Nathan Lewis was formerly the chief international economist of a firm that provided investment research for institutions. He now works for an asset management company based in New York. Lewis has written for the Financial Times, Asian Wall Street Journal, Japan Times, Pravda, and other publications. He has appeared on financial television in the United States, Japan, and the Middle East.
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12/04/2018>The Mythical Problem Of “Finding The Right Gold Price”
11/25/2018>Net Gold Exports, 1913-1937
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11/11/2018>The Decline of Rome
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08/12/2018>In Praise of “Regressive” Taxes
08/05/2018>A Trade “Imbalance” Doesn’t Imply A Currency Problem
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06/16/2018>Pretty Good Stuff
06/14/2018>What’s Happening To The Argentine Peso?
06/09/2018>“The Rise and Fall of the Gold Standard in the United States,”...
06/04/2018>Five Gold Standard Notions That Just Aren’t True
05/26/2018>The Bank of Japan, 1928-1933
05/25/2018>the Once and Future Money (2007)
05/19/2018>Catching Up With The BOJ
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Scientists: The Globe’s Food Supply System Is Broken
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Oh no! Wheeze all doomed. It is not a matter of eating less meat it is simply a matter of eating less. and eating less of garbage food in part...
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It appears that we as consumers pay a price for convenience. It is very difficult to haul 10 acres to market on your back or cart. Pieces of gold a...
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Great quote!! This is incredibly true. Too many people get so caught up in fiat currency, when it's all about gold if you really look at it. I've g...
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Dear Jesse, As much as I admire your journeys down biblical roads, I consider you have missed the point of that mystical journey. Beyond...
Why changes in Gold production don’t matter
21 NovAriana33
"The reality is that the contribution to total gold supply made by newly-mined gold is so small that changes in mine production should be considere...
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