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01/27/2024>Gold is setting up for the buy of the year and maybe the last ...
01/04/2024>Metals are now in the declining phase of the intermediate cycle
12/17/2023>Gold: Where is it headed
11/15/2023>Gold update
10/03/2023>Gold update: The bloodbath phase
09/05/2023>Recency bias: A gold investors worst enemy
04/28/2023>Gold suppression expected ahead of the FOMC
04/19/2023>Gold is setting up for the first buying opportunity
04/18/2023>Gold bull market
04/11/2023>Gold update: Easy follows difficult
04/09/2023>The bubble phase in gold could unfold quicker than most expect
04/02/2023>Silver setting up for a run to $30 and maybe $50
03/18/2023>Gold update: The bubble phase is about to begin
03/15/2023>Did the dollar just top and gold just bottom?
03/04/2023>Gold update: Another attempt to tag $2000?
02/26/2023>Gold update: Are you going to donate to the market or are you ...
02/23/2023>Gold update: Bounce imminent
02/22/2023>Gold update: Buy low to make money
02/19/2023>Commodities and precious metals the place to be
02/11/2023>Gold update: $2000?
02/07/2023>Gold update: Inverse head and shoulders in miners
02/01/2023>Gold update: FOMC day
01/24/2023>Gold update: Making bank
01/20/2023>Silver setting up for an aggressive move when the manipulation...
01/16/2023>Gold update: Final 8 year cycle low confirmed
01/04/2023>Gold now above the 50 week moving average
01/02/2023>Gold update: Is the banking cartel suppression breaking?
12/30/2022>Gold & silver is where you want to be in 23
12/26/2022>2023 predictions: The year of gold & silver
12/23/2022>Gold update: Mining stocks
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