Keith Weiner is a technology entrepreneur and president of the Gold Standard Institute USA. He was the founder of DiamondWare, a Voice Over Internet Protocol software company, which he sold to Nortel in 2008. He is an Objectivist who has his PhD from the New Austrian School of Economics, with a focus on monetary science. Keith, who currently trades and analyzes precious metals and commodities, advocates a return to a proper gold standard and laissez-faire capitalism. He lives with his wife near Phoenix, Arizona.
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01/05/2021>Reflections Over 2020
12/22/2020>An Economist Rebukes The Economist
12/15/2020>Wrong Measurement, Wrong Macro Call
12/09/2020>Open Letter to Gregory Mankiw, 7 December
12/02/2020>Bitcoin: What Is It Good For?
11/30/2020>That Precious Metals Rumor Mill, 30 November
11/24/2020>The Great Reset, 23 November
11/11/2020>Yes, Virginia, There Is An Alternative, 11 November
11/05/2020>Recovery: GDP vs MPoD, 2 November
10/13/2020>Why These Gold Standardites Are Wrong, 13 October
10/07/2020>Silver Not Stimulated – 7 Oct
10/06/2020>Silver Falls, We’ve Got #$*&! Mail – 6 October
09/29/2020>Silver Rises, JP Morgan Manipulates! 29 September
09/24/2020>And Silver Crashes Some More! 24 Sept
09/22/2020>Silver Crash! 22 September
09/17/2020>What’s the Price of Gold? It Depends.
08/18/2020>Warren Buffett Shorts The Economy, 18 August
08/13/2020>Silver Purchasing Power or Perverse Incentives? 12 Aug
08/11/2020>Silver Supply & Demand Still Strong at $29, 11 Aug
08/07/2020>Silver Explodes—But Why?
08/06/2020>The Wealth Effect: Silver Edition
08/05/2020>Inflating a Silver Bubble, 5 August
07/28/2020>Silver Scarcifies, 27 July
07/23/2020>One of These Silver Days is Not Like the Other, 23 July
07/23/2020>About that Spike in the Silver Price… 22 July
07/15/2020>Dear Bullion Banks, Please Come Back! Market Report, 13 July
07/08/2020>The Simon-Ehrlich Bet Did Not Settle the Question
06/23/2020>Defaults Are Coming, Market Report, 22 June
06/15/2020>Growing Dollar Demand, Silver Weirdness, Market Report, 15 June
06/10/2020>Monetary Metals Provides Gold Loan to Sector Resources
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The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants
20 JanJim C.-1
Trump appeared weak, and was...weak. And always was more talk then action. Asking Democrats if they wanted their help with suppressing massive loo...
The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants
19 JanJ.-1
The country seems to be lurching toward a cold civil war regardless of anything Trump may or may not do. Doing nothing might be all it takes to he...
This is How You Can Dodge Facial Recognition Software
19 JanFalconflight
With such insight and wit; you should be able to parlay it w/ a gig at Buzzfeed or HuffPuff.
Federalism, Not Breakup
19 JanFalconflight-1
There are 50 states currently. There are currently 435 Congressman. There is nothing in the Constitution maxing Representatives at 435 or that st...
The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants
19 JanFalconflight0
I just posted my latest bumperstick: "Trump Won", next to my other sticker: "Police State USA! USA! USA!" My next sticker will read: "Arrest Me"....
Signs and Wonders
15 JanJim C.
It is very late in the game for some deus ex machina to save our Republic, especially given yesterday’s Joint Chief of Staffs memo indicating inten...
Signs and Wonders
15 JanThemis
It is becoming increasingly clear that America is a nation under judgment (see Jonathan Cahn's "Harbinger II".
Insurrection Versus Insurrection
14 JanThemis0
As an outsider, I see America moving toward some form of civil war. This will accelerate once food inflation takes off and people are struggling f...
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