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>The Myth of the Gold Supply Deficit  - Robert Blumen - 24hgold
Let someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but above "governors" can, if they wish, create unlimited quantity of short positions on LBMA and COMEX, with 1% penalty for non-delivery on three months basis. They are already trading with 41 t daily in paper. When they are supported by FED, and can come up with any ammount of US$ to cover those penalties, the price of gold generated on COMEX and LBMA can be anything. If they decide it can be $1, as long as there are individuals, companies and reserve banks willing to sell physical gold at those prices. As far as I'm concerned, and I believe I'm not the only one, I thank them for the oportunity to rob the bank as long as I can get physical for confetti at these prices. I just hope they can push it further down so that I can get even more.

3982 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Analyses based on annual supply and demand of gold appear on a daily basis, whether posted to gold web sites or in the financial media, many of them by the most respected analysts of gold mining shares. These articles typically show an imbalance between supply and demand, suggesting that there is a gold supply deficit. From there, the conclusion follows that a much higher gold price is required in order to bring supply and demand into balance... Read More
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