Inova Resources Quarterly Report for the Three Months Ending 30 June 2013
Published : July 31, 2013
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MELBOURNE, VICTORIA--(Marketwired - July 30, 2013) -


Inova Resources Limited (TSX:IVA)(News - Market indicators) -

Key Highlights

  • Safety performance recorded 12-months Lost Time Injury free at the end of the June Quarter.

  • Mine production from Starra 276 continued to ramp up during the quarter with the month of June recording over 59,000 tonnes of ore produced, the expected monthly mining rate from Starra 276.

  • Recoveries of copper and gold from the Osborne processing plant continued to improve during the quarter, with June recovery rates of 88.2% for copper and 69.6% for gold.

  • C1 cash operating costs for the Osborne copper-gold business were impacted by lower by- product credits due mainly to the lower gold price during the quarter. C1 costs for the quarter were US$2.57 per lb copper, which is a 9% reduction from the first quarter result. C1 costs continued to improve during the quarter as the performance of the Starra 276 mine and processing improved, with C1 costs for the month of June down to US$2.09 per lb copper, nearing the US$2 per Ib target for the operation.

  • The exploration team has continued its focus on large copper targets with initial drilling undertaken at the Barry and Benmore IOCG prospects. Further work is planned at Benmore to progress this target. Follow-up drilling at Robert Heg has returned significant
    uranium results up to 1,165 ppm U3O8 and channel chip samples at Confucius have returned up to 24 g/t gold from a newly discovered set of veins.

  • The Mount Elliott / SWAN mineral resource update was completed during the quarter with a report currently being finalised for release in early August.

  • The quarter closed with a cash balance of $32.8 million.


Safety is an Inova Resources core value. We have an unrelenting passion for our people to be able to complete their work without getting hurt. Inova Resources uses Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (one million hours basis) as our key headline lagging safety performance measure (TRIFR). The TRIFR is a combination of Restricted Work Day, Medical Treatment and Lost Time Injuries. At the end of the quarter our 12 month rolling TRIFR was 13.1 and our year- to-date TRIFR was 9.9, which indicates we are on track to meet our improvement target of under 10 for 2013. During the quarter we experienced a number of restricted work day injuries, all of which involved either strain injuries or lacerations to forearms and hands. These incidents demonstrate a need to continue our focus on safety leadership and our task-based risk assessments completed before each task is commenced. At the end of the quarter we recorded 12 months Lost Time Injury free. During the quarter, we completed a revision to our Safety Management System which is now being implemented across our business. We will continue to strive for a reduction in our injury rates across our business as a priority.


Production from the Osborne copper-gold operation totalled 393,251 tonnes of ore throughput during the quarter at a grade of 1.64% copper and 0.81 grams per tonne gold. With the ramp up of the Starra 276 mine, Osborne is on schedule to meet the previously advised annual throughput for 2013 of 1.4 - 1.6 million tonnes of ore.

Two shipments of copper-gold concentrate departed port during the quarter, with ten shipments planned in total for 2013.


Production from Osborne and Kulthor was 243,482 tonnes at a grade of 1.45% copper and 0.92 grams per tonne gold for the quarter at an annualised rate of 970,000 tonnes per annum. The increased production performance from the previous quarter reflects improved mobile equipment availability and good stope performance in terms of geotechnical stability and ore extraction. Underground development mining continued with 475 metres advanced and decline mining continuing into the lower section of Kulthor. Ore production from Lower Osborne stopes will be completed in Quarter 3 as planned.


Production from the Starra 276 underground mine continued its ramp up with 121,667 tonnes mined at a grade of 1.81% copper and 0.57 grams per tonne gold for the quarter at an annualised rate of 480,000 tonnes per annum. The quarter performance included June production of 59,386 tonnes reflecting the monthly production estimate for the remainder of 2013. Stope performance has been good with high extraction rates reflecting stable geotechnical performance. Underground development mining continued with 603 metres advanced.


A total of 393,251 tonnes of ore was processed with recoveries of 85.7% copper and 63.7% gold producing 5,451 tonnes of copper metal in concentrate. This improved processing throughput matches the estimated production rate for the remainder of the year. The processing ore blend has been adjusted with the production increase from Starra to reflect future ore feed of 65% Kulthor/ Osborne blended with 35% Starra 276. Processing of the Starra 276 ore has seen impacts to both recovery and filter performance.

A Process Improvement Program has been instigated to maintain focus on improving processing performance and recovery rates with the Starra 276 ore in the mill feed blend. This program has shown that maintaining blend control is essential to achieving higher recoveries and to maintain filter performance which can be impacted by the finer ore from Starra 276. The program has delivered recovery performance improvement over the quarter, with June recovery rates of 88.2% for copper and 69.6% for gold. The program will remain in place to further improve performance.


Table 2 details June Quarter production costs for the Osborne copper-gold operation.

The C1 cash costs reduced during the quarter compared with the C1 cash costs incurred during the first quarter 2013, notwithstanding lower by-product credits. The C1 costs reduced by over 9% during the quarter before by-product credits as production from the Starra 276 mine ramped up.

The improved production performance during the quarter has resulted in C1 costs continuing to improve, with C1 costs for the month of June of US$2.09 per lb copper heading towards the Company's stated aim of C1 cash costs of US$2.00 per lb copper from mid-year onwards, at current gold price levels.

Copper production increased during the quarter by 57% compared with the first quarter and this helped drive down the largely fixed general and administration component of C1 costs which were 37% lower. By-product credits reduced by 24% compared to the prior quarter as a result of lower gold head-grade, lower recoveries and lower gold prices.

During the quarter, copper production increased in each month with 1,616 dmt in April, 1,841 dmt in May and 1,994 dmt in June as Starra 276 ore production increased and the ore blending was steadily improved.

Table 1
Osborne Copper-Gold Production Statistics
    Mar '13 QTR June '13 QTR
ORE MINED TONNES 260,439 365,149
ORE MILLED TONNES 254,639 393,251
  COPPER (%) 1.56 1.64
  GOLD (G/T) 0.84 0.81
  COPPER (%) 88.1 85.7
  GOLD (%) 69.5 63.7
PRODUCED TONNES 14,709 21,801
GRADE GOLD (G/T) 9.2 8.8
PRODUCED GOLD (OZ) 4,350 6,190
SOLD TONNES 20,429 24,899
HAND TONNES  7,360  4,262
*Includes gravity gold produced in the quarter but not yet
poured into doré bar.    
Table 2: Osborne Copper-Gold Cost Statistics
$A per Ib   Mar '13   June '13
    QTR   QTR
Mining costs   1.83   1.89
Processing costs   0.44   0.40
General & administration   1.00   0.63
Transport & shipping   0.35   0.34
TC/RCs   0.17   0.18
Net by-product credits   (1.04)   (0.79)
Total C1 Cash Costs   2.75   2.65
Royalties   0.25   0.24
Total Cash Costs   3.00   2.89
Depreciation & Amortisation   1.13   0.93
$US per Ib        
Total C1 Costs   2.85   2.57
Total Cash Costs   3.11   2.80


Starra 276

An update of the Mineral Resource estimate for Kulthor is in preparation and will be released with a Mineral Reserve update late in the third quarter 2013.

The first hole in a three hole surface Diamond drill program was completed during the quarter and showed encouraging results;

  • STQ1096 13.3m @ 1.9% Cu, 0.92 g/t Au from 764.5m and 3.3m @ 0.91% Cu, 0.99 g/t Au from 787m

This drill programme is designed to test the down dip extension at Starra 276 (Figure 2).


At Kulthor, underground Diamond drilling continued in the central part of the deposit with the aim of converting the Inferred Resource to Measured or Indicated Resource. A surface drilling programme targeting Mineral Resource areas outside the defined Mineral Reserve to test confidence in the resource was undertaken (Figure 3). The first two holes were completed with the following significant results;

  • SUNQ0213 4.2m @ 1.44% Cu, 0.84 g/t Au from 311m and 2.0m at 1.29% Cu and 0.99 g/t Au from 326m
  • SUNQ0214 2.5m @ 1.39% Cu, 0.49 g/t Au from 403.7m and 2.4m @ 1.50% Cu and 0.33 g/t Au from 442m.

A third hole has been drilled (assays pending) to test for an up-faulted block identified as part of the recently completed structural modelling.


During the quarter, metallurgical test work on samples from three Diamond holes drilled south of the existing Victoria North open pit continued. This test work investigates the potential for leaching the mineralisation rather than floatation processing. Results from metallurgical test work are expected to be available in quarter 3.

Assessment of Potential Leachable Copper Prospects

An assessment has commenced, using available information, to provide an overview of Inova Resources' prospects and deposits that have potential to support either standalone heap leach projects or to provide incremental tonnage and copper grade to enhance a regional heap leach project. Initial work is reviewing prospects that are spread along a 55 kilometre long north-south section of Inova Resources' mineral tenements.

To-date, Inova Resources has taken the Mount Dore heap leach project to pre-feasibility stage, with the study indicating a neutral business case for the Mount Dore project, at projected copper prices.

An update of the Mineral Resource estimate for Starra 276 is in preparation and will be released with a Mineral Reserve update in quarter 3.


Inova Resources, in the Cloncurry region, north-western Queensland, has 44 granted Exploration Permits for Minerals (EPMs) with a total area of 5,676 km2 including joint ventures, and 3 EPM applications with a total area of 601 km2. The granted EPMs include 12 EPMs in the Inova Resources-Exco joint venture, and two EPMs in the Goldminco-Inova (Osborne) joint ventures.

Exploration activities for the quarter principally targeted large, stand-alone Iron Oxide Copper Gold ("IOCG") style deposits with some gold, uranium and leachable copper targets also being advanced, as detailed below.

A detailed exploration market update release was lodged on ASX on 9 July 2013 and can be accessed at the Company's website


The Barry and Benmore Prospects (see Figure 1 for location) represent large-scale IOCG style drill targets identified through a combination of seismic reflectors, induced polarisation ("IP") chargeability, magnetic and gravity anomalies, surface geological mapping and rock-chip geochemistry.

The Barry Prospect was first identified during a seismic traverse across the Starra Ironstones in 2009. Six kilometres west of the Starra line deposits, a significant structure was identified within the seismic data (Figure 4). When modelled, this structure was found to be coincident with overlapping gravity and magnetic anomalies. A single line of two dimensional IP ("2D IP") was conducted East-West over the seismic reflector returning a large chargeability only response. A line of North-South 2D IP was later conducted to confirm the location of this anomaly with the northern end of this IP line defining a second large IP anomaly. This second anomaly is named Benmore and is located on a flexure in a significant scale structure. This structure has been mapped on surface and rock- chip geochemistry indicates it is moderately anomalous in gold (0.2g/t Au in rock-chip samples).

Both the Barry and Benmore anomalies are chargeability anomalies with subdued coincident conductivity responses indicating that the IP anomaly is most likely to be produced by disseminated sulphides. The combination of this chargeability, magnetics, gravity and mapped significant structures makes these exciting large scale IOCG targets. A single hole has been drilled in each target (assays pending).

The Benmore hole drilled to 639.5m intersected strongly albite altered schists with moderate sulphide mineralisation. Two 0.5m zones of high grade molybdenum were also noted in the core. Downhole EM and IP will be completed in July testing for a major ore system. An IP survey will also be completed in Quarter 3. (Assays pending)


Within the Mount Elliott project area, the Jock, Core Shed and Drake prospects were tested with Diamond drilling.

Drilling at the Jock Prospect, 600m southwest of the Mt Elliott deposit was completed this quarter. Hole JKD0007 was drilled to evaluate an off-hole downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) conductive response, defined in previous drilling completed in 2012, with assays pending. The conductive response was explained by moderate sulphide amounts (10-15% pyrite). Additional DHEM is planned for JKD0007 in Q3.

The Core Shed target lies about 1km south of the Mt Elliott deposit. The target was defined in a recent large scale 3D Induced Polarisation ("3DIP") survey, where high chargeability was associated with a moderate conductivity response. Inova Resources interpreted this response as being due to albitisation overprinting normally conductive shales with a strong sulphide content. Previous drilling in the area reported:

  • MEHQ071137 8m @ 1.51% Cu, 0.5 g/t Au from 284 m

During the quarter, a single Diamond drill hole (CSD0001) was drilled to 400 metres targeting the IP chargeability anomaly 100m down-dip of MEHQ071137. The hole intercepted albitised shale and calc-silicates with zones of weak to moderate chalcopyrite mineralisation. Assays are expected in early August. Down-hole EM will be conducted within CSD0001 to detect potential off-hole conductors for further drill targeting.

Within the Elana M project area, the Triga, Ailsa and Lanham's Shaft prospects were tested with Diamond drilling during the quarter (see Figure 1 for location).

The Elana M Trend lies approximately 30 kilometres north of the Mount Elliott/SWAN deposits and consists of eight prospects over twelve kilometres of strike of prospective carbonaceous silts and calc-silicate units (Figure 5).

In April, a drilling campaign to test copper mineralisation at depth was undertaken at Triga with the following positive results:

  • TRD0003 8m @ 1.47% Cu, 0.63 g/t Au from 212 m
  • TRD0004 6m @ 1.24% Cu, 0.68 g/t Au from 201 m

These deep copper sulphide zones can now be confidently traced from 200 metres depth to surface and along strike for 500 metres. In the oxide zone closer to surface, chalcopyrite has been replaced by chalcocite, a copper species that can be processed by leaching or floatation techniques. A recent review along the Elana M Trend has highlighted the potential for Triga and prospects along the trend to contain shallow, leachable copper resources.

A shallow reverse circulation ("RC") drill program is being generated to test the potential of two chalcocite trends at Triga, with the intention of defining shallow copper mineralisation.

Further work is also proposed for the Ailsa, Barnes Shaft, Lanham's Shaft and Betts prospects along the Elana M Trend, where similar chalcocite mineralisation exists at surface and previous drilling has returned significant copper-gold results.

At the Ailsa Prospect four shallow Diamond drill holes were drilled, targeting the down-dip extensions of surface mineralisation and previous company drilling. Moderate intervals of low grade copper were encountered within two of these drill holes.

At Lanham's Shaft a single shallow Diamond drill hole was drilled, targeting copper-gold and molybdenum mineralisation. This hole encountered two broad zones of mineralisation, however at sub-economic grades.


Robert Heg: Significant uranium results from recent drilling

Five shallow, reverse circulation drill holes were drilled at the Robert Heg uranium prospect in May 2013 (Figure 6) returning the following significant results:

  • RHR0026 25m @ 658 ppm U3O8 from 14 m
  • RHR0028 13m @ 1,165 ppm U3O8 from 13 m

High-grade uranium mineralisation at Robert Heg is hosted in a sequence of calc-silicate units. Inova Resources' recent drilling program was designed to identify the main structural controls for uranium mineralisation.

A full review of the uranium potential of Inova Resources' tenements is being conducted to identify additional targets for testing. Filtering of extensive, high resolution geophysical data sets has already highlighted three surface anomalies, including the U4 target area, for follow-up drill testing.



Inova Resources has previously reported significant gold results from the Confucius prospect, four kilometres south east of the Mount Elliott deposit (see Figure 1 for location). Strong gold in soil geochemistry at Confucius was followed up with surface geological mapping and rock-chip sampling (Figure 7). From this work, a set of veins reporting up to 58.8g/t Au in rock chips can be mapped over a strike length of 400 metres. This vein set was drilled in late 2012 and results included:

  • CFD0002 9.38m @ 4.18 g/t Au from 58 m; and
  • CFD0001 0.85m @ 8.33 g/t Au from 43.15 m

Recent channel chip samples across the vein sets report:

  • 1m @ 24 g/t Au from one vein set; and
  • 2m @ 11.43 g/t Au from a newly discovered set of veins.

Inova Resources plans to drill these trends over a 600 metre strike length in the third quarter, 2013.


A program of 3D and 2D Induced Polarisation and Magnetotellurics was completed during the second quarter, targeting large mineral systems in the Barry, Benmore and Southern Extensions areas.

Down-hole Electromagnetic surveys were also conducted on exploration drill holes at Kulthor and Jock during the second quarter.

At Southern Extensions, 215 gravity stations were collected. At Benmore 589 gravity stations were collected on 100m spacings to aid drill targeting.



Inova Resources holds an 8.67% equity interest in Emmerson Resources and has a 51% joint venture interest in 386 of Emmerson's mining and exploration tenements in the Tennant Creek region of the Northern Territory with a total area of approximately 2270 km2.


Following the transfer of the final tenement on 10 July 2013, Inova Resources now has an 80% legal interest in each of the 12 EPMs and one Mining Lease that comprise the Inova Resources-Exco Joint Venture. Exco holds the remaining 20%. The total area of the tenements is 417 km2.

Work on the Exco joint venture exploration ground included the continuing interpretation of all geological data. Planning for the next exploration program is underway.



The first phase of the Merlin Value Engineering Program ("Program"), commenced in August 2012, was recently completed. This Program reviews the outcomes of the 2012 Merlin Feasibility Study (released on 16 April 2012) and is aimed at reducing project risk and enhancing the Feasibility Study project economics by optimisation of key elements of the project.

The results of Phase 1 of the Program were detailed in a release to ASX on 28 June 2013, which can be found on the Company's website at

Phase 1 of the Program reviewed both the mining and processing operations for the project, with several significant value-enhancing opportunities identified which will increase throughput and decrease both operating and capital costs.

The mining review indicated the potential for a 10% increase in the production rate as well as a potential 5% increase in overall mine production and a 5% reduction in total mining unit operation costs.

Metallurgical testwork has indicated an increase to the molybdenum concentrate grade from 30% (as indicated in the Merlin Feasibility Study) to between 38%-45%, allowing consideration of reducing the capital costs associated with the roaster and back-end purification plant by up to $50 million. The ability to produce a higher concentrate grade allows consideration of selling a molybdenum-rhenium concentrate to customers or toll roasting as a project option. This would eliminate considerable capital for onsite roasting and downstream processing, however the economics of this approach depend heavily on the terms achieved with customers, especially the value achieved for the contained rhenium.

The outcomes from the Program reinforced our view that Merlin is clearly a project that is capable of being a low cost primary producer of molybdenum and rhenium. Our focus in the next stage of the Program is to source a strategic partner while continuing the work to further demonstrate improvements to the project.

These reviews have been undertaken at a scoping study level of accuracy and, as such, do not at this stage provide a material change to the outcomes of the Feasibility Study. The outcomes of Phase 1 of the Program are preliminary in nature and further work will be required with the aim of ultimately updating the Feasibility Study.


A revised mineral resource model for Mount Elliott / SWAN, based on recent drilling data and a review of the geology, was completed in the quarter with a report currently being finalised.

The updated mineral resource model is a single model covering both SWAN and Mount Elliott. It covers: the SWAN sulphide zone (underground mining potential), the SWAN oxide zone (open pit potential), and the Mount Elliott zone (open pit and underground mining potential). The model includes recent additional surface drilling, re-interpretation of geological domains and a revised estimate for copper in the oxide mineralisation at the surface of the SWAN deposit.

The updated Mineral Resource from this revised model will be published in a market release in early August.

The updated Mineral Resource estimate will be used for a re-assessment of the mining approaches considered in the 2012 Mount Elliott Scoping Study and also includes evaluating the SWAN and Mount Elliott mineralisation's capacity to support open pit mining and heap leach processing.



As previously disclosed, Inova Resources' majority shareholder, Canadian company Turquoise Hill Resources, is undertaking a review of its shareholding in Inova Resources. Inova Resources' board has formed an independent sub-committee and appointed UBS to identify, review and assess potential opportunities to optimise value for all Inova Resources stakeholders as a result of this development. A process for parties interested in Turquoise Hill's shareholding has commenced and Inova Resources is collaborating as appropriate with that process.


Inova Resources' cash position as at 30 June 2013 was $32.8 million.


At 30 June 2013 issued capital was 726.6 million ordinary shares.


  High Low Last
Apr - Jun 2013 $0.28 $0.097 $0.20

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Appendix 1: Drill Collar Location Table

         MGA Zone 54 (GDA94)         
 Hole ID    Prospect   Easting   Northing   RL   Azi   Dip   EOH
        (m)   (m)   (m)   (°)   (°)   (m)
Surface drilling completed Q2 2013          
AID0001   Ailsa   460,560   7,651,333   403   240   -60   250.0
AID0002   Ailsa   460,615   7,651,197   418   220   -60   309.2
AID0003   Ailsa   460,578   7,651,124   416   180   -60   201.2
AID0004   Ailsa   460,691   7,651,080   442   180   -60   234.3
AZR0001   Algiz   464,536   7,648,696   444   275   -60   199.0
AZR0002   Algiz   464,444   7,648,712   447   270   -60   200.0
AZR0003   Algiz   464,373   7,648,987   438   270   -61   133.0
BAD0029   Barnes Shaft   460,518   7,652,003   401   265   -62   532.3
BAD0030   Barnes Shaft   460,407   7,651,880   399   270   -60   150.3
BND00011*   Benmore   438,830   7,603,760   325   295   -65   639.5
BRD00011   Barry   438,930   7,601,780   325   270   -65   540.4
CSD00011   Core Shed   448,350   7,617,000   383   270   -70   408.6
DRD0001   Drake   446,982   7,619,443   387   270   -59   399.3
JKD00071   Jock   448,816   7,317,542   380   240   -65   267.3
LAD0011   Lanham's Shaft   459,921   7,653,540   371   180   -61   227.8
RHR0026   Robert Heg   460,153   7,647,164   423   90   -60   50.0
RHR0027   Robert Heg   460,136   7,647,150   423   225   -60   75.0
RHR0028   Robert Heg   460,137   7,647,180   423   90   -60   75.0
RHR0029   Robert Heg   460,137   7,647,210   423   90   -60   75.0
RHR0030   Robert Heg   460,078   7,647,201   423   110   -60   200.0
STQ1096   Starra 276   446,543   7,603,991   366   276   -62   903.4
SUNQ0213   Kulthor   454,129   7,556,507   265   316   -61   402.1
SUNQ0214   Kulthor   454,285   7,556,655   269   316   -60   477.1
TRD0003   Triga   462,684   7,648,687   510   90   -60   300.4
TRD0004   Triga   462,750   7,648,540   491   335   -60   288.4
Other drilling referenced in this report                    
CFD0001   Confucius   451,147   7,616,981   388   53   -60   132.4
CFD0002   Confucius   451,244   7,616,839   382   50   -60   135.5
MEHQ071137   SWAN   448,299   7,617,170   383   270   -60   631.2
RH001   Robert Heg   460,158   7,647,173   424   145   -60   35.0
RH009   Robert Heg   460,184   7,647,166   426   265   -60   70.0
RHDD0019   Robert Heg   460,158   7,647,174   430   149   -59   165.4
SUNQ0215(†)   Kulthor   453,833   7,556,238   257   319   -66   425.5

(1)Assay results pending. 

*Commenced June 30, completed July 8. 

(†)Commenced July 9, completed July 15.

Appendix 2: Significant Drill Intersections

Exploration - Confucius
Hole ID   From   To   Interval   Au
    (m)   (m)   (m)   (g/t)
CFD0001   43.15   44   0.85   8.33
CFD0002   58   67.38   9.38   4.18
incl   58   60   2   8.03
and   62.37   67.38   5.01   4.76

0.5 g/t Au over 1m cut-off.

Exploration - Robert Heg
Hole ID   From   To   Interval   U3O8   U
    (m)   (m)   (m)   (ppm)   (ppm)
RHR0026   14   39   25   658   558
incl   24   25   1   3301   2800
incl   29   30   1   1792   1520
incl   31   32   1   1533   1300
RHR0027   32   36   4   275   234
and   46   52   6   166   141
and   55   62   7   495   420
RHR0028   13   26   13   1165   989
incl   13   17   4   2983   2530
incl   24   25   1   1273   1080
and   36   41   5   241   204
RHR0029   5   11   6   532   451
incl   7   8   1   1910   1620
RHR0030   140   144   4   144   123
and   156   161   5   274   232

100 and 1,000 ppm U cut-offs.

U3O8 = U ppm x 1.179.

Exploration - Elana M Trend
Hole ID   From   To   Interval   Cu   Au   Ag Co   Mo   Pb   Zn   U   Fe
    (m)   (m)   (m)   (%)   (g/t)   (ppm) (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (%)
AID0002   78   86   8   0.31   0.02   1 584   37   201   49   70   5.39
AID0003   7.2   28   20.8   0.46   0.40   1 234   43   247   19   35   2.56
TRD0003   30   44   14   0.48   0.13   2 787   24   10   4   21   6.37
and   200   232   32   0.69   0.21   3 635   87   22   844   76   4.32
incl   212   220   8   1.47   0.63   6 484   24   11   131   31   4.37
TRD0004   145   160   15   0.30   0.02   1 358   47   49   8   192   5.55
and   184   208   24   0.55   0.29   3 1834   50   32   17   94   6.42
incl   201   207   6   1.24   0.68   6 1152   64   25   36   67   10.77
and   252   260   8   0.84   0.27   2 502   35   11   42   29   4.48
LAD0011   25   32   7   0.65   0.10   2 259   9   1   4   7   3.01
and   48   62   14   0.54   0.39   1 428   22   5   14   7   6.16
incl   48   50   2   1.65   0.77   3 772   87   1   13   5   7.45
incl   52   54   2   0.30   1.19   1 237   3   5   9   5   3.95
and   106   108   2   1.26   0.17   2 432   149   48   32   10   9.31
and   122   124   2   1.51   0.09   2 518   49   17   18   20   7.68
and   173   175   2   1.49   1.38   2 221   3   9   11   13   2.85
BAD0029   329   340   11   0.65   0.21   1 659   22   49   9   23   5.53
incl   329   333   4   1.10   0.45   1 278   7   4   10   5   2.64

0.25% and 1.00% eCu cut-offs.

Resource Development - Starra 276
    From   To   Interval   eCu   Cu   Au Ag   Co   Mo   Pb   Zn   U   Fe
Hole ID   (m)   (m)   (m)   (%)   (%)   (g/t) (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (%)
STQ1096   747   753.4   6.4   1.29   0.82   0.78 0   73   16   1   1   5   33.33
and   764.5   777.8   13.3   2.47   1.91   0.92 0   28   25   1   1   5   33.48
and   787   790.3   3.3   1.50   0.91   0.99 0   16   8   1   1   5   48.01

1.00% eCu cut-off.

Resource Development - Kulthor                   
Hole ID   From   To   Interval   eCu   Cu   Au Ag   Co   Mo   Pb   Zn   U   Fe
    (m)   (m)   (m)   (%)   (%)   (g/t) (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (ppm)   (%)
3   311   315.2   4.2   1.95   1.44   0.84 7   408   2   55   13   5   15.72
and   326   328   2   1.89   1.29   0.99 5   413   1   619   21   10   17.19
4   403.7   406.2   2.5   1.69   1.39   0.49 8   606   2   1838   1641   13   25.89
and   442   444.4   2.4   1.70   1.50   0.33 4   193   1   7   11   5   9.92

1.00% eCu cut-off.                                    

Qualified & Competent Persons Statement

The drilling results at Starra 276 and Kulthor were reviewed by Geoff Phillips, FAusIMM, Manager Resource Geology for Inova Resources who is a full time employee of Inova Resources.

The results for the uranium and gold exploration sections were reviewed and approved by Mark McGeough, FAusIMM, General Manager, Exploration for Inova Resources who is a full time employee of Inova Resources.

The results for the copper and molybdenum exploration sections were reviewed and approved by Mathew Brown, MAIG, Regional Exploration Manager for Inova Resources who is a full time employee of Inova Resources.

The technical and scientific information contained herein relating to the metallurgical review of Merlin was reviewed and approved by Nigel Thiel, MAusIMM (CP), Manager Metallurgy at Inova Resources who is a full time employee of Inova Resources.

The technical and scientific information contained herein relating to the mining review of Merlin was reviewed and approved by Mr Mike Spreadborough, FAusIMM, Chief Operating Officer for Inova Resources who is a full time employee of Inova Resources.

These individuals by virtue of their education, experience and professional association, are considered Qualified Persons (QP) as defined in Canada's NI 43-101 standard for estimates and results included in this report. The Qualified Persons have verified the relevant data disclosed herein.

Mark McGeough, Geoff Phillips and Mike Spreadborough are Fellows, and Nigel Thiel is a Member, of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and Mathew Brown is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists, and each has sufficient experience which is relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration and to the activity which he has undertaken to qualify as a 'Competent Person' as defined in the JORC code. Mark McGeough, Geoff Phillips, Mike Spreadborough, Nigel Thiel and Mathew Brown consent to the inclusion in the announcement of the matters based on this information in the form and context in which it appears.

QAQC Statement

Inova Resources' core sampling within mineralised zones is generally taken on continuous one-metre intervals down each drill hole, or on smaller lengths over narrow geological units, for large disseminated or weakly mineralised zones sample lengths may increase to a maximum of two metres. The core is marked with a continuous cutting line along the middle, parallel to the long axis for the purpose of preventing a sampling bias during splitting. Core is cut with a rock saw flushed continually with fresh water and one-half of NQ/HQ core or one-quarter of PQ core is taken for analysis. Reverse circulation (RC) samples are taken on continuous one- or two-metre intervals down each drill hole and collected from a rig-based cone splitter.

Sample dispatches include Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), Field Blanks, Field Duplicates, Crushed Duplicates, and Pulp Duplicates. The CRMs, Field Duplicates, and Field Blanks are randomly inserted during sampling, whereas the Crushed and Pulp Duplicates are inserted at the laboratory. CRMs are certified for gold, copper, molybdenum, and/or rhenium.

Samples are placed in plastic bags, sealed, and collected in large, labelled shipping bags that are secured and sealed with numbered tamper-proof security tags. Samples are shipped to ALS Laboratory Group's Mineral Division at Mount

Isa for preparation. Gold, copper, molybdenum, and rhenium assays, and multi-element geochemical analyses are conducted at ALS Mount Isa, Townsville, and Brisbane laboratories. ALS operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Reference material assay values are tabulated and compared to those from established Round Robin programs. Values outside of pre-set tolerance limits are rejected and samples subject to re-assay. A reference material assay fails when the value is beyond the 3SD limit and any two consecutive assays fail when the values are beyond the 2SD limit on the same side of the mean. A Field Blank fails if the assay is over a pre-set limit.

Inova Resources also regularly performs check assays at an independent third party laboratory, conducts onsite internal QAQC reviews, and laboratory reviews to ensure procedural compliance for maintaining industry standard best practices.

Forward-looking statements

Certain statements made herein, including statements relating to matters that are not historical facts and statements of our beliefs, intentions and expectations about developments, results and events which will or may occur in the future, constitute "forward-looking information" within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation and "forward- looking statements" within the meaning of the "safe harbor" provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking information and statements are typically identified by words such as "anticipate," "could," "should," "expect," "seek," "may," "intend," "likely," "plan," "estimate," "will," "believe" "potential", "likely" and similar expressions suggesting future outcomes or statements regarding an outlook. These include but are not limited to the company's expectations about future copper, molybdenum, gold or uranium exploration results and the potential for increased Mineral Resources or mine life at the Starra 276 or Kulthor mines; and also regarding the potential outcomes from the Merlin Value Engineering Program and / or the Merlin Feasibility Study.

All such forward-looking information and statements are based on certain assumptions and analyses made by Inova Resources' management in light of their experience and perception of historical trends, current conditions and expected future developments, as well as other factors management believes are appropriate in the circumstances. These statements, however, are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking information or statements. The reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking information or statements.

ABN 20 107 689 878

Inova Resources Limited
Registered & Principal Office
+61 3 9090 8800
+61 3 9090 8899 (FAX)
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Ivanhoe Australia Limited

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Ivanhoe Australia is a copper and gold exploration company based in Australia.

Ivanhoe Australia develops copper, gold, molybdenum and rhenium in Australia.

Its main asset in development is MERLIN in Australia and its main exploration property is CLONCURRY/ SWAN - MT ELLIOT in Australia.

Ivanhoe Australia is listed in Australia. Its market capitalisation is AU$ 90.0 millions as of today (US$ 82.1 millions, € 60.5 millions).

Its stock quote reached its highest recent level on December 04, 2009 at AU$ 4.24, and its lowest recent point on June 07, 2013 at AU$ 0.10.

Ivanhoe Australia has 418 410 103 shares outstanding.

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Nominations of Ivanhoe Australia Limited
5/27/2013Chief Executive Officer's Address
1/15/2013Announces Company Secretary Appointment
6/28/2011Appoints Jim Askew as an Independent Non-Executive Director
Financials of Ivanhoe Australia Limited
7/29/2011Quarterly and Cash Flow Report for the Three Months Ending 3...
5/2/2011Quarterly and Cash Flow Report for the Three Months Ending 3...
5/2/2011's Quarterly and Cash Flow Report for the Three Months Endin...
Project news of Ivanhoe Australia Limited
2/24/2011(Cloncurry/ Swan - Mt Elliot)Drilling Continues to Intersect High-Grade Copper and Gold M...
12/8/2008High-Grade Molybdenum and Rhenium Discovery Confirmed by Iva...
Corporate news of Ivanhoe Australia Limited
10/24/2013Inova Resources Limited: Shanxi Donghui Conditional Takeover...
10/17/2013Inova Resources Limited: Shanxi Donghui Receives Chinese NDR...
10/6/2013Inova Resources Limited: Shanxi Donghui Conditional Takeover...
9/27/2013Inova Releases Target's Statement
9/19/2013Inova Resources Limited: Updated Starra 276 Mineral Resource...
9/13/2013Inova Resources Limited: Shanxi Donghui Dispatches Bidder's ...
9/5/2013Inova Resources Limited: Positive Initial Gold Results from ...
8/30/2013Inova Resources Limited: Shanxi Donghui Lodges Bidder's Stat...
8/21/2013Inova Resources Limited: Intended Takeover Offer
7/31/2013Inova Resources Quarterly Report for the Three Months Ending...
7/9/2013Market Update on Inova Resources' Exploration and Drilling P...
6/17/2013Name Changed to Inova Resources Limited
5/22/2013Proposed Company Name Change to Inova Resources Limited
4/23/2013Appoints Highly Experienced Geologist, Mark McGeough, as Gen...
4/11/2013Response to Media Article
3/19/2013Production Successfully Commenced at Starra 276 Underground ...
2/11/2013Revised Share Trading Policy
1/29/2013Pro-Rata Entitlement Issue Shortfall Placement
1/7/2013CORRECTION FROM SOURCE: Ivanhoe Australia Announces New Mana...
10/31/2012Quarterly Report for the Three Months Ending 30 September 20...
9/19/2012Upgrade to Mineral Resource; Over 60% Increase in Contained ...
8/31/2012Sale of Exco Limited Shares
8/23/2012Sale of Exco Resources Limited Shares
8/16/2012Strategic & Business Review Complete
7/30/2012Secures US$50 Million Working Capital Facility
6/26/2012First Phase of Strategic and Business Review
6/15/2012First Shipment of Concentrate From the Osborne Copper-Gold P...
6/8/2012Change of CEO
4/30/2012Significant Drilling Results at Ivanhoe Australia's Kulthor ...
4/12/2012Announces Board Changes
3/8/2012Achieves Producer Status
1/31/2012Accesses Very High Grade Little Wizard Molybdenum & Rhenium ...
1/19/2012Significant High-Grade Copper-Gold Intercepts in Resource De...
1/12/2012Receives $30.1 Million Distribution From Exco Resources' Ass...
10/28/2011Osborne Copper Gold Project on Track to Advance Ivanhoe Aust...
10/13/2011Completes Acquisition of 80% Interest in Exco Joint Venture ...
10/5/2011Foreign Investment Review Board Approval for Ivanhoe Mines t...
9/16/2011to Raise Up to A$150 Million Net Proceeds
4/20/2011Clarifies its Position on Exco Resources Limited's Market Re...
10/30/2009Quarterly Report to 30 September 2009
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