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07/14/2019>Dear Mr. Powell - Art Imitates Life— Life Imitates High School
07/13/2019>Risk On, Kind Of -
07/12/2019>The Mask of Agamemnon - Deliberate Lies and Mispricing of Risks
07/11/2019>Dog Days Afternoon
07/10/2019>Stocks and Precious Metal Charts - Night of the Living Fed
07/08/2019>Physical Gold and Silver in Trusts and Funds - Shanghai Gold E...
07/07/2019>Long Term Gold Daily Chart
07/07/2019>Non-Farm Payrolls, Again
07/05/2019>Independence Day
07/04/2019>Spokesmodels Left Speechless - Gold Rockets $33 Higher
07/04/2019>Stocks and Precious Metal Charts - Wild, Wild Life
07/03/2019>From Instruments of Darkness Come Instruments of Change
06/29/2019>End of Month, End of Quarter
06/28/2019>Downward Spiral of Dumbness
06/28/2019>Fear of Mispriced Risk Is Sucking The Oxygen Out of the Markets
06/27/2019>Metals Take a little Gut Punch For Comex Options Expiration
06/26/2019>Long Term Gold Chart with Support and Resistance and Potential...
06/26/2019>What Do Bonds and Gold Know That Stocks Don't?
06/23/2019>And the Band Played On - Quad Option Expiration
06/23/2019>Physical Holdings of Gold and Silver with Commitments of Trade...
06/22/2019>Fed Caught in the Enveloping Horns - Gold and Silver Overwhelm...
06/21/2019>The Game's Afoot - Gold Breaks 1350 - China Trade Looms
06/20/2019>And Away We Go - Rate Cuts, Trade Talks, and an Option Expiration
06/19/2019>Stocks and Precious Metals Charts
06/16/2019>Physical Gold Withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange and ...
06/15/2019>Lead Kindly Light
06/15/2019>The Gathering Storm - King Dollar, La Douleur du Monde
06/14/2019>The King In Yellow
06/12/2019>A Rally That Failed, Again - Beginning of the End
06/12/2019>Gold and Silver Drop, Stocks Pop on the Resolution of the Phon...
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