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09/23/2019>Silver and the Yield Curve Inversion
09/04/2019>Silver Is Still A Must-Buy At These Levels
08/28/2019>Silver Is Ready To Take Out Key Levels
08/07/2019>Silver Setting Up 70s Style Rally In The Midst Of Financial Co...
07/24/2019>Why The Coming Silver Rally Might Be The Greatest
07/18/2019>Gold Price Analysis 2019: Who is Lying: Gold or the Dow?
07/17/2019>Is The 50-year Gold Stocks Bear Market Ending ?
07/16/2019>This Needs To Happen Before Silver Really Takes Off
06/28/2019>Silver Awaiting This Key Bull Market Signal
06/25/2019>After This Confirmation Gold Prices Will Rise Fast
06/20/2019>A Key Gold Bull Market Signal
06/17/2019>These Two Charts Virtually Scream “Buy Silver”
06/14/2019>The Rise of Silver and Major Economic Decline
06/05/2019>Closer To A Significant Monetary Event – Updated
02/25/2019>Now For The Intense Phase Of The Silver Bull Market
02/19/2019>The Coming Restoration of Silver
02/06/2019>This Will Confirm The Gold Bull Market
01/29/2019>A Major Silver Breakout Ahead?
12/12/2018>Gold Price Analysis: Closer To A Significant Monetary Event
11/01/2018>Silver Bottoming Almost Complete
09/19/2018>Silver Price Forecast 2019/2018: Silver Looks Poised To Move Soon
08/30/2018>Gold Price Forecast 2019/2018: The Final Gold Bull Market Conf...
08/28/2018>Silver Price Forecast 2019/2018: These Indicators Are Predicti...
08/22/2018>Is The 50-year Gold Mining Bear Market Coming To An End?
08/20/2018>Why Silver Could Replace The Dollar
08/17/2018>Oil Prices Are Going To The Extreme
08/16/2018>Why Gold Should Be Accumulated At These Levels
08/14/2018>Silver Price Points To A Depressed Economy And A Silver Boom
08/10/2018>Gold Price Forecast 2019/2018: The Various Prices Of Gold Poin...
07/02/2018>Silver Price Forecast 2019/2018: Silver Bull Market Is Almost ...
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Enter, the Dragon
21 OctS W.
Is it true that HRC actually eats babies?
Bank of England Warns of an ‘Abrupt’ Financial Collapse Due To Clim...
18 OctThemis2
A cynical attempt on Carney's part to deflect the blame for the coming financial crisis. The central banks must shoulder the majority of the culpa...
Bank of England Warns of an ‘Abrupt’ Financial Collapse Due To Clim...
16 OctS W.1
What a load of nonsense from Carney, Likely there will be a crash but to blame it on the climate is ...nonsense I am wondering if he has re...
A Hard Rain
09 Octcarlomar0
Bravo! The best analysis of what is going on! I read your column faithfully and always find new thoughts and valuable ideas in your writing!
Juniors ? The Butterflies in the Animal Farm of the investing world ?
07 Octstocking up pennies
Very well written article, Alan. It pictures the volatibility of the junior stocks, that are, indeed, mostly comparable to ''social butterflies'' a...
We Are Very Confident In $1,700 Gold Before The Muppets Awaken
08 OctThemis
You are correct regarding spelling but is it necessary to be pedantic about it? Surely the content of the article is more important?
A Hard Rain
08 OctThemis2
I agree with every word. Keep telling it as you see it. People are so close to the issues that they need a commentator like you to stand back and...
We Are Very Confident In $1,700 Gold Before The Muppets Awaken
02 OctLouis Solomons
There is no such word as commentairies.
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