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>P.A.G.E. Squashed : and now for something completely different…  - Ned Naylor-Leyland - 
Ned, Like many I have lived much of my life trapped in the left right political paradigm. The illusion of choice. Sadly my cynicism now views the currency money paradigm in a similar light. Is there a disticnction between currency and money? How can there be if an endless amount of currency can be contrived. The market sells its annual net silver production in 30 minutes? The shorts always covered by discounted fiat. Pursuing silver based upon fundamentals is like voting for Republicans and expecting change. Oil is the real currency of the world. It controls all governments. The trillions of dollars spent on humanitarian war are nothing more than a cheap trade of American military lives and tax payer dollars to fund the Global expansion of the oil oligarchs. They control the left, the right, currency and money. And they will stop at nothing to meet their objectives. The Iran nuclear debate is nothing more than the story line for control of Iranian oil, to the detriment of all unaligned countries and currencies. China is about as likely to let that happen as the oligarchs allowing you to undermine their influence with some form of market outside of their control. Based where? In China did you say? The Achilles heel that many look to for salvation is booby trapped with a world war. Insanity must precede sanity if the later is to have definition. And we live in an insane world.

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Beginning of the headline :Last year at the GATA Goldrush 2011 conference I presented about the Pan Asia Gold Exchange (PAGE) and the likelihood of the ‘Spot Dog’ shaking off its ‘futures handlers’. This was to happen thanks to this new game-changing Chinese Exchange driving a return to a more acceptable form of price discovery... Read More
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