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05/18/2024>In Service to Naked and Arbitrary Power
05/17/2024>The Calm Before Their Exceptional Madness
05/16/2024>The Dark Personalities of False and Designing Men - Risk On!
05/15/2024>The Hidden Sorrows of the Proudly Deceitful
05/14/2024>The Games People Play
05/11/2024>Captives of Madness and Illusions
05/10/2024>A Mad and Blasphemous Rebellion Against Heaven
05/08/2024>Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
05/08/2024>The Father of Lies and His Children of the World
05/07/2024>The Privileged Few: Their Myths and Illusions
05/04/2024>Principalities and Powers - In Service to the Unspeakable
05/02/2024>The Fashionable Habits of the Plutocracy
05/02/2024>Interlude for a Quiet Afternoon: Why do I blog?
05/02/2024>From Enemy Occupied Territory
05/01/2024>The Destruction of Leviathan
04/30/2024>The Dark Supremacy of Power
04/27/2024>Till Judgement Come
04/26/2024>Through the Looking Glass: The Cult of Power
04/25/2024>Creatures of Unspeakable Horror
04/24/2024>Staggering Towards Another Minsky Moment - Hiding Out
04/23/2024>Pillaging for Profits
04/21/2024>"I am the Good Shepherd"
04/20/2024>They Annihilate Truth, and Prophesy Illusions
04/19/2024>Currency War, What Is It Good For? - Crimea River
04/18/2024>Grifters in an Ocean of Lies - Stock Option Expiration on Friday
04/17/2024>How Time Flies - Tactics and Strategies
04/16/2024>Performance of Various Assets including Precious Metals in Gen...
04/16/2024>The Lethal Chambers of Hardened Hearts
04/13/2024>Son of Man, They Cling to Idols In Their Hearts
04/12/2024>Children of God, Children of Darkness - Like Tears in the Rain
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