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11/12/2019>After a Storm There Will Be a Calm
11/10/2019>About These Most Recent Price 'Corrections' in the Gold Market
11/08/2019>Pressures of Excessive Speculation and Mispriced Risk
11/07/2019>Tottering into the End of the Year, Again -
11/07/2019>Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! - A Quick Look at Last Years...
11/05/2019>Weighed, and Found Wanting - Ubi Sunt
11/02/2019>Who Is Like the Beast? - Stocks Close at New Highs on Jobs, Tr...
11/01/2019>Deceit Hates the Light - Non-Farm Payrolls Tomorrow
10/30/2019>The Fed Pauses - Non-Farm Payrolls on Friday
10/29/2019>An Oligopoly of Privilege - FOMC Tomorrow, Payrolls on Friday
10/29/2019>Called to the Supper of the Lamb - Expiy, FOMC and Non-Farm Pa...
10/27/2019>Bumping Up
10/25/2019>The Walking Dead and the Markets
10/24/2019>Devil Take the Hindmost
10/24/2019>The End of the Line
10/23/2019>A Violent Indifference - The God of the Market
10/22/2019>Admin Note: No Updates Tonight
10/21/2019>Comparison of the Equity Market with the Crashes of 1929 and 1987
10/21/2019>Exter's Pyramid
10/20/2019>Precious Metals Physical Holdings and Commitments of Traders
10/19/2019>The Increasingly Thin Veneer of Civilization - The Lady or the...
10/18/2019>Where the Elite Meet to Eat - A Banquet of Consequences
10/16/2019>Things Are What We Say They Are - Stock Market Option Expirati...
10/16/2019>Hope Floats - Stock Option Expiration on Friday
10/15/2019>The Corruption of the Public Mind and Flight Into Fantasy
10/14/2019>Precious Metals Holdings and Commitments of Traders
10/12/2019>Let's Make a Deal - Working for the Weekend
10/10/2019>A Banquet of Consequences
10/10/2019>Quiet Holiday Trade - Trump Faults Kurds For Not Helping At No...
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