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>Muslim terrorism, the left and the Sydney ...  - Gerard Jackson - 
Does anyone still wonder why is Australia hotbed for second generation Muslim migrant radicalization? Does anyone still need an explanation on why Australia, with less than 10% of US population, contributed more "fighters" to IS cause? All the backwater, middle-class-but-worse-than-bogan, nitwit, racist, walking-inferiority-complex simpletons (and current PM is one of them too), instead of plowing the fields and being productive, are given the opportunity to spend their time and other people's hard earned money, into producing foul smelling narratives describing their painfully limited understanding of what is happening around them. I wonder, when someone comes at you in this shape and form, only because of one aspect of who you are, just like Hitler and his buddies through the history did, how come there are not more unbalanced individuals triggered.

3361 days ago
Beginning of the headline :A Muslim fanatic walked into Sydney café, pulled out a gun and took the customers and staff hostage. Two of the hostages were killed, one while heroically tackling the terrorist, and several wounded. The reaction of the terrorist-sympathising left was to go into protection mode for Muslims. The insufferable Age was able to produce a so-called report on the terrorist without mentioning the relevant fact that he is a Muslim. It did, however, call him a “self-described cleric”. Now an Age reader wo... Read More
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