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>Muslim terrorism, the left and the Sydney ...  - Gerard Jackson - 
All please understand this person was a Muslim,that was his believe! His character was that of a criminal as was shown by his action on the day and previously.He was just hiding behind the Muslim faith for his own benefit and gain, he was looking at a long jail term for charges pending and I assume his action on the day were to try and gain some advantage of the justice system to his benefit.

Of more concern is that raids have taken place in the last 24 hours that related to the plan public murder of people in Martin Place and yes it's by people of the Muslim faith.

I believe that these people and the families should be deported at the time of finding the guilty, you ask why there families because they would know of the plan to carry this out. It sends a message a very strong message that would no have to be repeated to many times.

It's time for Australia to realise that these people don't intergrate and before you say that's not true look at every country they have been granted and welcome to live in. They all have major problems mainly from the fact these people are not tolerant and expect people to change and accomodate them and their believes, while the rights and believes of the people of these countries are under attack each and every day.

I have Muslim friend and it amazes me they never speak out against these acts or they never reported by the Muslim themselves.

I fear for the future of Australia and the world as a whole is the real Muslim don't stand up to the fanatics of their believe.

Please before you critisize me look at go look a the problems in all countries who have embrace these people, look at how the country and people have to change to accomodate them and look at the humane and finical cost to these countries.

Final look how they treat there own, that's each other and their females.

I'm sorry to say it but it would be a better world separated into Muslims and Other Believes, for those who are actual prepare to live along side and be tolorrent to others.

In closing I believe in a persons right to there believes and would be the first to defend their right to them, the question is should it be at the cost of your own and your countries.

Be Safe
Be Happy

3360 days ago
Beginning of the headline :A Muslim fanatic walked into Sydney café, pulled out a gun and took the customers and staff hostage. Two of the hostages were killed, one while heroically tackling the terrorist, and several wounded. The reaction of the terrorist-sympathising left was to go into protection mode for Muslims. The insufferable Age was able to produce a so-called report on the terrorist without mentioning the relevant fact that he is a Muslim. It did, however, call him a “self-described cleric”. Now an Age reader wo... Read More
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