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09/19/2021>Silver update: The bigger the base the higher in space
09/08/2021>Gold update: the cartel has spoken, no break during this inter...
09/04/2021>Gold update: Tuesday will be important
09/01/2021>Gold update: Looking for follow through
08/23/2021>Gold & Market update: Breakouts
08/17/2021>Gold update: buy zone coming for miners
08/09/2021>Gold update: The bloodbath begins
08/06/2021>Gold update: As predicted gold is now dropping into the cycle low
08/03/2021>Gold update: Not yet time for leverage
07/31/2021>Gold update: Confirmation? Yes Time for leverage? Probably not
07/29/2021>Gold update: Need follow through
07/17/2021>Gold update: Some bullish signs
07/05/2021>Is gold in a cyclical bear market?
07/04/2021>Gold update: Temporary bottom or larger intermediate bottom?
06/17/2021>Gold update: Post FOMC
06/14/2021>Gold update: Prepare to buy the undercut
06/04/2021>Gold update: Is the correction over?
06/03/2021>Gold update: The correction has begun
05/30/2021>Gold update: Building cash. Preparing for a big move this summer
05/17/2021>Gold update: Some caution is advised, getting late in the cycle
05/13/2021>Gold update: Nearing resistance: Preparing for an attack
05/08/2021>Bubble & Gold update: the bigger the base the higher in space
05/04/2021>Gold update: Cracks in the cartel manipulation
05/02/2021>Gold update: Higher highs ahead
04/28/2021>Gold update: Buying opportunity coming
04/25/2021>Gold update: Setting up for a big move this summer
04/17/2021>Gold update: Too many analysts are too bearish
04/16/2021>Gold update: Breaking the suppression
04/04/2021>Gold update: Double bottom?
03/23/2021>Gold update: Watching silver
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