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10/12/2018>Coat Check 101
05/11/2018>Comex is a Side Show
05/04/2018>Comex is a Side Show
01/02/2018>Happy New Year!
05/27/2017>What is Freegold?
05/05/2017>How Gold is Different
01/01/2017>Happy New Year!
05/11/2016>The Debtors and the Savers 2016
01/07/2016>Happy New Year!
01/01/2016>Happy New Year!
06/14/2015>Silver Dollar
05/20/2015>The Freegold Speakeasy
05/16/2015>Clean Float – Why the Dollar Must Collapse
04/21/2015>Death and Taxes
04/12/2015>Metamorphosis Revisited
04/06/2015>The Golden Phoenix
03/09/2015>The Big Picture
01/04/2015>Happy New Year!
12/03/2014>Global Stagnation
11/01/2014>Happy Halloween
08/07/2014>Dirty Float
06/27/2014>Fiat 33
05/14/2014>Eastbound and Down
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“Collapse Of Civilisation Is On The Horizon” – Attenborough Warns W...
11 DecJ.0
The Climate, it's complicated. Look up the 100,000 year problem. Basically, the Earth has been in an Ice Age about 70 - 80 % of the last one m...
“Collapse Of Civilisation Is On The Horizon” – Attenborough Warns W...
06 DecS W.0
It is difficult to argue with a person like D Attenborough. Who doesn't like his shows? In saying that I am wondering if he, and probably 99% o...
Columbia University Promotes Letting Students Grade Themselves
03 Decvictoriashores
Really who cares
Scientists: The Globe’s Food Supply System Is Broken
04 DecJ.
People need to stop following academics as if they know everything. Science is about continuously evolving your knowledge based on a process of te...
Scientists: The Globe’s Food Supply System Is Broken
02 DecS W.
Oh no! Wheeze all doomed. It is not a matter of eating less meat it is simply a matter of eating less. and eating less of garbage food in part...
How Private Banks Create Bubbles — with the Help of Central Banks
02 Decsneezy67
It appears that we as consumers pay a price for convenience. It is very difficult to haul 10 acres to market on your back or cart. Pieces of gold a...
Why It's Important to Define Money Correctly
29 NovACarr
Great quote!! This is incredibly true. Too many people get so caught up in fiat currency, when it's all about gold if you really look at it. I've g...
Thanksgiving - And Deliver Us From Evil
23 NovBarnsey
Dear Jesse, As much as I admire your journeys down biblical roads, I consider you have missed the point of that mystical journey. Beyond...
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