Frog's Lake Project
Frog's Lake
Country Australia 
Province Kalgoorlie
Latitude / Longitude 30 S 46 / 121 E 16
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Produces Gold -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Frog's Lake Project
Status Risk : Production
Country Risk : Very Low
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Title(s) of the Frog's Lake Project
La Mancha Resources
Joint venture: 51%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
La Mancha has a 51% interest in this JV and is the operator. The remaining 49% is held by Dioro Exploration NL.
Dioro Exploration NL
Joint venture: 49%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Location of the Frog's Lake Project
Frog’s Leg project is situated 2 km northeast of White Foil and 20km west of Kalgoorlie. It lies within a tenement owned by the Mungari East Joint Venure in South West Australia.
History of the Frog's Lake Project
The Frog's Leg deposit was discovered in late 1999. The previous operator began open pit production in April 2004 and the first gold was poured in July 2004.
Geology of the Frog's Lake Project
Immediately east of the Zulieka Shear Zone and on the western margin of the Ora Banda terrain Frog’s Leg mineralisation occurs along or is associated with a faulted contact, the Frog’s Leg Shear Zone, located between two principal rock types – volc more...
Production history
GOLD (oz)119,75892,73915,375
3/29/2011(La Mancha Res.)A Record Year for La Mancha in 2010 as Production Increases ...
Reserves and Resources
11/22/2010(La Mancha Res.)First Half of Frog Leg's Delineation Program Adds 180,000 Ou...
Exploration and drilling
11/22/2010(La Mancha Res.)First Half of Frog Leg's Delineation Programs Adds 180,000 O...
7/21/2009(La Mancha Res.)Frog's Leg Mine to Boost its Average Annual Gold Production ...
5/11/2009(La Mancha Res.)Profits Surge as Australian Mine Turns Cash Flow Positive an...
2/23/2009(La Mancha Res.)Plans to Increase Production to up to 100,000 oz of Gold in ...
1/28/2009(La Mancha Res.)2008 Year End Production Increases 33% to 71,550 Ounces
8/12/2008(La Mancha Res.)Posts its Highest Quarterly Gold Production to Date
5/13/2008(La Mancha Res.)Obtains a First Gold Pour From New Australian Frog's Leg Min...
12/5/2007(Dioro)To commence underground mining at Frog's leg Gold project in...
Discoveries and Drilling Results
10/29/2008(La Mancha Res.)Positive Drill Results South of Frog's Leg Mine
4/23/2008(La Mancha Res.)Reports Wide High-Grade Intercepts 150 Meters Below Current ...
4/23/2008(Dioro)Wide high grade intersection 150m below Rocket Lode at Frog’...
4/2/2008(Dioro)Frog's Leg Resource Continues To Grow, Last Year by 95%, Thi...
4/1/2008(La Mancha Res.)Resource Up 37% at La Mancha's Frog's Leg Project Due to Exc...
1/31/2008(La Mancha Res.)More Extensional Wide High Grade Results From Frog's Leg Res...
7/5/2007(La Mancha Res.)Frog?s Leg?s Resource Nearly Doubles
12/19/2006(La Mancha Res.)intersects additional high grade intersections at Frog's Leg...
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