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NameSymbolMarket Cap
Shares OutLastCurrencyOpenChange% ChangeYTD52Weeks% VolumeTrendpowerNews
Monument MiningMMY.V31.28M324.22M0.12CA$0.02  20.00%-7.69%-50.00%
Aura MineralsORA.TO16.54M228.62M0.09CA$0.01  12.50%12.50%-18.18%
Avnel Gold MiningAVK.TO56.76M261.43M0.27CA$0.03  12.50%22.73%80.00%
NameSymbolMarket Cap
Shares OutLastCurrencyOpenChange% ChangeYTD52Weeks% VolumeTrendpowerNews
Heemskirk ConsolidatedHSK.AX9.88M160.22M0.08AU$0.01  14.29%0.00%-20.00%
True Gold.TGM.V81.79M398.84M0.255CA$0.02  8.51%-1.92%-31.08%
EMEDEMED.L110.06M1,439.87M5GBX0.37  7.99%-4.76%-36.55%
Sutter GoldSGM.V6.96M123.63M0.07CA$0.01  7.69%16.67%-30.00%
NameSymbolMarket Cap
Shares OutLastCurrencyOpenChange% ChangeYTD52Weeks% VolumeTrendpowerNews
Actus MineralsAAC.V834.06K12.20M0.085CA$0.04  88.89%70.00%750.00%
OT MiningOTMN2.05M17.07M0.12US$0.05  71.43%50.00%0.00%
Uravan Min.UVN.V2.94M38.54M0.095CA$0.02  26.67%90.00%-5.00%
Philex MiningPXMFF642.25M4,940.40M0.13US$0.02  18.18%-13.33%-27.78%
Axiom MiningAVQ.AX76.88M240.36M0.415AU$0.06  15.28%4,050.00%1,975.00%
Happy Creek Min.HPY.V6.88M61.10M0.14CA$0.02  12.00%55.56%-17.65%
Klondike GoldKG.V4.35M33.81M0.16CA$0.02  10.34%6.67%700.00%
Image Res.IMA.AX10.68M157.59M0.088AU$0.01  10.00%10.00%-37.14%
International NorthairINM.V6.64M150.14M0.055CA$0.01  10.00%-45.00%-45.00%
Adventure GoldAGE.V6.58M74.36M0.11CA$0.01  10.00%-15.38%-42.11%
Redstar GoldRGC.V8.00M180.83M0.055CA$0.01  10.00%37.50%-8.33%
Temex ResourcesTME.V8.99M186.59M0.06CA$0.01  9.09%20.00%-14.29%
Rupert Res.RUP.V2.78M57.60M0.06CA$0.01  9.09%-25.00%-60.00%
Arafura Res.ARU.AX18.36M441.27M0.054AU$0.00  8.00%8.00%-10.00%
Kilo GoldminesKGL.V3.65M56.68M0.08CA$0.01  6.67%-27.27%-57.89%
Merrex GoldMXI.V20.01M155.57M0.16CA$0.01  6.67%128.57%166.67%
NameSymbolMarket Cap
Shares OutLastCurrencyOpenChange% ChangeYTD52Weeks% VolumeTrendpowerNews
Dajin Res.DJI.V6.49M84.93M0.095CA$0.02  18.75%90.00%137.50%
Strikepoint GoldSKP.V6.47M134.13M0.06CA$0.01  9.09%200.00%200.00%
Latest GOLD Exploration, drilling and production
0% North American Palladium / Lac Des Iles (Ag-Au-Cu) Provides Update on Suspension of Milling Operations at its Lac des Iles Mine
0% IAMGOLD  (Ag-Au-Cu) Rockfall traps nine miners in IAMGOLD mine in Quebec
1.65% Barrick Gold / Cowal (Cu-Le-Ni) Barrick Gold Corp gets good price for Cowal mine
1.65% Barrick Gold  (Cu-Le-Ni) Barrick sells Australian Cowal gold mine to Evolution for $550 mln
0% Canadian Gold  (Cu-Au-Ag) Female worker dies in Canadian gold mine
Latest GOLD Corporate news
-1.75%  Lydian International  (Au-Le-Zn) Discloses Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
0% Inspiration Mining  (Cu-Le-Ni) Provides Update
0% Niogold  (Ag-Au-Cu) Completes a $3.62 Million Bought Deal Private Placement
1.6% Nevada Copper  (Cu) Announces Positive Feasibility Study Results
12.5% Aura Minerals  (Cu-Fe-Au) Announces Private Placement for Gross Proceeds of CAD$6.1 Million
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