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NameSymbolMarket Cap
Shares OutLastCurrencyOpenChange% ChangeYTD52Weeks% VolumeTrendpowerNews
ATW GoldATW.V3.58M50.51M0.09CA$0.01  12.50%12.50%-25.00%
Monument MiningMMY.V22.00M310.22M0.09CA$0.00  5.88%-30.77%-66.67%
NameSymbolMarket Cap
Shares OutLastCurrencyOpenChange% ChangeYTD52Weeks% VolumeTrendpowerNews
Teras ResourcesTRA.V12.72M134.55M0.12CA$0.03  26.32%33.33%-60.00%
St Andrew GoldfieldsSAS.TO75.41M368.30M0.26CA$0.02  8.33%4.00%-18.75%
EMEDEMED.L79.91M1,439.87M3.75GBX0.25  7.14%-28.57%-64.72%
NameSymbolMarket Cap
Shares OutLastCurrencyOpenChange% ChangeYTD52Weeks% VolumeTrendpowerNews
Typhoon Expl.TYP.V1.66M32.51M0.065CA$0.03  62.50%8.33%-74.00%
Golden West Res.GWR.AX11.00M240.18M0.06AU$0.02  33.33%0.00%-60.00%
Coronado Res.CRD.V17.87M64.81M0.35CA$0.05  16.67%-46.15%169.23%
Lexam VG GoldLEX.TO14.28M226.57M0.08CA$0.01  14.29%14.29%-42.86%
Minaurum GoldMGG.V6.14M97.44M0.08CA$0.01  14.29%0.00%0.00%
Canada Strategic MetalsCJC.V2.95M39.39M0.095CA$0.01  11.76%90.00%18.75%
PalladonPLL.V8.42M27.40M0.39CA$0.04  11.43%-37.10%-76.92%
TirexTXX.V15.73M95.13M0.21CA$0.02  10.53%-8.70%-50.00%
HavilahHAV.AX28.65M156.38M0.24AU$0.02  9.09%71.43%-4.00%
Eloro Res.ELO.V1.55M13.55M0.145CA$0.01  7.41%141.67%625.00%
Batero GoldBAT.V5.20M87.96M0.075CA$0.00  7.14%-25.00%-37.50%
Rocher Deboule MineralsRD.V19.29M77.76M0.315CA$0.02  6.78%5.00%-17.11%
Talon MetalsTLO.TO14.30M106.83M0.17CA$0.01  6.25%-34.62%-39.29%
MatsaMAT.AX19.81M144.16M0.18AU$0.01  5.88%5.88%-18.18%
GoldquestGQC.V10.34M145.76M0.09CA$0.00  5.88%-10.00%-71.88%
Timberline Res.TLR5.70M10.00M0.57US$0.03  5.56%-3.39%280.00%
Radius GoldRDU.V6.49M86.68M0.095CA$0.01  5.56%-5.00%-32.14%
NameSymbolMarket Cap
Shares OutLastCurrencyOpenChange% ChangeYTD52Weeks% VolumeTrendpowerNews
Dajin Res.DJI.V3.70M78.25M0.06CA$0.01  9.09%20.00%0.00%
Strikewell EnergySKK.V815.67K8.63M0.12CA$0.01  9.09%20.00%-20.00%
Eurasian Min.EMX.V53.77M73.42M0.93CA$0.07  8.14%5.68%-20.51%
Latest GOLD Exploration, drilling and production
0% Midland Exploration  () Midland commences an exploration program on its James Bay gold projects near Goldcorp's Éléonore dep...
Latest GOLD Corporate news
-2.22% Columbus Gold  (Au) Columbus Gold
66.67% Pele Mountain Res.  (Ag-Au-Cu) Executes MOU with Major Chinese Rare Earth Player to Pursue Opportunities of Developing Rare Earth P
50% Duran Ventures  (Ag-Au-Cu) Signs Memorandum of Understanding for Tolling Operation in Peru
-11.11% Metanor  (Au-Pa-Pl) Intersects 8.64 g/T Over 5.8 Meters at Bachelor Mine
0% Hudson Res.  (Ag-Au-Cu) Reports Robust Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) for Specialty Alumina Production From the White
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