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05/21/2022>The Peace That Surpasses All Understanding
05/21/2022>The Loneliness of Sin
05/21/2022>Wash n' Rinse Shenaniganza - Volatile Stock Option Expiration
05/18/2022>Where are the Snows of Yesteryear - Götterdämmerung
05/13/2022>Are You Not Entertained? - A Banquet of Consequences
05/13/2022>Bubble Deflating in Asset Liquidation
05/11/2022>American Gothic - Oh the Bovinity!
05/11/2022>Market Liquidation
05/11/2022>The Sorrows of Empire
05/06/2022>Naked Force and Fraud - Epic Wash and Rinse
05/05/2022>C'est la Guerre - Europe Roiled by 'Flash Crash'
05/05/2022>Dithering Ahead of the Fed - FOMC Tomorrow, NFP on Friday
05/05/2022>From Fear to Greed - Powell Sparks 3% Relief Rally Off Second Low
04/23/2022>The Fall of the Republic - The Oligarchy Is Audacious
04/23/2022>Stormy Day in the Metaverse
04/23/2022>Just About Time to Head for Higher Ground
04/13/2022>The Cock Crows - Option Expiration on Thursday
04/12/2022>Forget It Jake - The Great Wealth Transfer Mechanism
04/11/2022>But If Not - The Vast Wasteland
04/11/2022>Stock Option Expiration Next Week
04/11/2022>What Time's the Next Black Swan? - Down to Key Support
04/05/2022>As Old As Babylon, And Evil As Sin
04/02/2022>The Darkness of This World
04/01/2022>Déjà Vu All Over Again - Farewell to the First Quarter
03/31/2022>Stocks and Precious Metal Charts - Players Playing - Children ...
03/31/2022>We Learn Nothing
03/31/2022>The Worst Is Likely Yet To Come - Non-Farm Payrolls on Friday
03/26/2022>Weekend Reading: That Perverse Individualism and the Supremacy...
03/25/2022>The Song of Creation - Comex Op-Ex and NFP Next Week
03/24/2022>Audacious Oligarchy - Monopolies, Cartels, Corruption
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