Barrick Gold Corp.

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ISIN : CA0679011084
CA$ 20.71
10/12 17:00 0.020
Prev close Open Low High Volume
20.69 20.50 20.48 20.78 2,203,898
Year l/h YTD var. 52 week l/h 52 week var. 1 month var.
 -  - 19.43 -  27.62 -5.69% -%
Shares OustandingShares Fully Diluted
Mkt Cap OustandingMkt Cap Fully Diluted
Produces Copper - Gold - Silver
Develops Copper - Gold - Palladium - Platinum - Silver
Explores for Copper - Gold - Nickel - Silver - Uranium - Zinc
Profile Press
Management Annual
Projects & res.
Asset profile
Last updated on : 12/2/2010
ISV to Market Cap Ratio : 386%
In situ value
4,995,044,841 US$
Market cap
19,303,832,364 US$
Market Cap / In situ value
In situ value / Market Cap
Dynamic Project Map of Barrick Gold Corp.
Legends Company
Status Information
 1Land holding
 2Green exploration
 3Brown exploration
 4Past producer
 5Early discovery
 6Advanced discovery
 8Care and maintenance
 9Mine development
Country Risk Information
 1Very low
 5Very High
Reserves and resources of Barrick Gold Corp.
MetalTotalUnitReservesResourcesIn Situ Value
ProvenProbableProven and probableMeasured and indicatedInferredHistoric or estimated resource
 Gold 151 899 082oz 24 918 681 55 338 239 80 256 920 39 346 991 29 719 941 2 575 230294 631 054 303 US$
 Palladium 10 320 646oz 8 033 912 2 286 734 24 222 556 658 US$
 Silver 837 537 324oz 75 925 374 652 930 868 728 856 242 89 635 947 19 045 135 23 685 555 528 US$
 Platinum 10 273 451oz 6 571 535 3 701 916 8 700 277 861 US$
 Nickel 589 366 194lbs 589 366 194 4 283 995 439 US$
 Copper40 784 753 158lbs3 133 952 8485 317 962 6908 451 915 53818 230 691 34714 102 146 273 61 794 577 US$
Important: Historic or Estimated Resources have not been independently verified and cannot be relied on for economic purposes.
Definitions             Cautionary Note to US Investors concerning estimates of Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources
Properties, projects
and mines
TitleInterestDataStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendResources
SARITA AND SARIT...Back in rightExpl.          Argentina     Gold, silver
SANTA ROSABack in rightExpl.          Argentina     SaltaSilver, gold
RIO FRIO S.A.Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold
LA ORTIGAOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold, silver
VELADEROOwner100Prod.          Argentina     San juan provinceGold, silver
Lake GretaInterest50Expl.          Australia     Gold
MT. CARULINAInterest75Expl.          Australia     Gold
COWALOwner100Prod.          Australia     New south walesGold
OSBORNEOwner100Prod.          Australia     QueenslandGold, copper
KIDSTONOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
CLONCURRY COPPER...Joint venture50Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold, copper, uranium
KALGOORLIE "SUPE...Joint venture50Prod.          Australia     Western australiaGold
KUNDANAProd.          Australia     Western australiaGold
GOLDEN FEATHEROwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaGold
PLUTONICOwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaGold
KANOWNA BELLEOwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaGold
DARLOTOwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaGold
GRANNY SMITH MINEOwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaGold
LAWLERSOwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaGold
LAVERTON JVOwner and Leaser50Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
MARYMIAOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
MOUNT PLEASANT G...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
PANDORANet Smelter ReturnExpl.          Canada     Cadillac township, quebecGold
Courageous LakeOwner100Expl.          Canada     Northwest territoriesGold
HEMLOJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
WILLIAMS UNDERGROUNDJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
WILLIAMS OPEN PITJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
DAVID BELLJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
WILLIAMS UNDERGROUNDJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
WILLIAMS OPEN PITJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
DAVID BELLJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
WILLIAMSOwner100Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
MICHAUD60Expl.          Canada     OntarioGold
LAC ELMERInterest50Expl.          Canada     Val d'orCopper, gold, silver, zinc
ZALDIVAROwner100Prod.          Chile     Copper
PASCUA LAMAOwner100Devpt          Chile     Copper, gold, silver
PUEBLO VIEJOJoint venture60Devpt          Dominican Republic     Silver, gold, copper
REKO DIQJoint venture50Devpt          Pakistan     BaluchistanCopper, gold
KAINANTUOwner100Devpt          Papua New Guinea     Gold
New Britain IslandOption on interest72Expl.          Papua New Guinea     Copper
PORGERAJoint venture95Prod.          Papua New Guinea      engaGold
AntabambaJoint ventureExpl.          Peru     Gold, silver
LAGUNAS NORTEOwner100Prod.          Peru      alto chicamaGold
PIERINAOwner100Prod.          Peru     AncashGold, silver
FEDOROVAJoint venture50Devpt          Russia     MurmanskPalladium, platinum
SEDIBELOOwner100Devpt          South Africa     SonoraPlatinum, palladium
BULYANHULUOwner100Prod.          Tanzania     Silver, copper
TULAKAWA MINEJoint venture70Prod.          Tanzania     Gold
BULYANHULUOwner100Prod.          Tanzania     Gold
BUZWAGIOwner100Devpt          Tanzania     Gold, copper
Kabanga50Expl.          Tanzania     Nickel
KABANGAJoint venture50Expl.          Tanzania     Nickel
NORTH MARAOwner100Prod.          Tanzania     Mara regionGold
FUSE WESTOption on interest30Expl.          USA     Gold
CORTEZ HILLSJoint venture60Prod.          USA      nevadaBattle Mountain-EurekaGold
DONLIN CREEKJoint venture50Expl.          USA     AlaskaTintinaGold
GOLDEN SUNLIGHT MINEOwner100Prod.          USA     MontanaGold
PIPELINE MINING...Joint venture60Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
GOLDSTRIKEOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
BALD MOUNTAINOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
ROUND MOUNTAINJoint venture50Prod.          USA     NevadaGold, silver
DEE PROJECTJoint venture60Devpt          USA     NevadaSilver, gold
ROSSIJoint venture60Devpt          USA     NevadaGold
GOLD HILLJoint venture50Devpt          USA     NevadaGold
SOUTH ARTUROJoint venture60Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
RED HILLOption on interest60Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
GETCHELLOwner100Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
MEIKLE GOLD MINEOwner100Expl.          USA     Nevada
REESE RIVER NEVADANet Smelter Return2Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
ICBMJoint venture30Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
MARIGOLDJoint venture33Prod.          USA     NevadaBattle MountainGold
PINSONJoint venture30Expl.          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain EurekaGold
RUBY HILLOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain-EurekaGold
GOLDSTRIKE OPEN PITOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaCarlin TrendGold
GOLDSTRIKE UNDER...Owner100Prod.          USA     NevadaCarlin TrendGold
RENJoint venture38Expl.          USA     NevadaCarlin TrendGold
TURQUOISE RIDGE...Joint venture75Prod.          USA     NevadaPotosiGold
HOMESTAKE MINEOwner100Expl.          USA     South dakotaGold