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Gold & Silver Prices in
In the last 24 hours
5/26/2017Gold Risks 'Excitement' at 6-Year Downtrend as BTC Drops 10 ...Bullion Vault
5/26/2017Sentiment in monetary metals has never been worse, GATA chairman saysChris Powell - GATA
5/26/2017Ronan Manly: Update on Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals and premiumsChris Powell - GATA
5/25/2017Gold Price 'Boring Like Summer' as LBMA Launches Code, Benchmark 'Loses Liquidity'Bullion Vault
5/25/2017Gold’s Pricing Power Moving East – Part 1Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
5/25/2017GATA Chairman Murphy interviewed by Finance and LibertyChris Powell - GATA
5/25/2017Everything inflates wildly except monetary metals, Embry notes at KWNChris Powell - GATA
5/25/2017London's gold benchmark hit by volatility after banks exit, Reuters saysChris Powell - GATA
5/24/2017No major news organization wants the financial news story of the centuryChris Powell - GATA
5/24/2017Silver Prices Test 'Bullish 400-DMA' with Hedge Funds Most Bearish Since 2015 LowsBullion Vault
5/24/2017Castle Silver Should be Called Castle CobaltThe Energy Report
More than 24 hours ago
5/24/2017Government intervention stalls gold but bitcoin escapes it, von Greyerz saysChris Powell - GATA
5/23/2017Silver Jumps, Gold Price 'Stuck at $1245-65' as Oil Defies Trump, Indian States Disagree on GSTBullion Vault
5/23/2017Manchester Attack Sees Asian Stocks Fall, Gold FirmMark O'Byrne -
5/23/2017Ronan Manly: Central bankers wanted gold suppressed to keep oil flowingChris Powell - GATA
5/23/2017Central banks face another failure like the London Gold Pool, Turk tells KWNChris Powell - GATA
5/22/2017Why the Chinese yuan won't be the world's reserve currencyChris Powell - GATA
5/22/2017TF Metals Report: Gold and silver futures shorts seem washed outChris Powell - GATA
5/22/2017Gold and Silver Market Morning: May 22 2017 - Gold continues consolidating in a narrowing range ahead of a strong move!Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
5/22/2017Gold Unmoved as Silver Prices Hit 3-Week High, Trump Sees Dollar Sink AgainBullion Vault
5/22/2017Dungeons of gold: Sex, booze, and barbecue in underground mine citiesChris Powell - GATA
5/22/2017Stephen Leeb: How China plans to send the price of gold soaringChris Powell - GATA
5/22/2017Join GATA at the International Metal Writers Conference in Vancouver next weekendChris Powell - GATA
5/20/2017Zimbabwe plans 'use it or lose it' mine-permit program for goldChris Powell - GATA
5/20/2017From Yukon to Patagonia, gold explorers stir after sleepChris Powell - GATA
5/19/2017Gold Bullion +2 for Week vs Falling Dollar as Trump's Troubles Spread to TurkeyBullion Vault
5/19/2017Gold and Silver Bullion Coins See Sales “Explosion” In UK On “Wave Of Political Turmoil”Mark O'Byrne -
5/18/2017Silver is gold cartel's 'kryptonite,' GATA chairman tells Daily CoinChris Powell - GATA
5/18/2017Trump 'Witchhunt' Sees Gold Price Pop $30 Below 'Game Changing Level'Bullion Vault
5/18/2017Why Indian government's schemes to kill gold have failedChris Powell - GATA
5/18/2017In KWN interview, Turk muses about short squeeze in goldChris Powell - GATA
5/17/2017Gold and Silver Market Morning: May 17 2017 - Gold going stronger in the dollar, weaker in the euro!Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
5/17/2017Gold Prices Jump Over 200-DMA as Trump-Comey 'Nears Impeachment', T-Bond Yields Fall with DollarBullion Vault
5/16/2017Gold Price Firm as India Faces GST, Deficits at Issue for Platinum WeekBullion Vault
5/16/2017India is working with World Gold Council to create a spot exchangeChris Powell - GATA
5/16/2017Off-exchange settlement of gold futures hints at short squeeze, Turk tells KWNChris Powell - GATA
5/16/2017FT worries about a bubble in ... bitcoinChris Powell - GATA
5/15/2017In KWN interview, Embry scoffs at claims that inflation is lowChris Powell - GATA
5/15/2017Gold and Silver Market Morning: May 15 2017 - Gold still consolidating with a stronger bias!Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
5/15/2017Platinum Price Jumps 1.8 as Hedge Funds Go Short, Oil Gains, Dollar FallsBullion Vault
5/15/2017Dave Janda of 'Operation Freedom' interviews GATA Chairman MurphyChris Powell - GATA
5/13/2017Ted Butler expects silver explosion soon, but GATA has questionsChris Powell - GATA
5/12/2017Obama blocked this controversial Alaskan gold mine but Trump just gave it new lifeChris Powell - GATA
5/12/2017TF Metals Report interviews GATA chairman about market riggingChris Powell - GATA
5/12/2017Silver Price Drop 'Overdone' as SLV Swells, World Silver Stockpiles Hit 21-Year HighBullion Vault
5/12/2017Ronan Manly: Astounding increase in trading on Shanghai Gold Exchange in just 3 yearsChris Powell - GATA
5/11/2017Gold Price Steadies, Silver Loses 1 Pop as ETFs, London Vaults Swell, LME Pitches for 'Fix'Bullion Vault
5/11/2017At retirement dinner, Eric Sprott praises GATA's workChris Powell - GATA
5/11/2017Anomalous calm in markets, not volatility, has become the sign of crisisChris Powell - GATA
5/11/2017Gold imports by India said to rise more than four-fold in AprilChris Powell - GATA