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09/21/2019>Risk Off On the Quad Witch - Oligarchy Follies
09/19/2019>Quad Witch for Options Expiration Tomorrow
09/19/2019>Fed Lightly Spikes Punch Bowl, But Fails to Roll Out the Barrel
09/18/2019>Managed Complacency - The Grand Equilibrium
09/17/2019>JP Morgan Metals Desk a 'Criminal Enterprise' - FOMC This Wedn...
09/15/2019>Precious Metals Holdings and Commitments of Traders
09/15/2019>The Sacrament of the Moment
09/14/2019>As Old as Babylon, and Evil as Sin - Risk On
09/13/2019>Trends in Gold and Silver Prices in Dollars
09/13/2019>Wall Street: Where the Elite Meet to Cheat
09/11/2019>All Along the Watchtower
09/11/2019>Matt Taibbi, Katie Halper, and Jimmy Dore: Why Is the Media So...
09/11/2019>Stock And Precious Metals Charts - Risk On - Wall Street Says ...
09/10/2019>Prowls Like a Roaring Lion - Empire of Lawlessness
09/09/2019>Jeffrey Epstein: His Accomplices, His Victims, His Powerful an...
09/06/2019>Payrolls Come In Weakly - Media to Blame for Slowdown
09/06/2019>Flush Out the Safe Havens - Non-Farm Payrolls Tomorrow
09/05/2019>Silver Continues to Rip Higher - Release the Kraken
09/05/2019>'Silk Road' Gold Demand
09/05/2019>Silver Takes the 19 Handle - Markets On Edge Before Payrolls a...
09/05/2019>Year to Date Performance of Certain Assets - Silver Takes the ...
09/03/2019>Rates, Recessions, Rentiers, Oh My!
09/02/2019>Precious Metals Holdings and Commitments of Traders
09/02/2019>Gold Charts: Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
09/01/2019>Tweet Baby Tweet - Three Day Weekend
08/30/2019>Trade Optimism Based on Nothing Sparks Risk On Rally
08/29/2019>A Banquet of Consequences
08/28/2019>Hi Yo Silver - Silver Breaks Out
08/28/2019>Silver Breakout Targets $22
08/27/2019>Woe to You, Scribes and Pharisees, You Hypocrites - The Seven ...
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