Teck Resources Limited

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ISIN : CA8787422044
US$ 33.98
01/14 16:10 0.340
Prev close Open Low High Volume
33.64 33.24 32.82 34.34 4,241,389
Year l/h YTD var. 52 week l/h 52 week var. 1 month var.
 -  - - -  33.98 -% -%
Shares OustandingShares Fully Diluted
Mkt Cap OustandingMkt Cap Fully Diluted
Produces Coal - Copper - Gold - Lead - Molybdenum - Silver - Zinc
Develops Copper - Gold - Lead - Molybdenum - Silver - Zinc
Explores for Coal - Copper - Gold - Lead - Molybdenum - Silver - Tungsten - Zinc
Profile Press
Management Annual
Projects & res.
Asset profile
Last updated on : 11/18/2010
ISV to Market Cap Ratio : 37.35%
In situ value
52,434,819,143 US$
Market cap
19,586,750,513 US$
Market Cap / In situ value
In situ value / Market Cap
Dynamic Project Map of Teck Resources Limited
Legends Company
Status Information
 1Land holding
 2Green exploration
 3Brown exploration
 4Past producer
 5Early discovery
 6Advanced discovery
 8Care and maintenance
 9Mine development
Country Risk Information
 1Very low
 5Very High
Reserves and resources of Teck Resources Limited
MetalTotalUnitReservesResourcesIn Situ Value
Proven and probableMeasured and indicatedInferred
 Gold 14 588 876oz 5 091 457 3 224 415 6 273 00428 297 313 695 US$
 Zinc22 181 813 017lbs19 268 533 552 929 561 3251 983 718 13918 638 930 856 US$
 Silver 139 556 665oz 38 573 421 47 798 836 53 184 4083 946 662 493 US$
 Lead1 741 276 823lbs 585 988 691 4 332 9101 150 955 2211 485 275 091 US$
 Copper43 980 783 408lbs22 028 257 6628 735 109 27513 217 416 471 66 637 008 US$
 Molybdenum 835 591 602lbs 277 545 178 162 206 432 395 839 992
 Niobium 43 303 199lbs 43 303 199
 Coal5 195 210 000ton 623 010 0003 072 195 0001 500 005 000
Definitions             Cautionary Note to US Investors concerning estimates of Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources
Properties, projects
and mines
TitleInterestDataStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendResources
White Earth97Unk.               
Madryn RiftExpl.          Argentina     
Braemore-goldExpl.          Australia     
SmithfieldExpl.          Australia     
RedhillExpl.          Australia     
Leonora EastExpl.          Australia     
NapierExpl.          Australia     Diamonds
Stephens - Cente...Expl.          Australia     
APOLLO HILLExpl.          Australia     LeonoraGold
Central AustralianExpl.          Australia     Northern territory
CowellExpl.          Australia     South australiaGold, copper
Junction DamJoint ventureExpl.          Australia     South australiaUranium
LENNARD SHELFJoint venture50Devpt          Australia     Western australiaZinc
LENNARD SHELFJoint venture50Devpt          Australia     Western australiaZinc
LENNARD SHELFJoint venture50Devpt          Australia     Western australiaLead
LENNARD SHELFJoint venture50Devpt          Australia     Western australiaLead
TRUNOption on interest55Expl.          Bulgaria     Silver, gold
Golden Hill (int...Owner100Expl.          Burkina Faso     
Lorraine - JajayExpl.          Canada     Copper, gold
Oka Niobium - NiocanOwner100Expl.          Canada     Niobium
Victoria Island...Expl.          Canada     
Tam (hogem)Expl.          Canada     
Allard RiverExpl.          Canada     
Osilinka (cat/bet)Expl.          Canada     
Adlatok 1 (south...Expl.          Canada     
Bourlamaque - Or...Owner100Expl.          Canada     
Cadillac (airport)Owner100Expl.          Canada     
Tsacha (3t's)Expl.          Canada     
Fort Hills Oil SandsOwner100Expl.          Canada     
Victoria Island...Expl.          Canada     
S Voisey Bay (do...Owner100Expl.          Canada     
Mainstreet (louv...Expl.          Canada     
Red Hill PropertyExpl.          Canada     
Renault Bay (das...Expl.          Canada     
Aurbel (dumont Mine)Owner100Expl.          Canada     Gold
Aurbel (ferderbe...Owner100Expl.          Canada     Gold
Brett (latchford...Expl.          Canada     Gold
Caniptau (latchf...Expl.          Canada     Gold
Castle (latchfor...Expl.          Canada     Gold
Kjd (latchford Area)Expl.          Canada     Gold
Mattawapika (lat...Expl.          Canada     Gold
Ram (latchford Area)Expl.          Canada     Gold
Kingurutik LakeOwner50          Canada     
Fort HillsOwner100Expl.          Canada     AlbertaOil sands
CARDINAL RIVERInterest100Expl.          Canada     AlbertaCoal
HIGHLAND VALLEYInterest97Prod.          Canada     Bristish columbiaCopper, molybdenum
BoundaryExpl.          Canada     British columbiaLead, gold
Bullmoose MineOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCoal
Quintette Coal MineOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCoal
BoundaryExpl.          Canada     British columbiaZinc
Big Bulk / VmsExpl.          Canada     British columbiaZinc
Cirque (stronsay)Owner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaZinc
SwannellExpl.          Canada     British columbiaZinc, silver
PortOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbia
Big Bulk / VmsExpl.          Canada     British columbiaCopper
Boot-steeleExpl.          Canada     British columbiaCopper
Cat / BetExpl.          Canada     British columbiaCopper
Big Bulk / VmsExpl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
Boot-steeleExpl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
Cat / BetExpl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
Cirque (stronsay)Owner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaLead
SwannellExpl.          Canada     British columbiaLead
Boot-steeleExpl.          Canada     British columbiaPalladium, platinum
Big Bulk / VmsExpl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
Cirque (stronsay)Owner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
Boot-steeleExpl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
BOUNDARY - CARAMELIAProd.          Canada     British columbiaGold
ELKVIEW COAL MIN...Interest95Prod.          Canada     British columbiaCoal
GALORE CREEKJoint venture50Devpt          Canada     British columbiaCopper
HOMESTAKE RIDGEExpl.          Canada     British columbiaCopper
GALORE CREEK - C...Interest50Expl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
GREENHILLSInterest80Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCoal
COAL MOUNTAINInterest100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCoal
LINE CREEKInterest100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCoal
GREENHILLSInterest80Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCoal
COAL MOUNTAINInterest100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCoal
LINE CREEKInterest100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCoal
FORDING RIVEROwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCoal
GALORE CREEK - C...Interest50Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCopper
HOMESTAKE RIDGEExpl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
GALORE CREEK - C...Interest50Expl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
HOMESTAKE RIDGEExpl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
Sullivan MineOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver, lead
ClairExpl.          Canada     British columbiaLead
CanamExpl.          Canada     British columbiaLead
Remac (reeves /...Expl.          Canada     British columbiaLead
ClairExpl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
CanamExpl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
Remac (reeves /...Expl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
Red HillExpl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver, copper, gold
ClairExpl.          Canada     British columbiaZinc
CanamExpl.          Canada     British columbiaZinc
Remac (reeves /...Expl.          Canada     British columbiaZinc
Red HillExpl.          Canada     British columbiaZinc
Westarm MineExpl.          Canada     ManitobaZinc, copper
Bib-big Island-s...Expl.          Canada     ManitobaCopper
LewExpl.          Canada     ManitobaCopper
Norris / NorthstarExpl.          Canada     ManitobaCopper
Albert's LakeExpl.          Canada     ManitobaCopper
Bib-big Island-s...Expl.          Canada     ManitobaGold
LewExpl.          Canada     ManitobaGold
Norris / NorthstarExpl.          Canada     ManitobaGold
Albert's LakeExpl.          Canada     ManitobaGold, silver
Norris / NorthstarExpl.          Canada     ManitobaSilver
Bib-big Island-s...Expl.          Canada     ManitobaZinc
Norris / NorthstarExpl.          Canada     ManitobaZinc
Albert's LakeExpl.          Canada     ManitobaZinc
Westarm Mine (sc...Expl.          Canada     ManitobaZinc, copper
MERIDIANExpl.          Canada     ManitobaGold, silver
TurgeonExpl.          Canada     New brunswickCopper, zinc
MOUNT PLEASANTOption51Expl.          Canada     New brunswickTungsten, molybdenum
MechikamauExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandNickel
DUCK PONDOwner100Prod.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper, zinc
S Voisey's Bay (...Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
South Voisey's BayExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
S Voisey's Bay (...Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCobalt
South Voisey's BayExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCobalt
S Voisey's Bay (...Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandNickel
Polaris MineExpl.          Canada     Northwest territoriesLead, zinc
Mcconnell (lac G...Expl.          Canada     Northwest territoriesDiamonds
Basler LakeOwner100Expl.          Canada     Northwest territoriesDiamonds
Pollock Lake (mc...Owner100Expl.          Canada     Northwest territoriesDiamonds
StormExpl.          Canada     Nunavut
DarbyExpl.          Canada     NunavutUranium, diamonds
Victoria IslandExpl.          Canada     NunavutDiamonds
Matheson MineOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioGold
Smoke Lake / Goo...Expl.          Canada     OntarioGold
LochalshExpl.          Canada     OntarioGold
PotterExpl.          Canada     OntarioGold
Thunder Lake EastExpl.          Canada     OntarioGold
Thunder Lake WestExpl.          Canada     OntarioGold
AlwynExpl.          Canada     OntarioPlatinum
WalkoverExpl.          Canada     OntarioPlatinum
AlwynExpl.          Canada     OntarioPalladium
PotterExpl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
Boston CreekOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioGold
Atitokan WestExpl.          Canada     OntarioGold
AubreyExpl.          Canada     OntarioGold
PotterExpl.          Canada     OntarioCobalt, silver, zinc
Hemlo West - Can...Expl.          Canada     Ontario
WILLIAMSOwnerProd.          Canada     OntarioGold
WILLIAMS UNDERGROUNDJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
WILLIAMS OPEN PITJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
DAVID BELLJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
WILLIAMS UNDERGROUNDJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
WILLIAMS OPEN PITJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
DAVID BELLJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
HEMLOJoint venture50Prod.          Canada     OntarioGold
PICKLE CROWOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioGold
KremzarExpl.          Canada     OntarioGold
AirportExpl.          Canada     OntarioGold, nickel, lead, copper
U6 SavantExpl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
ADELExpl.          Canada     Ontario
U6 SavantExpl.          Canada     OntarioZinc, silver
AllardUnk.          Canada     QuebecSilver
InmontUnk.          Canada     QuebecZinc, copper
AllardUnk.          Canada     QuebecGold
BonfortelExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold
Aurbel (outside...Owner100Expl.          Canada     QuebecGold
LourmetExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold
Mid CanadaExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold
Oka NiobiumExpl.          Canada     QuebecMica
BonfortelExpl.          Canada     QuebecLead
CorbevanExpl.          Canada     QuebecNickel
KenevanExpl.          Canada     QuebecNickel
Oka NiobiumExpl.          Canada     QuebecNiobium
DucrosExpl.          Canada     QuebecMolybdenum
ValrennesExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
DucrosExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
BonfortelExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
Dalquier TwpExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper, silver
BonfortelExpl.          Canada     QuebecZinc
AURBELExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold
BevconExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold, copper
LouvexExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
MAINSTREETExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
BonnefondExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold
AmosExpl.          Canada     QuebecPlatinum, palladium
MAINSTREETExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold, zinc
LouvexExpl.          Canada     QuebecZinc
MAINSTREETExpl.          Canada     QuebecSilver
LOUVICOURTClose          Canada     QuebecGold
BEACON NORTHOwner100Expl.          Canada     QuebecVal D'orGold, copper
Balsam LakeExpl.          Canada     SaskatchewanCopper, gold, silver, zinc
Kudz Ze KayahOwner100Expl.          Canada     YukonZinc, lead, gold, copper
Ketza River MineOwner100Expl.          Canada     Yukon territoryGold
Sa Dena Hes (mou...Expl.          Canada     Yukon territorySilver, lead, zinc
Flume-tenExpl.          Canada     Yukon territoryGold
KUDZ ZE KAYAHOwner100Expl.          Canada     Yukon territoryCopper, lead, gold, zinc
ANDACOLLO HYPOGENEInterest90Prod.          Chile     Gold
ANDACOLLOInterest90Prod.          Chile     Copper
ANDACOLLO HYPOGENEInterest90Prod.          Chile     Copper
Agua De La PiedraExpl.          Chile     
VaquillasExpl.          Chile     Antofagasta regionSilver, gold
CARMEN DE ANDACOLLOInterest90Prod.          Chile     Central chileCopper
QUEBRADA BLANCA MINEInterest76Prod.          Chile     Northern chileCopper
QUEBRADA BLANCA...Interest76Prod.          Chile     Northern chileCopper, molybdenum
Changba-lijiagouExpl.          China     Lead, zinc
SAN SEBASTIANProd.          El Salvador     Gold
Five StarOption on interest51Expl.          Guyana     Gold
MinoroExpl.          Honduras     Gold, copper
El OroExpl.          Honduras     
STONEPARK (LIMERICK)Joint venture75Expl.          Ireland     Zinc
EL LIMONJoint venture78Devpt          Mexico     Gold
San Nicolas79Expl.          Mexico     Copper
LA VERDE PROJECTOwner100Expl.          Mexico     Copper
San Nicolas79Expl.          Mexico     Zinc
El Salvador (san...Expl.          Mexico     Zinc, copper, gold
Morelos78Expl.          Mexico     ChihuahuaGold
MORELOS78Expl.          Mexico     GuerreroGold
ClaraExpl.          Mexico     JaliscoGold
MarlyOwner100Expl.          Mexico     SonoraCopper, silver
LOS VERDESExpl.          Mexico     SonoraGold
La Florida SonoraOwner100Expl.          Mexico     SonoraGold
San EnriqueExpl.          Mexico     Sonora stateSilver, molybdenum, copper
Villa De Ramos (...Expl.          Mexico     ZacatecasCopper, lead, gold, zinc, silver
VREDELUSExpl.          Namibia     Gold
PETAQUILLA COPPERJoint venture26Devpt          Panama     Gold, molybdenum, copper
PETAQUILLAJoint venture26Devpt          Panama     Copper
Cotahuasi Jv (po...Expl.          Peru     
MarioExpl.          Peru     
COLQUIJIRCA MINEProd.          Peru     Zinc, silver, lead
PICOTAExpl.          Peru     Silver, copper, gold
ANTAMINAInterest22Prod.          Peru     AncashCopper, molybdenum, silver, zinc
Antamina Zinc OreInterest22Prod.          Peru     Ancash
PORACOTAExpl.          Peru     CayaraniSilver, gold
RizeUnk.          Turkey     
Altintepe (gold...Unk.          Turkey     
BigaExpl.          Turkey     
CERATTEPEOwner100Devpt          Turkey     Zinc, silver, copper, gold
ALTINTEPEExpl.          Turkey     Gold
TAVSANRoyalty2Expl.          Turkey     Gold
Coleman Canyon P...Owner100Expl.          USA     
SILVER CLOUDInterest35Expl.          USA     Silver, gold
FUSE WESTOption on interest30Expl.          USA     Gold
VetaOwner100Expl.          USA     AlaskaGold, molybdenum, lead
HajdukovichExpl.          USA     AlaskaGold
VetaOwner100Expl.          USA     AlaskaCopper, silver, zinc
RED DOGOwner100Prod.          USA     AlaskaZinc, lead
POGOJoint venture40Devpt          USA     AlaskaTintinaGold
United VerdeExpl.          USA     Arizona
MonitorExpl.          USA     ArizonaSilver
Markham WashExpl.          USA     ArizonaCopper
MonitorExpl.          USA     ArizonaCopper
Red KnollExpl.          USA     ArizonaCopper
White EarthOwner100Expl.          USA     ColoradoTitanium
MesabaOwner100Expl.          USA     MinnesotaCopper, nickel
Alder Gulch GarnetOwner100Expl.          USA     MontanaGarnet
Fye CanyonUnk.          USA     NevadaGold
HaystackExpl.          USA     NevadaGold
CeltExpl.          USA     NevadaGold
Coleman CanyonOwner100Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
San Francisco NevadaExpl.          USA     NevadaGold, zinc
HORN SILVER COMP...Joint venture60Prod.          USA     UtahSilver, gold
Van Stone MineOwner100Expl.          USA     WashingtonLead, zinc
Pend Oreille / M...Expl.          USA     WashingtonZinc, lead
PEND OREILLEOwner100Prod.          USA     WashingtonLead, Zinc