HUARON Project
Country Peru 
Province Cerro de pasco
Close to Lima
Latitude / Longitude 9 S 56 / 74 W 56
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Produces Silver -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the HUARON Project
Status Risk : Production
Country Risk : Important
Title(s) of the HUARON Project
Pan American Silver Corp.
Owner: 100%
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Pan American acquired a majority interest in the Huaron mine in March 2000 and fast-tracked the project through feasibility, financing and construction to begin full-scale operation in April 2001 and subsequently acquired the remaining interest.
Location of the HUARON Project
The Huaron silver-zinc underground polymettalic mine is located 320 km northeast of Lima in the heart of the Cerro de Pasco district, one of Peru's most important mining districts, which accounts for over half of Peru's silver production.
History of the HUARON Project
Huaron is a primary silver mine that historically produced more than 220 million ounces of silver from 70 known veins since operations began in 1912. In April 1998, Huaron's production ceased after its underground workings were flooded due to an accident at a neighbouring mine.
Production history
COPPER (lbs)4,775,2123,763,2903,655,2643,534,0103,723,6073,866,9082,936,5573,836,0432,114,233
GOLD (oz)1,2351,5513,4951,8311,112
LEAD (lbs)9,638,61013,013,88715,399,28915,119,30114,934,11323,300,65631,407,05330,877,94418,618,038
SILVER (oz)3,560,0003,627,9913,826,9673,664,6503,014,0474,477,1354,789,0774,946,6183,179,449
ZINC (lbs)24,687,36424,354,46626,596,56725,871,24625,796,28933,159,72841,568,15965,909,39721,107,056
Exploration and drilling
4/14/2010Huaron Mine on Strike
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