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>Premature Obituaries  - Antal E. FEKETE - 
Agree completely with Platinoid here.

For some reason i prefer the more measured and considered articles by Fekete over those by Willie, although both are interesting and hint at a financial collapse.
Inflation vs deflation..find out soon enough.
Gold...should be on everyones' shopping list but isn't.
Ron Paul seems the only politician advocating the USA constitution re Gold.

4419 days ago
Beginning of the headline :It is open season for wild monetary prognostications. More premature obituaries on the dollar have been posted on the Internet. For example, see Jim Willie’s The US Dollar Paper Tiger (Gold-Eagle, January 11) with epitaphs like "the U.S. dollar rising to the cemetery", or "dollar death dance". Or see another article, Jeff Nielsen’s entitled Maximum Fraud in U... Read More
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