Nathan Lewis was formerly the chief international economist of a firm that provided investment research for institutions. He now works for an asset management company based in New York. Lewis has written for the Financial Times, Asian Wall Street Journal, Japan Times, Pravda, and other publications. He has appeared on financial television in the United States, Japan, and the Middle East.
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10/22/2017>How Much Should Homes Cost?
10/22/2017>God, Gold and Guns
10/16/2017>The Silliness of the Bretton Woods Years
10/05/2017>The GOP’s Tax Framework Looks Good. Let’s Do It.
10/03/2017>One Nation Under Gold (2017), by James Ledbetter
09/26/2017>Britain’s Path To A 19% Corporate Tax Rate
09/15/2017>Real World Examples Of More Revenue With A 15% Corporate Tax Rate
09/11/2017>Alan Reynolds Argues For the Gold Standard, 1982
09/10/2017>A 15% Corporate Tax Would Have A Lot Of Upside Without Much Risk
09/03/2017>Getting Over the Suburban Hump to Successful Urbanism
08/29/2017>It’s Not That Complicated
08/28/2017>Getting Over the Suburban Hump to Real Urbanism
08/27/2017>Want To Double Corporate Tax Revenue? Cut The Rate To 15%
08/18/2017>It’s Getting Uncomfortable in the Prices, Interest Money Box
08/10/2017>Why We Should Cut The Corporate Tax To 15% Now
08/05/2017>Much Ado About Nothing
08/04/2017>It’s So Because I Say It Is
07/31/2017>Blame Gold
07/27/2017>Would Free Trade Be OK If The U.S. Had A Trade Surplus?
07/23/2017>The Midas Paradox (2015), by Scott Sumner
07/09/2017>The View From 2011
07/02/2017>Gold Or Bitcoin? Gold AND Bitcoin.
06/25/2017>Fumbling and Bumbling
06/18/2017>The “Gold Sterilization” of 1937
06/15/2017>Don’t Fear The Robots, Fear Low Savings And Investment
06/08/2017>Thoughts on the Liberal Arts Program in Economics and History
06/06/2017>the Final Standard
05/29/2017>Automatic Adjustments Via Gold Conversion
05/21/2017>The Fed’s 1932 Bond-Buying Experiment
05/14/2017>More on the Depression of 1921
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The Fed Is Confused about What Drives Inflation
18 Octneville
Hi Frank, Thanks for your article.......The fact of the matter is that LIES LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE DRIVES INFLATION , which as it so happens is 'THE'...
What kind of person runs for public office ?
17 OctThemis1
I liked the use of the self-actualization chart within the context of politicians and their motives. It probably applies to many in Hollywood as w...
The Silliness of the Bretton Woods Years
16 OctThe Recusant
KUDOS! The book is anti-gold slanted throughout and subtly mocks those that value gold as seen in that silly Las Vegas Golden Rooster tale. As I pr...
The Future (Not)
14 OctS W.-1
I have it on good authority that the Aliens living in Antarctica have discovered a way of turning Ice into Oil. All we have to do to secure ou...
09 OctThemis1
I agree 100% with all the points you made. You have summarized my own anger and the reasons for it. My only consolation is that I believe the eli...
A silver price-suppression theory gets debunked
07 OctDoom-1
I think he linked the wrong article, because there's minimal facts and logic there relevant to price suppression. It's a shame, because I really wo...
Light It Up
07 OctThemis
I keep wondering whether the US is fermenting a war with North Korea so as to indirectly draw China in and delay implementation of the yuan-for-oil...
One Nation Under Gold (2017), by James Ledbetter
05 OctThe Recusant1
Sadly, I too hoped for a more even-handed assessment of gold in our economic history. The book IS biased and by the time I got to the 20th century ...
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