Keith Weiner is a technology entrepreneur and president of the Gold Standard Institute USA. He was the founder of DiamondWare, a Voice Over Internet Protocol software company, which he sold to Nortel in 2008. He is an Objectivist who has his PhD from the New Austrian School of Economics, with a focus on monetary science. Keith, who currently trades and analyzes precious metals and commodities, advocates a return to a proper gold standard and laissez-faire capitalism. He lives with his wife near Phoenix, Arizona.
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04/24/2017>To Frexit or Not to Frexit, Report 23 April, 2017
04/18/2017>Gold-Silver Divergence, Report 17 April, 2017
04/10/2017>Mea Culpa, Report 9 April, 2017
04/03/2017>The Balance of Gold and Silver, Report 2 April, 2017
03/27/2017>Putting Pennies in the Fusebox, Report 26 Mar, 2017
03/20/2017>Technical vs. Fundamental, Report 19 Mar, 2017
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HI Jeff I have read your articles with a lot of interest in your feelings with the future of Gold and Silver. I'm 75 years of age and have ...
What Is the Correct Amount of Money?
20 Sepgfs543
If money is the heart of the economy, then the economies of the world are running with diseased hearts. Keynesians and other monetary intervention...
20 SepGypsy
James, you're getting more difficult to read. As a Deplorable, I realize my under-education leaves me at a disadvantage when faced against the Mer...
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If a university professor has been on the job for more than five years without venturing out into the world there's usually nothing to learn here. ...
Rude Awakening for the US in January? No, Just More Alarmist BS Fro...
The world & the US $ have been on the brink for 10 years (or more). In 2008 it nearly happened but giving the 1% a stack of money saved the day. It...
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15 Sepneville
Despite being a so-called GOLD website ,I have read more anti GOLD articles on kitco than on any other site. Yes chris you are absolutely corre...
Rude Awakening for the US in January? No, Just More Alarmist BS Fro...
15 SepSilverthumb2
I used to enjoy listening to Rickards. He sold out when he signed on with Agora Financial. Now he's just another ranting alarmist trying to get ri...
What's Killing the Jobs Market?
13 SepJ.0
It is hard to know where to begin to respond to your comment Recusant. You do not seem to understand how markets work. So, I'll throw out some po...
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