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NYU Professor: Tesla Could Lose 80 Of Its Value
Tesla could lose more than 80 percent of its value or disappear altogether, a NYU professor of business said a few days after Tesla reported record deliveries for the third quarter, but short of an unofficial target to deliver 100,000 electric vehicles (EVs).According to a blog post by Scott Galloway, a Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business where he teaches Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing, Tesla is among several companies that could lose 80 percent or more of their value or
Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Wolf Richter
Carmageddon at Tesla-Panasonic Gigafactory in Nevada and Shanghai
Expansion and investment plans frozen, after deliveries of Teslas plunged in Q1. The core of every Tesla is the battery, and the core of the battery is the battery cell technology, and that technology doesn’t belong to Tesla. It belongs to Panasonic, which makes the battery cells that Tesla packages into its battery packs. The Gigafactory in Nevada is a joint operation between Panasonic and Tesla. But now, according to the Nikkei, the partners have frozen the planned 50% expansion of the Gigafac
Saturday, April 13, 2019 -
Fans Panic After Tesla Removes Its “Secret Weapon” From Website
Tesla has removed all information it had about its Model 3 standard version on its website and some fans of the brand are panicking, Electrek’s Fred Lambert reports.It was this base Model 3 with a standard battery pack that was supposed to be Tesla’s “secret weapon” on the car market, the affordable luxury electric vehicle that would solidify and boost Tesla’s dominance in its niche market and spread it over into the mainstream car market. However, this might have to wait.Lambert quotes CEO Elon
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 -
Tesla Close To Autonomous Driving Breakthrough
Tesla will release its biggest software update in two years by the end of the week, chief executive Elon Musk, true to himself, said in a in response to a Tesla owner’s question. Reporting on the news, Electrek’s Fred Lambert noted, in addition to it being the biggest update since 2016, that it will feature substantial improvements to the Tesla Autopilot system.The Autopilot shone the spotlight on Tesla several times this year when a string of accidents involving Tesla vehicles were blamed by t
Friday, September 28, 2018
Wolf Richter
SEC Socks it to Tesla CEO Musk
SEC charges him with securities fraud, seeks to oust him from Tesla and cut off his paper halo. Tesla (TSLA) plunged $39 or 12.7% in late trading after the SEC announced that it had charged CEO Elon Musk with securities fraud “for a series of false and misleading tweets about a potential transaction to take Tesla private.” This particular blatant lie, as I’ve come to call it, commenced on August 7, when he told his 22 million Twitter followers, and the news media that jump on this stuff, and eve
Friday, September 28, 2018 -
This Millennial Brokerage Is Coming To Tesla’s Rescue
While they already had their hands full killing mayonnaise, Applebee’s, and countless other industries that make up the cornerstone of American culture, in these past weeks millennials were proving themselves to be excellent multitaskers by putting their money into another, far more surprising basket - they appear to be set on saving Tesla.It’s been a remarkably hard year for Tesla, with a massive wave of executive departures, a misguided venture to privatize, relentless bad press and multiple n
Monday, September 17, 2018 -
Goldman Reiterates 'Sell' Rating On Tesla Stock
Goldman Sachs has warned that intensifying competition on the EV market plus Tesla’s high debt load would make life for the company more difficult in the future, CNN reports, citing an update from the investment bank on Tesla, in which Goldman reiterated its “sell” rating on the company’s stock and set a US$210 price target. Yesterday, Tesla closed at US$288.95.In a note to clients, the bank’s analysts wrote that they remained pessimistic about Tesla’s ability to ramp up production and turn in p
Thursday, September 6, 2018 -
Tesla Struggles To Meet Production Targets
Tesla has failed to ramp up its Model 3 weekly production to its own set target of 6,000 for August, Electrek has learned. However, the company’s overall Model 3 target for the quarter – 50,000 to 55,000 cars – is still within reach, a source from the company said.During the last week of August, according to the source, Tesla produced a total of 6,400 cars, of which 4,300 are Model 3s. Yet since the start of the quarter, Tesla has manufactured more than 34,700 Model 3s, which means it could be o
Monday, September 3, 2018 -
Saudis Sovereign Wealth Fund Eyes Tesla Rival
Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund may buy an electric car maker competing with Tesla in the luxury car segment, Reuters reports, citing unnamed sources. According to them, the talks between PIF and Lucid, a private company based in California, are private and may not lead to a deal in the end.However, if they do, PIF could become a majority shareholder in Lucid for US$1 billion. PIF would pay half at the completion of the deal, while the other half will be divided into two installments, depen
Monday, August 20, 2018 -
What Role Will The Saudis Play In Tesla's Private Listing
A few days after Elon Musk shocked Wall Street and investors by tweeting that he would take Tesla private at $420 a share, speculation is still high on who could invest in what could be the biggest-ever buyout deal. One of the potential financiers of the US$82-billion taking-Tesla-private deal could be Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund Public Investment Fund (PIF), which was said to have acquired just below 5 percent in Tesla before Musk about his idea to make the EV maker private.PIF is in
Tuesday, August 14, 2018 -
Tesla Scrambles To Become Profitable
Tesla has asked some of its suppliers to return parts of payments that the carmaker has made since 2016 in an attempt to turn in a profit after years of burning cash, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing a memo sent to at least one supplier by a Tesla global supply manager.The memo notes the refund was essential for Tesla’s survival and would be an investment in the company to ensure the long-term partnership between it and the suppliers. It suggested that all Tesla suppliers were being asked
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 -
Tesla Stock Stumbles On Model 3 Cancellations
Tesla (TLSA) stock price fell about 2.5 percent, after a Needham analyst, Rajvindra Gill, downgraded it with his concerns about an increasing rate of Model 3 cancellations, profitability concerns, and a flurry of electric-vehicle competition from traditional automakers.These are not the only problems that Gill cited in his note to clients. Tesla is currently dealing with a significant number refunds that are outpacing deposits as cancellations accelerate because of the expiration of the $7,500 c
Friday, July 20, 2018 -
Tesla’s U.S. Tax Credit Coming To An End
Tesla has delivered 200,000 vehicles in the United States, exceeding the threshold above which federal tax credits for EVs start to phase out, a spokesperson for Tesla said on Thursday—and its website had its incentives schedule updated.Under U.S. federal legislation, buyers of EVs enjoy tax incentives of up to $7,500 per vehicle for a new purchase for use in the United States. This tax credit is available until 200,000 qualified EVs have been sold in the United States by each manufacturer, at w
Thursday, July 12, 2018 -
Trade War Adds $20,000 To Tesla's New Cars
Tesla has raised the retail prices of the vehicles it sells by more than the equivalent of US$20,000 in China, due to the latest tit-for-tat trade tariff spat between the United States and China, industry news source Electrek reported on Monday.Tesla, which doesn’t have local manufacturing and imports all the vehicles it sells in China from the U.S., raised over the weekend the prices of its Model S and Model X on the Chinese market by between US$22,700 and US$38,000 (150,000 yuan to 250,000 yua
Tuesday, July 10, 2018
James Howard Kunstler
Yet Another Year of Magical Thinking 
A peculiar feature of the human condition is that a society in distress will call forth intellectual witch-doctors to put on a colorful show that distracts the supposedly thinking class from the insoluble quandaries that portend serious trouble ahead. This feature is on display these days in the person of freelance space pioneer Elon Musk. He intends to establish a human colony on Mars of one million people by 2040. Musk, who is also developer of the Tesla line of electric cars and businesses th
Monday, February 12, 2018
Mish - Global Economic Analysis
Crypto Mining Stresses Electrical Grid in One Washington State County
Mining digital currencies requires so much electrical power that it has stressed the capacity of one Washington county CNBC reports Cryptocurrency Mining Puts Electrical Grid of Small Washington State County 'to the Test'. "Our infrastructure is actually being put to the test. We're full," Ron Cridlebaugh, the Port of Douglas County economic development manager, told CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera on Thursday. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ripple have skyrocketed in value recently. Las
Thursday, January 18, 2018
Mish - Global Economic Analysis
Car Crash: Ford Issues Profit Warning, Says Turnaround Will Take Years
Following news that Ford is going "all in" on electric vehicles, the company issued a profit warning more than expected. Bloomberg reports Ford Warns Profit Will Drop This Year. Ford Motor Co. warned profit will fall this year as Chief Executive Officer Jim Hackett spends heavily to catch up with rivals bringing electrified vehicles to market. The U.S. automaker forecast adjusted earnings of $1.45 to $1.70 a share this year, down from about $1.78 last year. While Wall Street had been expecting
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Andy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
  First Majestic Silver CEO Keith Neumeyer Talks About The End Of The Silver Manipulation
During a recent interview, First Majestic Silver CEO Keith Neumeyer shared some interesting comments about the silver market. In particular he spoke about a development that could lead to the end of the ongoing manipulation. For those not familiar, Neumeyer is one of, if not the only mining CEO to speak publicly about the manipulation that has left silver prices suppressed. His interviews always offer insightful commentary, and this latest one covered what could be a game changing event for the
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 -
Can Blockchain Bring An End To Corruption
The Roman historian Tacitus once famously quipped “the more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”. Every year, roughly 2 percent of global GDP is lost to public sector corruption alone – at a hefty $2 trillion this equals to Italy’s GDP. The total cost of corruption stands even higher, at 4-5 percent of global GDP. Countries across all continents lose substantial parts of their budgets to corruption. Some African nations see up to a third of their budgets go down the corruption drain. A
Thursday, January 4, 2018 -
The Billionaires Betting On Space Travel
The space race is on for some of the biggest names out there. Leading technology giants like, SpaceX, Microsoft, Virgin Group, Google, and Facebook are all getting in on the action. CEO Jeff Bezos, the world’s second richest man after Microsoft’s Bill Gates, is funding rocket company Blue Origin to the tune of $1 billion a year. Blue Origin has been putting together a rocket factory in Kent, Wash., for several years. The company also plans to launch its rockets from a NASA
Wednesday, December 13, 2017