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8/9/2019Three soldiers die, five hurt in raid on illegal gold mine in French GuianaChris Powell - GATA
8/9/2019West's governments aren't the only ones that like to rig marketsChris Powell - GATA
8/9/2019In Kitco interview, Holmes blames spoofing in China, BIS for gold price suppressionChris Powell - GATA
8/9/2019Kansas exempts gold and silver coins and bullion from sales taxChris Powell - GATA
8/9/2019Noah Smith: Zero interest rates forever may be only way to handle rising government debtChris Powell - GATA
8/9/2019U.S. Global's Frank Holmes previews interview with GATA secretary on gold manipulationChris Powell - GATA
8/9/2019Russia wants to join EU's bypass of sanctions on IranChris Powell - GATA
8/9/2019QE may be over, but the Fed's U.S. debt hoard is about to soarChris Powell - GATA
8/9/2019No inflation Google buys Manhattan building for 100 times 1996 priceChris Powell - GATA
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8/9/2019Alasdair Macleod: Deeply negative nominal rates are on their wayChris Powell - GATA
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