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 Nick Barisheff - Bullion Management Services
Gold versus Gold Miners
Deceptive. You can't compare gold to a basket like 'miners,' because that's a metric with too many variables. Most are negative, so yeah, if you buy miners randomly, you'll get pissed on. Or if you tap the indexes - HUI, GDX. But, hey, I bought a little company called SLW (yeah, it's silver) in 2008 at $6.50
Sold at $42 a few years later.

I wish I had bought AG at $2.80 6 months back, cause now it's...
5/5/2016 at 9:24 PMPermalink -
Lithium War Heats Up After Epic Launch Of Tesla Model 3
Oops - lithium is NOT an energy source in competition with petroleum. Who can't understand the difference between Oil - which has inherent power in it and lithium - which needs power added to store that power? Anyalyst is idiot - this is SO basic and simple. In order to put power into the lithium, we still need to get it from somewhere else - oil and coal.
5/5/2016 at 9:06 PMPermalink
 Clive Maund
Why The PM Sector Is Now A Contrarians Dream  (3)
I do not agree with this article. TPTB have pushed down metals so hard that most miners are debt laden to the point of exhaustion. Sure, a few will win in any runup, but not many. Most are poorly managed and cash-poor with few funding choices. It is just too late, absent a huge (like 70%) rally in metals - ain't gonna happen soon. A lot of these miners are going to have a chapter 11. Then their stock price goes ...
8/17/2015 at 9:02 PMPermalink
 Graham Summer - Gains Pains & Capital
The Single Most Important Chart of the Last Century
Maybe, but a bit simplistic. I think there are other forces at play here.
6/18/2015 at 3:04 PMPermalink
 John Rubino - Dollar Collapse
First ZIRP, Now NIRP!  (2)
Industries which have been considered to be the safest places to place money are now being forced into becoming quasi hedge funds to achieve yield.

Minsky's instability hypothesis in a nutshell.
2/24/2015 at 5:14 PMPermalink
 Michael Kilbach - Investment Score
Silver Price Extremes!  (1) - a very interesting analysis of how to position yourself for a possible rise over the next couple of years.
11/10/2014 at 1:58 AMPermalink
 Jeffrey Lewis
The Silver Mining Cartel  (7)
I hope they don't target First Majestic for sacrifice.
11/10/2014 at 1:53 AMPermalink
 Michael S. Rozeff - Lew Rockwell
The War on Terror  (4)
Umm - Is this guy unaware that 9/11 was done by the USGOV and whoever helped them?
The War on Terror was designed to create more and more REAL terrorists to justify endless military intervention abroad and police state at home.
It was a spectacular success. You just have to be honest about the real agenda.
11/10/2014 at 1:02 AMPermalink
 Hugo Salinas Price -
How the Dollar Will Die  (3)
Good, but basic.
See for a more detailed explanation of this problem and how it will come about.
9/6/2014 at 2:39 PMPermalink
 James Howard Kunstler
Heads, You Lose  (22)
Don't forget, Jim - 911 was absolutely NOT an inside job. Must have been crazy terrorists.
Only an insane person who researches actual facts would ever believe otherwise.
6/21/2014 at 12:55 PMPermalink
 Pete Kofod - Casey Resarch
What’s Wrong with Modern Libertarians  (3)
I agree with most of this article. I have Libertarian leanings, but find myself a bit disgusted by the insistence on Free Market Ideology as the Saving Grace of humanity. Capitalism is not a panacea for all human ills. It is, in fact, the cause of much of our troubles.
3/5/2014 at 2:42 PMPermalink
 Jeff Clark - Casey Research
Doug Casey: “Gold Stocks Are About to Create a Whole New Class of Millionaires”  (9)
Porter Stansberry is one of the presenters?
He's a fraudster, convicted. Google it. Totally destroys your credibility.
1/30/2014 at 2:11 PMPermalink
 Dan Popescu -
Gold Wars  (5)
Very thorough treatment of this issue in the book Gold Wars: Battle for the Global Economy by K. Mitchell on Amazon.
1/23/2014 at 4:56 PMPermalink
 Eric de Carbonnel - Market Skeptics
Gold Wars  (8)

There's a book that talks about this in great detail - Gold Wars. See or search it on Amazon.
11/21/2013 at 5:46 PMPermalink
 Bron Suchecki - Perth Mint
Delusions so obvious  (7)
This guy looks like the biggest nerd in school.
Paper-based shill for a corrupt system. Yah! Kid Dynamite has your back.
I like how 'obvious' is a bad word. It has to be too complicated for us ordinary schmucks.
CB printing causing long-term gold rise? Weeell, sort of, but you see, you have to factor in the long-term rate of replenishment for a commodities based cycle with exigent manifestation - Co...
5/27/2013 at 10:08 PM  2  2  Rating :  0 Permalink
 James Howard Kunstler
Aftershocks  (19)
"If the FBI can track down two homicidal Chechen nobodies inside of forty-eight hours of their Boston bombing caper, you kind of wonder how come the Bureau can't detect the odor of racketeering, insider trading, and wire fraud in this month's orchestrated smackdown of the gold futures markets," JHK says.

If JHK can detect the fraud in the metals markets, you kind of wonder why he can't tell a controlled...
4/25/2013 at 4:20 PM  4  2  Rating :  2 Permalink
 Adam Hamilton - Zealllc
Gold Panic!!  (4)
Hamilton is an ass-hat who seems never to have even heard the word 'manipulation.'
DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM!! He knows nothing.

4/22/2013 at 3:57 PM  1  0  Rating :  1 Permalink
 Nelson Hultberg -
The Anti-Ideology Syndrome  (4)
straw man BS Nelson. Why does the monied establishment have an anti-liberal ideology?
4/6/2013 at 1:13 PM  1  0  Rating :  1 Permalink
 James Howard Kunstler
State of the Union  (16)
I checked this link from a poster -
It's a creationism website. Sorry, I'm open-minded and I know science is corrupted by TPTB, but creationism is LOL nonsense.
Lots of fun, but I'm certainly not going to give scientific credibility to creationism. It's ridiculous.
2/13/2013 at 8:20 PM  2  6  Rating :  -4 1 AnswerPermalink
 Steve Saville - Speculative Investor
Buffett and everything else versus gold  (2)
Gold is still cheap. Believe it.
6/21/2012 at 1:01 PMPermalink
 Gary Tanashian - Biwii
A Byproduct of the Twist Gold Manipulation  (2)
'The indisputable message of this chart is that gold generally goes in alignment with the 30 year/2 year yield spread.'

I dispute it - that correlation didn't look that tight to me. Except for the bounces, where the tops tagged together. The rest was pretty weak. good luck with it, though.

6/15/2012 at 11:48 AMPermalink
 Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Capital
What is Money  (10)
It's an article of faith that the 'free market' is the best system possible. It's completely unprovable. You should read 23 things about capitalism you never heard (or some title like that). Anything called a 'free market' is an illusion. It's merely a market where those who receive the favors do not perceive the rules.
How could you have a global system of exchange without some controls about flow and creat...
6/15/2012 at 11:37 AM  2  0  Rating :  2 Permalink
 Tom DiLorenzo
The Watermelon Summit  (15)
'He is not a socialist ideologue hell-bent on destroying capitalism.'
No - he's a capitalist ideologue hell-bent on destroying socialism. And socialism - when the government does ANYTHING for the public good - is a bad thing. But the government only does things for public good or for its own power - either one is bad in the libertarian sense. Having an army defend the borders is socialism - it draws from the...
6/15/2012 at 11:26 AM  7  1  Rating :  6 Permalink
Blondie's View  (5)
More grandiose self-aggrandizement from the enigmatic and long-winded fofoa.
He understands gold - you don't. He'll prove it by saying things you don't understand, things that sound interesting, that have some kind of meaning, but WHAT? My god, he's so much savvier than the other dumb analysts, his cryptic whispers about gold, his anonymity, his anonymous friends. It's all so great to try to unravel. But wha...
6/15/2012 at 11:19 AM  2  0  Rating :  2 Permalink
 Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Capital
What is Money  (10)
Yay! Hooray for money. It's perfect. Money only leads to good.

Schiff never questions his free market capitalism dogma. Every system has problems, capitalism included. Every human construct has failings, including the 'free market.' It is not perfect.
6/14/2012 at 11:57 AM  1  1  Rating :  0 1 AnswerPermalink
 Chris Powell
Jim Rickards: U.S. can't audit gold without revealing its importance and the tricks played with it  (4)
Rickards = Shill for 1 world currency.
6/7/2012 at 3:46 PMPermalink
 James Howard Kunstler
As If Nothing Matters  (23)
Gotta love Kunt-stler.
He notes again and again groups of people secretly planning, conducting and getting away with mass illegality - yet there is no such thing as conspiracies!
(Hint: check the definition of the word, James.)

4/25/2012 at 11:27 AM  3  5  Rating :  -2 Permalink
 Charleston Voice
153 resignations from world banks and counting…  (1)
This doesn't mean anything unless it is compared to the rate of resignation during other periods. Of course people resign - so what? Without a baseline for comparison, we don't know if resignations have even declined during this period.
3/11/2012 at 8:00 PM  2  0  Rating :  2 Permalink
 Dan Dontrose - The fundamental View
Gold And Silver Smashed…Nobody Really Knows What Lies Ahead  (13)
No evidence?
What about the dumping of 1mn oz of gold and 10,000 contracts of silver within a few minutes?
That is evidence, even if not conclusive.
I find it aggravating when commentors bluntly state that the 'conspiracists' offer charges without evidence. They simply ignore the evidence presented.

3/2/2012 at 12:23 AM  8  1  Rating :  7 Permalink
 Toby Connor - Gold Scents
Dangerous Times Ahead  (7)
interesting, but failed premise. Technical analysis does not hold for long-term prediction, especially in a heavily manipulated market.
Go back to school.
2/7/2012 at 2:21 AM  1  1  Rating :  0 Permalink
 Larry Laborde - Silvertrading
Anarchists are bad guys  (2)
65% control? Okay - what does that even mean? How did you measure that?
1/4/2012 at 12:35 AM  2  0  Rating :  2 Permalink
 Food for thought
Ricardo on bimetallism  (1)
huh? Please interpret for dummies like me.
11/28/2011 at 7:00 PM  1  0  Rating :  1 Permalink
 Dan Dontrose - The Fundamental View
$1600.00 gold, $27.00 silver and 10,000 on the Dow Industrials in soon enough time  (9)
Short-term view.
good luck with it. Cash is for getting by now. PM's are for a decent future. Buy and hold - long-term investors - they get PM's and don't freak over a little volatility.
11/26/2011 at 3:13 PM  1  0  Rating :  1 Permalink
Gold, U.S. Dollar, U.S. Treasuries, China: Contrarian Opportunities  (1)
A single source for this China 'failure' is not enough to hang your solid reputation on, DeepCaster. Sorry, but after your stellar prediction of the recent smash-down in PM prices, this is not deeply enough supported for me to credit.
11/25/2011 at 3:37 PMPermalink
 Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
Is the Gold Price going to fall to $1,500  (4)
this article ignores manipulation of price. Even if the author does not believe in price manipulation, he should address it, with his reasons for disbelief. To ignore it damages his credibility as a commentator in light of Embry, GATA, and others work.
11/25/2011 at 3:35 PMPermalink
 James Howard Kunstler
Seeing Stars  (9)
I appreciate your optimism, but I must respectfully disagree. Shale oil and shale gas are not really panning out. (I worked in the natural gas industry on a drilling rig, btw). Shale oil has an eroi of just over 1, at best. It uses water supplies at a terrifying rate, and the ramp-up will take decades, if not longer. Some of the heavy oils in the Canadian tar sands are extractable with a slightly better eroi, bu...
9/14/2011 at 1:30 PMPermalink
 James Howard Kunstler
Seeing Stars  (9)
sure - but my point was that Peak Oil is a reality. The slope/timing may have changed, but you simply say that extraction of known reserves is better. That says nothing about 'new discoveries' which is what I was responding to. Anyway, the right-shifting has already happened - all it did was to drag out the plateau. That's not a good scenario because it makes the decline into a three year cliff instead of a ten-...
9/14/2011 at 2:01 AM1 AnswerPermalink
 James Howard Kunstler
Seeing Stars  (9)
all right - I agree about climate change. Big lie for money, control, and NWO-ness.
But your peak oil claims have little evidence. I see no evidence that there is plenty of oil left to ramp up production out there, and I have really looked. Sure, oil may be abiotic (and probably is - to wit, hydrocarbons on Titan), but that doesn't prove anything about PEAK oil. The earth's ultimate source of oil is not of d...
9/13/2011 at 8:29 PM  1  0  Rating :  1 1 AnswerPermalink
 Przemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
Is This The Final Parabolic Upswing Comparison of Two Precious Metals Bull Markets  (5)
author is a douche-bag. Trite analysis focusing on a single ratio of the market - ignores hundreds of other factors- rampant printing, corruption, declines in mining, declines in silver stock, serious fear, power shift to East, Euro/US/World debt crisis. Bad stuff, be skeptical.
9/11/2011 at 7:18 PMPermalink
 Lew Rockwell
When Government Shuts Down  (7)
Yuck - what a 'free market' cheerleader. It's absurd - business is a glowing saint, nobly ascribing to wonderful libertarian principles of Glorious Capitalism (mankind's highest, and highest possible, achievement). Business would never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, commit any fraud at public expense. Business is just to good and perfect, always focused on the public need. Witness, for example, British Pe...
7/28/2011 at 5:14 PM1 AnswerPermalink
 The Gold Report
Bob Moriarty: Triple-Digit Returns Predicted for Mining Stocks
Moriarty is kind of a douche.
7/24/2011 at 5:47 AMPermalink
 Clive Maund
Silver Market Update
Except - now this chart mark-up is open source. Their secret is out -maybe they'll change their MO.
7/21/2011 at 5:31 AMPermalink
 Bron Suchecki - Perth Mint
Why Won’t Sprott Buy More Silver For PSLV and crash COMEX  (2)
Kid Dynamite is a prikc
7/21/2011 at 3:34 AMPermalink
 Clif Droke
How Gold Performs In Deflation
Oh - this article was an ad for a book on trading gold and gold stocks. But, it never mentions manipulation (or interventionals as deepcaster calles them). Well then, the book is WRONG. Manipulation is one of the fundamental forces in the gold market. Old school buffon - WAKE UP - you look like a dinosaur.
7/20/2011 at 3:34 AMPermalink
 Jason Hommel - Silverstockreport
How I Felt When I Bought Silver
When Yeshua returns!
(atheist laughs). Enjoy the wait, sucker. But at least you're right about S&G.
7/5/2011 at 8:45 PM  0  1  Rating :  -1 Permalink
 Tom DiLorenzo
Racial Racketeering for Fun and Profit: The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam  (2)
blah, blah, blah - commies are evil, eh?
I agree the SPLC is corrupt and F of S, but you're case mostly comes down to 'They're bad because they're commies.' Please - it's the same thing they do - name calling. That makes you a hypocrite.
You also reveal yourself as an extreme righty - why is that better than an extreme lefty? It's not even substantively different. Sad commentary.
7/3/2011 at 3:26 PM1 AnswerPermalink
 Clif Droke
Silver Shorts Feel the Burn
okay - sure. Higher prices is deflationary.
Alice in Wonderlogic.
4/23/2011 at 6:52 PMPermalink
 Bron Suchecki - Perth Mint
M3 Inflation and the Gold Price  (1)
what a bullsh#t - there's no link, no nothing. Empty, annoying - how do I find about this thing?
4/20/2011 at 8:08 PMPermalink