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01/27/2021>Mania - Metals Option Expiration, Fed Meeting Decision Tomorrow
01/26/2021>Volatility de Luxe
01/23/2021>Weekend Reading - Iron Sharpens Iron
01/23/2021>Bearing Witness - A Culture of Emptiness and Contempt
01/22/2021>Shall We Stop This Bleeding? - Willful Pride, Plagues, and Foo...
01/21/2021>O Brave New World - Excess Liquidity Melt Up
01/20/2021>The Great Emptiness - And the Love of Most Will Grow Cold
01/18/2021>Martin Luther King Day
01/16/2021>And Because of the Increase in Lawlessness...
01/15/2021>Just Another Day in the Kleptocracy - Stock Option Expiration ...
01/14/2021>Though the Heavens May Fall - Stock Option Expiration on Friday
01/13/2021>Metals Bounce - Stock Option Expiration on Friday
01/12/2021>In the Garden of the Exceptional - Stock Option Expiration on ...
01/09/2021>Hypocrisy and Madness
01/08/2021>Choices and Consequences - Non-Farm Payrolls Report Tomorrow
01/07/2021>Are You Not Entertained?
01/06/2021>The Writing on the Wall...
01/04/2021>The Exceptionals - Worst Start To a Trading Year Since 1932
12/31/2020>Last Trades
12/31/2020>Dismissive Complacency - The Leaven of the Pharisees
12/30/2020>An Attractive But Deceitful Recovery
12/30/2020>On the Road to Damascus
12/25/2020>Christmas Day
12/24/2020>Implications of the Incarnation
12/24/2020>Approaching Christmas Eve - Stocks and Dollar Wobble, Metals H...
12/23/2020>Not a Creature Was Stirring
12/22/2020>Where Are You Going Lord?
12/20/2020>Silent Night
12/19/2020>Shenanigans Abounding
12/18/2020>Da Pacem Domine
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Flying Blind
26 JanJ.3
It would be really great if it were the scale and scope of the government that was shrinking, however, "the long emergency" feeds right into their ...
Flying Blind
26 JanJim C.0
Correct, for the most part. Socialism produces nothing and takes everything. Democrat Socialism appears to be of the most virulent kind, like par...
Flying Blind
25 JanPeter K.2
God, what a load of shit. Sounds like your hankering for a communist agrarian utopia, a la pol pot style. I've got news for you, the world ...
Rough Ridin’ with Biden
22 JanS W.-1
Joe's main problem is that he has no delivery when speaking. In fact he sounds like death warmed up. The USA is technically bankrupt finan...
The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants
20 JanJim C.-1
Trump appeared weak, and was...weak. And always was more talk then action. Asking Democrats if they wanted their help with suppressing massive loo...
The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants
19 JanJ.-1
The country seems to be lurching toward a cold civil war regardless of anything Trump may or may not do. Doing nothing might be all it takes to he...
This is How You Can Dodge Facial Recognition Software
19 JanFalconflight
With such insight and wit; you should be able to parlay it w/ a gig at Buzzfeed or HuffPuff.
Federalism, Not Breakup
19 JanFalconflight-1
There are 50 states currently. There are currently 435 Congressman. There is nothing in the Constitution maxing Representatives at 435 or that st...
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