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01/20/2019>Why We Need Savings to Produce What We Need
01/11/2019>Increasing Demand Won't Make the Economy Grow
01/02/2019>Boom-Bust Cycles and Easy Money
12/27/2018>How Liquidity Affects Changes in Prices — Including Stock Prices
12/17/2018>The Problem with "Velocity of Money"
12/08/2018>The Myth of the Neutral Interest Rate
11/30/2018>How Private Banks Create Bubbles — with the Help of Central Banks
11/25/2018>A Rising Money Supply Doesn't Necessarily Lead to Rising Prices
11/21/2018>The Money Supply Is Never Too Small
11/13/2018>Does a Falling Money Supply Cause Economic Slumps?
11/03/2018>In a Bubble Economy, Capital Goods Aren't Always a Good Thing
11/01/2018>Why Tax Cuts Without Spending Cuts Won't Bring Economic Growth
10/24/2018>Statistical Analysis Isn't Enough to Understand Human Action
10/18/2018>Purchasing Power and the Exchange Rate
10/16/2018>Is Technological Know-How the Key to Economic Growth?
10/10/2018>The Phillips Curve Myth
10/06/2018>Can Seasonal Adjustments Help Us Understand the Economy?
09/25/2018>GDP Growth Is Not the Same Thing as Real Economic Growth
09/18/2018>Can Consumer Surveys Tell Us Where the Economy Is Headed?
09/12/2018>Blame the Fed — Not Investors — For Asset Bubbles
09/05/2018>Why Fiscal Stimulus Doesn't Create Real Economic Growth
08/23/2018>Why Do People Assign Value to Paper Money?
08/17/2018>How to Manipulate People with Interest Rates
08/13/2018>Does a Fall in Unemployment Lead to Stronger Economic Growth?
08/03/2018>Can Deflation Fix the Damage Done by Inflation?
07/31/2018>"Price Stability" Is a Trick — It Actually Ruins Wealth
07/23/2018>Saving, not Technology, Is the Key to Economic Growth
07/20/2018>Savings, not Technology, Is the Key to Economic Growth
07/05/2018>Myth: Gold Makes Boom-Bust Cycles Worse
06/30/2018>Economic Growth Isn't the Cause of Inflation
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Battle Royale
22 JanJ.
"Boundless rage", does seem to be a characteristic of the collectivist Left.
Coming Attractions
22 JanJ.1
You are correct, history does recycle. And it has been long enough that all those who remember first hand what the last cycle of collectivist revo...
Ecological Armageddon: “We Are Destroying Our Life Support Systems!”
19 Jankevthorne
In further support of the article's conclusions, I recommend this treatise written by Jeremy Grantham, a chief investment strategist: "The original...
Beware the "ZeroHedge Trap"
Nicely done and very well written. The doom is coming but this asteroid misses Planet Earth in Q1. However, I think we are in for a substantially r...
Turbulence and Brexit Make Safer Options Like Gold and Cash Essential
15 Janallstarchuck
If investors included safe-haven assets in their portfolios possibly mistaking them for a hedge, they would potentially inflate their prices in nor...
Top Ten Trends Lead to Gold
14 JanAriana33
This is a good article, and I can agree with many points. I've been investing in gold, particularly the American Gold Eagles for quite some years n...
The Black Swan So Ugly No One Will Talk About It
14 JanS W.
A black swan is a highly improbable event. Obviously the author of the article does not understand that.
Fed’s Balance Sheet Reduction Reaches $402 Billion
07 JanRocco
Every time the FED speaks, gold skyrockets. Just buying some gold every time before the FED makes an announcement and then selling for a quick prof...
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