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>Gold Bullion  - Mark O'Byrne -
Many people do not know that often times in the history gold price has also surged in the deflationary times and it does not necessarily take inflation to take gold prices higher. In the deflation, when the price of everything drops (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc), people do not know any longer where to put their money - thus they buy gold and therefore the price increases.

3721 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Gold bullion is a bulk form of the precious metal used for trading on commodity markets. Gold bullion is usually cast into ingots or coins.  Gold bullion, a form of gold used to make trading easy, gets its value from the relative rarity of the metal itself. Value of gold bullion is further determined by the mass and purity of the coin or ingot. Most gold bullion is issued at 99.9% purity, although some goes up to 99.999% purity. Bullion is graded by "Troy ounce" which defines the weight of gold... Read More
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