AMR Project
Country Peru 
Close to Puno
Surface 5 km² / 1,236 acres
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Risk and valuation analysis of the AMR Project
Status Risk : Advanced discovery
Country Risk : Important
Title(s) of the AMR Project
Affinity Gold Corp.
Owner: 100%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
In late 2005 AMR Project Peru, S.A.C., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Affinity Gold Corp. , negotiated and signed an agreement allowing exploration and development activities on 500 hectares of previously unexplored land located in Puno.
Location of the AMR Project
The property is located in the Inambari River Basin on the flat plains region at an altitude greater than 1500’ and accessible by land and air. By land, the property is accessible in an 8 hr. drive from Cuzco, Urcos, Quincemil and San Lorenzo; or a 10 hr trek from Juliaca, Azangaro and San Gaban. The property is also accessible by helicopter with only a 1 hr flight from Lima.
Geology of the AMR Project
The deposits of gold-bearing gravels in the Inambari system are the result of the deposition of detritus from the geologic layer of the east branch of the Eastern Andes, and they come from the highest parts of these mountains. Because of its flow vol more...
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