday’s 110.78:$1. -The Yuan was strongerat 6.7237after yesterday’s 6.7253: $1.  -The Pound Sterling was almost unchanged at $1.3232 after yesterday’s $1.3
Thursday, August 3, 2017
Mark O'Byrne -
Gold Coins and Bars See Demand Rise of 11 in H2, 2017
– Gold coins, bars see demand rise of 11% in H2, 2017 to 532 tonnes according to WGC Gold Demand Trends – Gold investment demand strong in China, India & Turkey – Demand in Turkey surges on double digit inflation – Total gold demand declines in Q2 on slower U.S. ETF inflows – Gold held in ETFs in Europe reached all time high of 978t – U.S. ETF inflows slowed from last year’s record – Central banks continue to buy – 94t of declared purchases – Turkey joined Kazakhstan & Russia in buying gold – We
Thursday, August 3, 2017