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Frank Shostak's consulting firm, Applied Austrian School Economics, provides in-depth assessments and reports of financial markets and global economies.
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06/19/2017>Fractional-Reserve Banking and Money Creation
06/10/2017>Inflation: It It the Disease or the Symptom?
06/03/2017>Deflation, Easy Money, and the Boom-Bust Cycle
05/30/2017>Changes in the Money Supply Don't Cause Business Cycles
05/23/2017>"Priming the Pump" Won't Create Real Wealth
05/21/2017>How Magical is the Keynesian Multiplier?
05/11/2017>The Essential Link Between Consumers and Financial Markets
05/06/2017>The Connection Between Money-Supply Growth and Inflation
05/02/2017>Rising Oil Prices Don't Cause Inflation
04/29/2017>Central Banks' Obsession with Price Stability Leads to Economi...
04/20/2017>What Is the "Correct" Growth Rate of the Money Supply?
04/04/2017>Why We Don't Need Macroeconomic Data in a Free Economy
03/31/2017>Is the Demand for T-bills Driving Treasury Deposits at the Fed?
03/27/2017>How to Interpret the Shape of the Yield Curve
03/23/2017>Understanding Money Creation and the Trade Balance
03/18/2017>How the Fed Operates — And Why It's a Problem
03/15/2017>By Itself, a Chinese Sell-Off in US Debt Won't Imperil the Dollar
03/11/2017>How Central Banks Enable the Money-Creation Process
03/01/2017>High Prices Don't Cause Economic Bubbles
02/24/2017>Why Government Spending Matters More than the Size of the Deficit
02/19/2017>Debt Isn't a Problem — Easy-Money Policies Are the Problem
02/14/2017>"Real Wealth" vs. the Boom-Bust Cycle
02/04/2017>Tightening the Money Supply will Inevitably Lead to a Bust
01/30/2017>Should Cash be Abolished?
01/24/2017>Can Technology Prevent a Recession?
01/16/2017>Why Fractional-Reserve Banking Would Be Limited in an Unhamper...
01/03/2017>Money Creation and the Boom-Bust Cycle
12/28/2016>How Interest Rates Affect Time Preference — and Vice Versa
12/22/2016>Why Are Dollar Bills Worth Anything?
12/21/2016>There Are Two Types of Credit — One of Them Leads to Booms and...
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Bitcoin in Perspective: Bill Gates Worth More, Gold 200 Times More
22 JunDavid C.1
Yes Mish, but bitcoin and the wealth and debt burdens of the world are fully backed by electrons which are very light. Unlike that 68 ft glob of m...
Absent Without Leave
21 JunS W.
Bail ins for sure. It was agreed at the G20 in Brisbane. You are not really a share holder. You are an unsecured creditor to the bank a...
Absent Without Leave
19 JunJ.3
Perhaps all the international shenanigans are the smoke and mirrors intended to obfuscate the view of the looming financial catastrophe. When the ...
Gold Price Cuts Post-UK Election Loss, ETF Investors Sell, Nasdaq D...
16 JunSam Maher
"the SPDR Gold Trust (NYSEArca:GLD) – saw its sharpest liquidation since March in the week-ending Thursday, with shareholders cutting the fund's si...
Things To Come
13 Junkevthorne3
If voting for 'parties' actually made a difference they would have not legalised it. Since 1914, it's been the supply of currency that has governed...
Things To Come
12 Jun Roygbiv0
And JHK ruined your life because he then voted for Obamba ? For Jim C.
Things To Come
12 JunJim C.-1
Surely Kunstler cannot be ignorant of economics, of the direct correlation between the production of wealth and Capitalism, and the subsequent crea...
The Escape from Collectivism - Jeff Thomas
10 Junsam_site-2
As I said before, collectivism depends on handicapping the public to create a nation of clinging, helpless, entitled patients and is a top priority...
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