Pakrut Project
Country Tajikistan 
Close to Dushanbe
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Pakrut Project
Status Risk : Advanced discovery
Country Risk : Very High
Title(s) of the Pakrut Project
Kryso Resources PLC
Owner: 100%
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Location of the Pakrut Project
The Pakrut Licence Area is located north-east of the capital city Dushanbe from which it can be accessed in three and a half hours by sealed bitumen road for the first 58 km to the town of Ramit on the Sorba River, and then northward along the Sardi-Miena river by dirt road for a further 53 km.
History of the Pakrut Project
The mineral rights for the Pakrut gold deposit were State-owned prior to the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991 when ownership was relinquished to The Republic of Tajikistan. Civil war during the early 1990s prevented development in the region but, following increased political stability with the end of that war in 1997, the pursuit of projects in the region has become possible.
Geology of the Pakrut Project
The Pakrut Licence Area lies within the southern portion of the Tien Shan Fold Belt, a belt of folded rocks that extend from near the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan through the northern part of Tajikistan into China and then into Mongolia. The area surrounding the Pakrut Licence Area is located on the southern side of the Hissar range of Central Tajikistan.
Exploration and drilling
3/30/2011(AIM:KYS) announces drilling results
Discoveries and Drilling Results
6/28/2010Total JORC Resources Increased to 3,024,000 oz Au
Data last updated on : 12/31/2008
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