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01/19/2020>Cast Assembled, the Stage Is Set - Three Day Weekend
01/18/2020>Brood of Vipers - Stock Option Expiration Tomorrow
01/16/2020>Stock Bubble III: The Great Unraveling - Stock Option Expirati...
01/16/2020>Polyphony and Cacophony
01/15/2020>Risk On - Sitting on Top of the World
01/10/2020>Payrolls and Wages Come in Light
01/10/2020>Lawlessness - Non-Farm Payrolls Report Tomorrow
01/09/2020>Our Poisoned Chalice
01/09/2020>Schlock and Awe - Hubris That Knows No Bounds
01/08/2020>Stock Futures Plunge, Gold Tops $1600
01/08/2020>No Fear for Equities - Gold Hits New All-time High in Euros
01/04/2020>Risk Off - Non-Farm Payrolls Next Week
01/04/2020>Risk On - Everything - First Trading Day of New Decade
01/01/2020>The Spice Must Flow
12/31/2019>Where Are You Going, Lord? - Last Trading Day of the Decade
12/28/2019>Flight to Safety
12/28/2019>Billions In Fed Repo Money Fuel Year End Financial Assets Rally
12/26/2019>Bubbling Into the New Year - Gold Breaking Out as Stocks Rise ...
12/26/2019>Christmas Day 2019 - Implications of the Incarnation
12/25/2019>Christmas Eve
12/23/2019>Very Quiet Holiday Trade
12/21/2019>Listen, And I Will Tell You a Mystery
12/21/2019>Wax On - Stocks Parabolic Into the Quad Witch Expiration
12/20/2019>Snow Squalls and Whiteouts - Quad Witch Expiration
12/19/2019>Ice Storm - Quiet Trading Day
12/17/2019>The Greatest Show on Earth - Stock Option Expiration on Friday
12/16/2019>Christmas: Do Not Be Afraid
12/14/2019>Dead Reckonings
12/13/2019>The Pandemic of 1918
12/13/2019>Markets Reverse on 'Breakthrough' in US-China Trade
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