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Annual reports of Archer Exploration Ltd.
ASX Announcement - Annual Report to shareholders
ASX Announcement - Annual Report to shareholders
ASX Announcement - Annual Report to shareholders
Nominations of Archer Exploration Ltd.
6/18/2012ASX Announcement - Appointment of Dr David Lock as Manager M...
8/13/2009Appointment of experienced Chief Executive Officer
Financials of Archer Exploration Ltd.
2/8/2012ASX Announcement - Half Yearly Report and Accounts
Project news of Archer Exploration Ltd.
2/18/2014ASX Announcement - Mineral Resources For Central Campoona Gr...
12/6/2013ASX Announcements - Leigh Creek Magnesite Project, Unlisted ...
11/25/2013ASX Announcements - Appendix 3B and Change of Director`s Int...
11/21/2013ASX Announcement - Archer Exploration Featured On Radio 2GB ...
7/1/2013ASX Announcement - Campoona Land Acquisition
6/19/2013ASX Announcement - Archer Exploration Presentation to Shareh...
5/10/2013ASX Announcement - Settlement of Sugarloaf Land Acquisition
4/29/2013ASX Announcements - Change of Director's Interest Notice and...
4/19/2013ASX Announcement - Acquisition of Strategic Land Holding
4/19/2013Archer Exploration in rare graphite exploration-farming vent...
3/25/2013ASX Announcement - Graphite Project Update March 2013
1/29/2013ASX Announcement - Commencement of Calendar 2013 Drilling Pr...
10/30/2012ASX Announcements - Response to ASX Price Query and Archer E...
8/27/2012ASX Announcement - Outstanding High Grade Graphite Intercept...
8/3/2012ASX Announcement - High Grade Graphite at Campoona
6/28/2012ASX Announcement - Campoona Metallurgy and Drilling Update
6/4/2012ASX Announcement - Investor Presentation Campoona Graphite -...
6/1/2012ASX Announcements - Flake Graphite Recovered at Campoona and...
5/28/2012ASX Announcement - Change of Director's Interest Notice
5/16/2012ASX Announcements - Change of Director's Interest Notice x3 ...
5/1/2012ASX Announcement - Change of Director`s Interest Notice
4/16/2012ASX Announcement - Exceptional Grade Graphite Intercepts Con...
3/23/2012ASX Announcement - Campoona Graphite Deposit - Drilling Upda...
3/15/2012ASX Announcement - Change of Director's Interest Notice
3/9/2012(West Roxby)ASX Announcement - West Roxby Joint Venture Update
2/24/2012ASX Announcement - Drilling Completed On Eyre Peninsula Grap...
9/22/2011ASX Announcement - Continuity of Sugarloaf Graphite Deposit ...
8/31/2011ASX Announcement - Excellent Continuity to the High Grade Ca...
3/21/2011ASX Announcement - Change of Director's Interest Notice
2/18/2011ASX Announcement - Coarse, medium and fine graphite at Sugar...
11/26/2009(Carrappee Hill)gears up for nickel drilling on SA's Eyre Peninsula
11/16/2009(Burra)Update of Ketchowla Manganese Project North Burra
Corporate news of Archer Exploration Ltd.
7/7/2016Change of Director`s Interest Notice x 3
7/1/2016Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
6/27/2016Options Prospectus
6/16/2016Change in substantial holding
6/16/2016Change of Director`s Interest Notice x 2
6/16/2016Final Director`s Interest Notice
6/14/2016Appendix 3B
6/9/2016Share Purchase Plan closes heavily oversubscribed
6/8/2016Resignation of Managing Director - update
5/31/2016Last chance to buy discounted Archer shares
5/24/2016HOA for development of Leigh Creek rail infrastructure
5/19/2016Eyre Peninsula lithium potential
5/17/2016Cleansing Notice - Share Purchase Plan
5/17/2016Share Purchase Plan and Application Form
1/13/2014ASX Announcements - Quarterly Activities Report and Quarter...
12/31/2013ASX Announcement - Unlisted Share Options Lapse
12/20/2013ASX Announcement - Appendix 3B
11/27/2013ASX Announcement - Presentation to Mining South Australia Co...
11/25/2013ASX Announcement - Presentation to New York Graphite & Graph...
11/19/2013ASX Announcement - Graphene Readily Extracted From Campoona ...
10/31/2013ASX Announcement - Results of Meeting
10/31/2013ASX Announcement - Annual General Meeting Presentation
10/29/2013ASX Announcements - Quarterly Activities Report and Quarterl...
10/9/2013ASX Announcement - Investor Presentation
9/27/2013ASX Announcement - Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Fo...
8/21/2013ASX Announcement - Managing Director Contract Extension
8/15/2013ASX Announcement - Audio Broadcast with Gerard Anderson on C...
8/9/2013ASX Announcement - Exceptional Bulk Flotation Results For Ca...
6/26/2013ASX Announcement - Presentation Australia Future Metals Corp...
5/24/2013ASX Announcement - High Grade Graphite at Campoona Central B...
4/22/2013ASX Announcements - Quarterly Activities Report and Quarterl...
4/16/2013ASX Announcement - Presentation to Cleve Council 16th April ...
3/13/2013ASX Announcement - Audio Broadcast with Gerard Anderson
1/17/2013ASX Announcements - Quarterly Activities Report and Quarterl...
1/7/2013ASX Announcement -Appendix 3B
11/12/2012ASX Announcement - Broker Presentation - Positioned for Grow...
10/31/2012ASX Announcement - Appendix 3B
10/26/2012ASX Announcement - Results of Meeting
10/26/2012ASX Announcements - AGM 2012 Chairman's Address and AGM 2012...
10/24/2012ASX Announcements - Quarterly Activities Report and Quarterl...
10/12/2012ASX Announcement - Lonsdale Metallurgical Facility
10/10/2012ASX Announcement - Sugarloaf Graphite Metallurgical Diamond ...
10/9/2012ASX Announcement - Final Campoona Shaft Metallurgical Drill ...
9/25/2012ASX Announcement - Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Fo...
9/20/2012ASX Announcement - Campoona Baseline Environmental Studies A...
8/29/2012ASX Announcement - Free Gold Recorded at Bartel Epithermal P...
8/10/2012ASX Announcement - Presentation to the District Council of C...
7/25/2012ASX Announcement - Clarifying Statements for the Quarterly A...
7/18/2012ASX Announcement - Audio Broadcast with Gerard Anderson
7/17/2012ASX Announcement - Campoona Resource Drilling Update
7/2/2012ASX Announcements - Appendix 3B, Unlisted Employee Options L...
6/27/2012ASX Announcement - Commencement of Geophysical Survey
6/22/2012(West Roxby)ASX Announcement - West Roxby Tenement Sale Completed
5/25/2012ASX Announcements - Resignation of Hon John Dawkins and Pete...
5/25/2012ASX Announcement - Ceasing to be a substantial holder from H...
5/24/2012ASX Announcement - Resource Drilling Recommences at Campoona...
5/16/2012ASX Announcement - Appendix 3B
5/14/2012ASX Announcement - Share Purchase Plan Allotment and Return ...
5/4/2012ASX Announcement - Further Graphite Intervals at Campoona
5/4/2012ASX Announcement - Share Purchase Plan Closed Early and Over...
5/1/2012ASX Announcement - Change in substantial holding from HRS
4/30/2012ASX Announcement - SAREIC Conference Presentation- Graphite ...
4/30/2012(West Roxby)ASX Announcement - Archer Sells West Roxby Area Tenements
4/5/2012ASX Announcements - Share Purchase Plan and Application Form...
4/2/2012ASX Announcements - Share Placement and SPP Update, Appendix...
3/29/2012Analyst's Report
3/29/2012ASX Announcement - Share Placement and SPP to Raise Up to $4...
3/27/2012ASX Announcement - Trading Halt
3/15/2012ASX Announcements - Resource Drilling Commenced at Campoona ...
3/13/2012ASX Announcement - Outstanding Graphite Grades at Campoona
3/8/2012ASX Announcement - New Gold System Identified at Bartel on E...
1/27/2012ASX Announcements - Quarterly Activities Report and Quarterl...
12/28/2011(West Roxby)ASX Announcement - Heads of Agreement Covering Archer's West...
12/6/2011ASX Announcement - Presentation to the London Graphite Confe...
11/25/2011ASX Announcement - Results of Meeting
11/25/2011ASX Announcements - Chairman's Address to 2011 AGM and Manag...
10/25/2011ASX Announcement - Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Fo...
9/9/2011ASX Announcement - New results show Cleve area as an emergin...
9/1/2011ASX Announcement - Presentation to AIMEX Mining Mission to A...
7/11/2011ASX Announcement - Exceptional Coarse Flake Graphite
7/6/2011ASX Announcements - Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice
7/4/2011ASX Announcement - Share Placement
6/21/2011ASX Announcement - Coarse Graphite on Wildhorse Plains
6/9/2011ASX Announcement - Manganese upgrade results from Salt Creek
5/31/2011ASX Announcement - Sugarloaf - fine crystalline flake graphi...
5/13/2011ASX Announcement - Manganese assay results from recent drill...
5/9/2011ASX Announcement - Broad Copper Anomalism Identified at Emu ...
5/5/2011ASX Announcement - Exploration Target Upgrade at Sugarloaf G...
5/3/2011ASX Announcement - SAREIC Conference Presentation 3 May 2011
5/2/2011ASX Announcement - Significant wide intervals of graphite dr...
4/28/2011ASX Announcements - Quarterly Activities Report and Quarterl...
4/17/2011ASX Announcement - Drilling completed on Eyre Peninsula targ...
3/17/2011ASX Announcement - Drilling has started on priority Eyre Pen...
3/8/2011ASX Announcement - Presentation 20 20 Investor Series
2/22/2011ASX Announcement - Substantial gravity anomaly
2/16/2011ASX Announcement - Half Yearly Report and Accounts
4/12/2010meeting requested on new director
3/22/2010Presentation - Archer's manganese, uranium, metals explorati...
3/15/2010extends manganese, iron footprint on SA's Eyre Peninsula
1/12/2010confirms manganese, nickel drill starts in SA
1/28/2009Quarterly Activities Report
8/20/2008Eyre Peninsula copper gold discoveries for Archer
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