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Mike Shedlock / Mish is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. He writes a global economics blog which has commentary 5-7 times a week. He also writes for the Daily Reckoning, Whiskey & Gunpowder, and has over 80 magazine and book cover credits. Visit
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01/08/2020>Iran Strikes Back: Fires Dozen Missiles at US Forces in Iraq, ...
01/06/2020>Trade Debate: US Mulls Lifting Sanctions on China to Hasten De...
01/06/2020>Gold Pops Another 26 Dollars in Response to Trump's Threats
01/03/2020>No-Deal Brexit Odds Greater Than You May Think
01/03/2020>Gold: How High in 2020?
12/27/2019>Investigating Alleged Smart Money Positions in Gold
12/26/2019>How Does Gold React to Interest Rate Policy?
12/23/2019>Gold's vs the US Dollar: Correlation Is Not What Most Think
12/18/2019>Gold Surprisingly Correlated With the US Dollar
12/17/2019>Gold and Silver Miners Outperforming the Metals
12/11/2019>Marc Faber's 3 Currency Picks for 2020: Gold, Silver, Platinum
11/29/2019>BoJ Says Ample Room for Easing After Spending Crash
11/28/2019>Mystery Buyer Makes Huge Options Bet on Gold Hitting $4000
11/26/2019>$250 Trillion in Global Debt: How Can That Be Paid back?
11/25/2019>Bitcoin Sinks Below $7000 on China Crackdown
11/25/2019>Key Thought of the Day: China Today is Like Japan in 1989
11/25/2019>German Firms Abandon China, US Firms Should Do the Same
11/25/2019>Forever War in the Last 20 Years Cost $6.4 Trillion
11/25/2019>Fascinating Conversation With Renowned Short Seller Jim Chanos
11/23/2019>China, like Japan in the 1990s, Will Be Dominated by Huge Zomb...
11/22/2019>Deutsche Bank to Replace 18,000 Workers with Robots
11/20/2019>UK Election Debate: Johnson Wins by Not Losing
11/18/2019>Police Storm Hong Kong University, Threaten to Use Lethal Force
11/18/2019>Tories Take Crushing Lead in Latest Polls
11/18/2019>Whistleblower Leak Source Is Likely Trump Himself
11/17/2019>Johnson and Farage In Secret Deal? Who Forced Whom?
11/17/2019>4th-Quarter GDP Forecasts Off To Weak Start
11/17/2019>Single's Day Shopping Sales Top $12 Billion in One Hour
11/17/2019>Obvious Bullshit: Ignoring Women Costs Financial Industry $700...
11/17/2019>Labour Losing Ground In Last Two Weeks
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