How to Hide Your Gold and Silver

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From the Archives : Originally published November 08th, 2013
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How to Hide Your Gold and Silver

For gold and silver bullion buyers, the question arises of where to take delivery of and safeguard your precious metals. 

Taking physical delivery of your gold or silver is often the most rewarding part of the purchasing experience, as it gives you, the bullion investor, a fuller understanding of the real value of tangible monetary assets.

As one of the industry's leading bullion dealers, we at pride ourselves on investing and buying bullion right alongside our customers.  

Like many of our bullion customers, we typically choose to take physcial delivery first and then secondly store additional purchases of gold and silver at one of the many segregated gold vault and silver storage locations we offer.  

Because we are such proponents of taking physical delivery first, we have compiled a few creative storage solutions based on voluntary, anonymous, customer feedback.

Before we can begin� we are obliged by our legal department to state the following to you: does not recommend or endorse any of the listed storage solutions in this report.

The following are only examples of storage ideas aimed to spark the creativity within our customers and expose the nearly limitless array of options available.  

Finally ( and we never thought we would have to say this ) common sense demands that sensible bullion investors refrain from posting their stashes or storage locations on Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media websites. 

The safest bullion investment stashes are those which are well diversified in location, disclosed to as few people as possible, and unknown to one's circle of acquaintances or strangers.

As a bullion investor, whether you have purchased government-minted bullion coins or bullion bars, your metal�s value is mostly dependent on its intrinsic value, not aesthetic properties. 

However, regardless of your choosen storage selection, certain precautions should be taken to account for gold�s malleability and silver�s tendency to tarnish.  

Protective layers, cases, tubes, linings, etc., may help prevent structural damage or oxidation and are always practical for keeping your metals in good condition for if and when you choose to sell them.

OK, now that we have the formalities out of the way� let us share with you some creative options and ideas for hiding your gold and silver bullion.

 Cold Gold :  The Freezer

Regardless of whether you own or rent, the freezer is an indispensable appliance found virtually in all homes, apartments, etc.  The accessibility and convenience of this option is excellent, as it does not require any structural modification to your living space.  Food items such as turkey, chicken, ice cream containers, etc., can be carefully stuffed with your valuables, effectively fireproofing them in the process.  The temperature itself will have preservative effects.  Space is a limitation here, but because freezers are rarely robbery targets, they can serve as a discrete secondary storage option. 

Valuable "Rocks"

Camouflaging your storage site into the local topography is a time-tested solution.  Rocks typically do not draw much attention and can fit into a variety of landscapes.  Artificial rocks with hollow storage cavities can be purchased online through a simple internet search.  Search results will feature a wealth of shapes, sizes, and colors, ranging in capacity to accommodate a few dozen to several hundred ounces.  This solution is essentially fireproof and can be extremely labor intensive in the event of theft.

 Silver Soil: Gardening Pots

The density and weight of larger gardening pots can make them ideal for storing larger quantities of precious metals.  Their bases can be altered to feature a spacious non-visible compartment within.  Larger pots can weigh several hundred pounds and require skill to successfully penetrate, reducing the probability of theft.  The layer of soil acts as a protective fireproof barrier.  A larger base can work well for several dozen coin tubes or even bars.  Remember to always waterproof your metals before storing.

Prized Pipes

Pipes are both abundant and distributed throughout most homes.  A gas or water pipe which is no longer in use is ideal.  Caps can be added to the ends of pipes to hold additional metals.  Coins can easily be hidden either within a non-functional pipe or within a pipe cap you may easily purchase. Pipe storage also is a theft deterrent because of the unlikelihood that a time-constrained intruder will have time to scan your entire plumbing or gas pipelines system.  

Golden Flames: The Fireplace

Incorporating your storage site into a living space is one of the best solutions for concealing your stash. Rooms associated with leisure are often the last location a culprit would search. This solution may require some masonry work in creating a compartment within the base or along the walls of the fireplace. The compartment can be customized to meet your storage needs.  Once finished, seal the compartment, and you now have a sturdy, fireproof storage solution. 

Precious Pets :  Pet Beds or Cat Litter Boxes 

Dog beds and cat litter boxes offer ideal spaces for concealment, typically having embedded in them several layers which can provide ample space for storage.  The only limitation to this option are the depth and width of the litter box or pet bed.   Ensure the storage container is reinforced for protection against your own pet and that the box or bed is reassembled properly.  The scent and appearance of the storage site will limit the attention any burglar gives to the area.

Wooden Logs

Integrating your metals into the natural topography of  local landmarks is a time-proven concealment alternative. Those living in rural or mountainous areas where stockpiles of firewood are the norm can find a storage site within some of the larger logs in their stack. A large log can be drilled to create a customized hollow in its interior.    

Treasure Map

If using multiple sites,  create a treasure map with clear instructions for accessing your metals in the event of an emergency or if you need to disclose your storage locations to a loved one.

Final Thoughts on How to Hide Your Gold Silver

Almost any storage solution can be customized to meet your unique security and living configurations.  

As with any investment choice, diversification of risk is an important part of the process.  Using multiple locations will not only mitigate your risk but alos give you peace of mind.  Do not limit yourself to your own dwelling; there is a limitless array of options in the outdoors.  

Your own creativity is the only limitation in finding the ideal storage solution(s).  Flexibility is critical, and most importantly, use diversification of location to safeguard your metals against the most probable and improbable scenarios.

This concludes our report on some potential ideas for hiding gold and silver.  We wish you safe and secure stashing of your gold and silver treasures.

PS - We will leave you with a few potential, bonus brainstorming ideas for storing gold and silver coins and bars.  


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If someone shoves a shottie in your face you will tell them where your stash is.
Some of these recommendations seem at least somewhat sound, at first blush, but for the most part I would either not recommend them or hasten to add that a couple of the better ideas are real "projects" that would not likely be easily completed by most homeowners. Others I think are a bit foolish.

We commented extensively at our blog:


P.S. - We do HIGHLY recommend the "hidden secrets of money" video series from Mike/
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No shameless promotion of ones own services in that post, no sir.
Rate :   5  1Rating :   4
Thanks for being a dumbass Mike. Any half whit criminal cruising these pages that didn't already know these little tidbits now does.

Well done jackass, you've scored yourself major points with anyone nervous about keeping gold and silver in hand and possibly made them feel like they should purchase your storage services. So much for your whole image of serving the people, just as long as you keep raking in the fiat bucks nothing else matters does it Mikey.

Congrats on achieving the new status of a low life dipshit Mike.
Rate :   5  3Rating :   2

Aww did he give away your stashing spot?

Roman soldiers used to bury their money in the ground too... I guess some of us haven't advanced much in the past 2000 years.
Rate :   1  7Rating :   -6
Not sure if your just playing the part of an idiot celebrating stupidity or if your an idiot seriously celebrating stupidity.

As for advancing, "stashing spot". Really? Fourth grade English must have been terrible for you, especially the third time around.

Did he give away where you stash your stuff?
Did he give away your hiding spot?
But never stashing spot.

If you feel the need to educate the morons in society who believe it's better to steal than to work then all that might be said for people like you is you deserve to have these fine upstanding members of some gang swing by your place on the way to hold up a 711.

Try to keep up will you dom?
Rate :   6  2Rating :   4
He's come out swinging like a true intellectual!

I'm glad you understood. Low level English can be useful when speaking to abusive fools like yourself.

btw I advocate productive work and reward, not sitting on a bit of gold betting for the world to end... and certainly not stealing.

Your mind is quick to jump to thoughts of theft and violence (seemingly from nowhere) and yet you clearly seek to position yourself as my intellectual and moral superior.

Put the beer down, turn off the TV and get a job.

Rate :   1  8Rating :   -7
Lets see, you come in here and take a cheap shot at me then accuse me of being a fool when I respond to you? You may be on to something as wasting time on you seems to be a fruitless activity. Any liberal would be proud of you.

"btw I advocate productive work and reward, not sitting on a bit of gold betting for the world to end... and certainly not stealing." Hold on Shirley. Aren't you the fool who couldn't take the heat of hanging on to PM's awhile back and ended up tossing a bunch of silver into the ocean instead of selling it and making use of the money? And you come in here calling me a fool? Did the concept of hanging on to PM's as a store of wealth to be sold at a later date when they are needed rather than hanging on to ass wipe that depreciates every day go so far over your head that all you saw was a vapor trail?

I do not have to seek to position myself as your intellectual and moral superior, although obviously I am on both counts. If your stupid enough to toss PM's into the ocean because you cant handle the stress of owning them rather than selling, taking the cash and paying for your kids college tuition or maybe giving the money to a charity (I recall someone taking you to task for this) then yes, I am superior to you as far as intellect and morals.

If you are not able to discern why I pointed my anger at the author of this piece of crap then maybe, due to your being rather slow, I should make an attempt to better explain it but I wont as I see no ability on your end to comprehend anything I have to say.

"Your mind is quick to jump to thoughts of theft and violence (seemingly from nowhere)" You really are an idiot aren't you. The article was about where to hide your PM's so they wouldn't be taken by some asshole thief breaking into your house. Yet there you are accusing me of thoughts of theft and violence. Do your family a favor, stop posting and embarrassing them.

And please, don't tell me to put down my beer and get a job, I'm already paying for bums like you through social assistance programs to buy beer and watch reality shows rather than being a productive human.
Rate :   6  3Rating :   3
Still haven't got a job yet?

The article incidentally, was talking about hiding gold from thieves, not killers. There is a difference (though maybe not in the USA).

You don't pay a damn cent for me you plebeian. I've payed good tax every year of my working life and never been on any kind of benefit. Oh, and don't live in your dying try-hard empire of a nation (thank you very much).
Rate :   1  5Rating :   -4
I find it amusing that Americans seek to explain English to others in the world. You have bastardized the language and asserted simplified spellings on thousands of words to assist your moronic population in passing a basic education test. In doing so removing much of the cultural and historical value behind the words.

With such a track record, Americans have neither the right nor the ability to question how language is used by other English speaking countries, especially when they are slang terms.

The language is *English* i.e. from those that you fought so valiantly to remove from your nation many years ago. Nobody thought to distance themselves at that point and come up with something original? Dozens, if not hundreds of tiny "nobody" nations around the world can boast their own distinct language (and hence culture).

Americans suffice with a few tweaks to the language of their oppressors, and their culture is nothing more than the same.
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Instead of taking a swing at someone who is clearly above your level why don't you go throw the keys to your car into the ocean, smash up all you furniture, burn whatever cash you have, and punch holes in your walls. Then you would be making a dramatic statement, letting everyone know that you object to the manipulation that takes place in all markets, not just PM's.

Thanks to posts like yours the average IQ in this forum keeps being pushed down.
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