Red Bird Project
Red Bird
Country Canada 
Province British columbia
Close to Bellaa coola
Surface 13 km² / 3,104 acres Number of claims 3
Latitude / Longitude 53 N 16 / 126 W 5
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Explores for Copper - Molybdenum -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Red Bird Project
Status Risk : Advanced discovery
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the Red Bird Project
Torch River Resources Ltd.
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Location of the Red Bird Project
The Red Bird molybdenum property consisting of 3 mineral claims totalling 1,256 ha is located 133 km southwest of Burns Lake and 105 km north of Bella Coola in west central British Columbia. The property boarders on Tweedsmuir Park, but the resource is located south of the Park Boundary and as a result can be exploited.
History of the Red Bird Project
The property was first staked in 1937 with several claims located near Red Bird Mountain. Phelps Dodge prospected the area in 1958 and staked the property in 1959. Geologic mapping, trenching and geophysical surveys were completed from 1960 to 1962  more...
Geology of the Red Bird Project
The Red Bird deposit is associated with an Eocene quartz monzonite porphyry stock that intrudes predominantly pyroclastic volcanic rocks of the Upper Cretaceous Kasalka Group. The quartz monzonite porphyry that hosts the Red Bird deposit is an ellipt more...
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