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Boomer Elegy
04 AprGypsy
Good Grief James ! You and I are of the same generation, lived absolute opposite lives yet ~ almost ~ came to the same conclusion. I was raised Ba...
Ayn Rand's Hymn To Money
02 Aprgfs543
Thank you, Professor Fekete, for an outstanding tribute to honest money.
Black Swans, Dead Cats, Live Bats, and Goodbye to All That
26 MarJ.
We will have to wait and see. It all comes down to demand. The current glut of supply will probably take a couple of years to clear. After that,...
Black Swans, Dead Cats, Live Bats, and Goodbye to All That
22 Marrokdok25
J - surely James' point is that shale oil is fundamentally uneconomic, in the past and certainly in the present. If and when the wheels of industry...
Things Have Changed
18 MarMr. Gnawbone
I enjoyed this article JHK, I been long expecting and have lived a full and beautiful life, but I raised my children to prepare and they are doing ...
Black Swans, Dead Cats, Live Bats, and Goodbye to All That
16 MarJ.
JHK - sometimes I wonder if you understand economics. Oil is cheap 'because' demand is down, and supply is way up. So, energy inputs to the ec...
Black Swans, Dead Cats, Live Bats, and Goodbye to All That
15 MarThemis0
I suspect Hillary, or her clone, is waiting in the Dem wings.
Like WTF? Gold Crashes with Stocks!
15 MarThemis
What I don't see in this article is a differentiation between the price of paper and physical gold, which I believe to be decoupling.
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