Health Ranger: The ONE THING That Could Finally Collapse Big Pharma FOR GOOD

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Published : January 06th, 2018
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According to Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, there’s one thing that could collapse big pharma and end their reign of terror on the American people, and it may have already begun.

The day is going to come when the pharmaceutical model will collapse. And that day will probably coincide with the day that the debt based model of global debt and governments with central banks printing fiat currency to fund all of their debt obligations…that day, that’s all going to come to an end as well,” said Mike Adams

Adams, who runs the YouTube channel “The Health Ranger” believes that the overwhelming cost of drugs that simply don’t work will eventually be the cause of big pharma’s major collapse. “Big pharma is a massive influential monopoly drug cartel. They own Congress, basically,” said Adams.  Which means their collapse can only happen if people begin to research and follow the money trail.

Big pharma owns and controls not only the media but science and medical journals too making it appear that their products are not only necessary but safe.  They also own the doctors, meaning big pharma pays doctors money to prescribe or administer their drugs. But there’s some silver lining.

What they can’t change is the fact that any reasonable common-sense person can see for themselves that big pharma’s toxic chemical products do not work. In other words, if you know some body who’s on ten medications and you look at them…are they healthy? Are they healthier than before they took the ten medications? The answer is no. They are probably the least healthy person imaginable.

There are a few cases in which pharmaceuticals do work for certain individuals, but for the vast majority of human beings, toxic chemicals entering the bloodstream has the opposite effect, but it creates a customer for big pharma. “They cannot erase this obvious fact from the minds of people. People know when they are on the drugs they feel sicker when they get off the drugs they feel better,” Adams says. Once people begin to realize that that big pharma only wants to sell more drugs for more money, and the drugs they peddle don’t work, they will begin to question the high cost they pay for that toxicity too.

Adams says when pharmaceutical medicine becomes unaffordable humans are smart enough to turn to exercise, sunlight, and foods for the answers previously sought in the form of a pill. “The day is coming,” Adams says. “Remember, when the government goes bankrupt, big pharma goes bankrupt too…because the pharmaceutical industry’s largest customer is the government.” Adams explains that the government pays for the drugs through Medicare or other subsidized government programs that cover the cost of medication making them big pharma’s largest customer.  If patients themselves had to foot the bill themselves for the toxic drugs they ingest that just don’t work, big pharma would have already collapsed.

The day is coming.

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