VALENCIA Uranium Project
Country Namibia 
Close to Usakos
Latitude / Longitude 22 S 29 / 15 E 03
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Risk and valuation analysis of the VALENCIA Uranium Project
Status Risk : Feasibility
Country Risk : Moderate
Title(s) of the VALENCIA Uranium Project
Forsys Metals Corp.
Owner: 100%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
The Valencia Uranium Deposit is 100% owned by Forsys.
Location of the VALENCIA Uranium Project
Valencia Uranium Deposit ("Valencia") is located 35 km along geological strike to the Rössing Uranium Mine and 40 km from the Langer Heinrich uranium deposit.
History of the VALENCIA Uranium Project
Historical work on the project was conducted by Goldfields Namibia between 1973 and 1977 which included borehole drilling, chemical analysis, radiometric sorting tests on bulk ore samples in 1979 followed by two preliminary feasibility studies in 1981 and 1989. Due to low uranium prices at the time, Goldfield concluded the project was uneconomical.
Exploration and drilling
3/9/2010Announces Completion of Strategic Review for the Valencia Ur...
10/2/2009Prepares for Upgraded Resource/Reserve At Valencia
8/21/2008Valencia Uranium Project, Namibia Mining Licence Granted
6/27/2008Adds Fourth Drill Rig to Test North Anomaly at Valencia
6/4/2008Receives Environmental Clearance for Valencia
4/29/2008Expands Uranium Zones at Valencia
1/29/2008Provides Joly Zone Update
9/26/2007Takes Steps to Provide Water for Valencia
9/21/2007Engages GRD Minproc for Engineering Services at Valencia
9/21/2007Signs Environmental Contract for Valencia Uranium Project
8/21/2007Valencia Uranium Project Update
2/22/2007Valencia Exclusive Prospecting Licence Granted
2/21/2007To receive renewal of Valencia Uranium Licence
12/20/2006Awarded New Uranium Licence in Namibia
10/31/2006Clarifying Press Release-Valencia Uranium Project
5/29/2006Begins Detailed Drilling for Measured Resource at Valencia
5/4/2006Reports Uranium Intersections at Valenica
2/25/2006Confirms East Uranium Zone At Valencia
12/24/2005Completes Acquisition of The Valencia Uranium Project
10/3/2005Valencia Uranium Project - Progress Report
8/15/2005Valencia Uranium Deposit Update
8/12/2005Executes Share Purchase Agreement For The Valencia Uranium D...
7/6/2005Acquires the Valencia Uranium Deposit
Discoveries and Drilling Results
12/14/2009Announces New Mine Plan Based on Improved Resource, Reserves...
5/1/2009Increases Valencia Reserve by 68% and Further Updates Resour...
1/28/2009Valencia Resource Update- Forsys Increases Deposit Size and ...
8/7/2008Confirms Deeper Uranium Mineralization at Valencia
7/23/2008Continues Drilling at Valencia Expanding Pit Bottom and Over...
6/13/2008Mineralization Expansion and Grade Improvement at Valencia-F...
2/13/2008Announces Joly Zone Trenching Results
1/15/2008Reports Drilling Results and Resumes Drilling at Valencia
3/26/2007Significant Increase for the Valencia Uranium Resource
12/14/2006Discovers New High Grade Uranium Zone
11/1/2006Intersects Uranium Mineralization in Valencia's East Zone
9/14/2006Continues to Intersect High Grade Uranium in Valencia's Main...
7/28/2006Continues to Intersect High Grade Uranium at Valencia
7/5/2006Reports Additional High Grade Uranium Intersections At Valen...
6/30/2006Reports Uranium Intersections At Valencia
5/17/2006Reports Uranium Intersections At Valencia
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