Nampala Project
Country Mali 
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Nampala Project
Status Risk : Feasibility
Country Risk : Important
Title(s) of the Nampala Project
Robex Resources Inc.
Owner: 100%
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1/12/2016Inc=2E: Production Resumes at =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=20the=20Nampal...
7/20/2015Start of Production at the Nampala Plant
9/30/2014Adjusts Its Production Capacity at Nampala
4/29/2013Inc=2E/Nampala: Increase of 53% of the Expected Production D...
Exploration and drilling
10/19/2017Start of the Drillings at the Nampala Mine
5/13/2015Inc=2E: Anticipated Restart of the Nampala Mine in June 2015
10/9/2014is Suspending their Operations at the Nampala Mine
8/27/2014Announces That the Start of the Nampala Mine is on Schedule
6/26/2014Inc=2E: Presentation of theNampala Mine Director and the Hea...
4/6/2011Provides Wells With Potable Water for the Villages of Nampal...
3/25/2011Starts Diamond Drilling Campaign in Nampala
2/16/2011/Update on Metallurgical Testwork of Nampala Ores: High Reco...
Discoveries and Drilling Results
4/15/2016Nampala: Target Exceeded-
3/17/2014Resource Update of Nampala South Zone
3/12/2014Inc=2E/Nampala Resource Update: First Calculation of Inferre...
9/24/2013/Southern Extension of Nampala: Results Including Au in gpt ...
5/30/2011/Nampala: Initial Diamond Drilling Results Show Grades of 97...
4/11/2011/Nampala, Drilling Results Summary of Past Campaigns; Includ...
3/14/2011/Nampala, Results Higher Than Expectations: 3.45 g/t Over 2...
2/9/2011/Nampala, Impressive Results: 1.47 g/t Over 57 Meters, Inclu...
1/13/2011/Impressive Results at Nampala: 1.74 g/t Over 44 Meters, Inc...
12/15/2010The North Extension of the Gold-Bearing Deposit is Confirmed...
1/9/2008Latest results on Nampala: wider than expected
7/21/20052004 and 2005 drilling results at Robex's Nampala System on ...
7/7/2005Additional drilling results at Robex's new Nampala system
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