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>Muslim terrorism, the left and the Sydney ...  - Gerard Jackson - 
I'm actually sorry I read this article. I'm an Australian and watched this terrible event unfold live. Everybody knew he was a Muslim, since he was forcing his hostages to hold up a flag stating that Allah and Mohammad are the only ones worth praying to. Your prejudiced rhetoric doesn't belong on our shores, and it most certainly won't be tolerated by any true Australian. Oz is a nation of tolerance and friendship, albeit one that still has a lot of work to do.

If this man wasn't a Muslim it would have been described as a hostage situation. Only because he was of Muslim faith is anybody calling this a terrorist act. I'd say that every hostage situation is a terrorist act since the people involved would be terrified. I can think of about 10 "hostage situations" from this year, one in which the police basically shut down half of an entire suburb to arrest a person called "Badness". This wasn't described as terrorism, even though he had hostages and a lot more guns and a worse criminal record than the maniac from yesterday.

I saw the Grand Mufti condemn this action, as well as scores of Muslims say it was a despicable act of a maniac, so you should correct your assumptions that write as fact.

The act of blaming a whole group for the actions of one is discriminatory, and the act itself shows how small minded and intolerant you are. You should be ashamed of what you wrote. Perhaps you should find asylum somewhere too, as you attitude isn't welcome.

I'm a proud white non-religious Australian and friend to all who live in this fabulous country, except you.

To all Muslims having to put up with this sort of rubbish, #illridewithyou

3363 days ago
Beginning of the headline :A Muslim fanatic walked into Sydney café, pulled out a gun and took the customers and staff hostage. Two of the hostages were killed, one while heroically tackling the terrorist, and several wounded. The reaction of the terrorist-sympathising left was to go into protection mode for Muslims. The insufferable Age was able to produce a so-called report on the terrorist without mentioning the relevant fact that he is a Muslim. It did, however, call him a “self-described cleric”. Now an Age reader wo... Read More
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