Xstrata plc

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GBX 963.50
04/30 16:35 -26.10
Prev close Open Low High Volume
970.16 987.50 960.50 1,002.50 20,722,175
Year l/h YTD var. 52 week l/h 52 week var. 1 month var.
 -  - - -  963.50 216.94% 216.94%
Shares OustandingShares Fully Diluted
Mkt Cap OustandingMkt Cap Fully Diluted
Produces Bauxite - Copper - Gold - Lead - Molybdenum - Nickel - Silver - Zinc
Develops Cobalt - Copper - Gold - Lead - Molybdenum - Nickel - Palladium - Platinum - Silver - Zinc
Explores for Coal - Copper - Gold - Lead - Nickel - Silver - Vanadium - Zinc
Profile Press
Management Annual
Projects & res.
Asset profile
Last updated on : 11/20/2010
ISV to Market Cap Ratio : 7231404%
In situ value
47,861,419 US$
Market cap
3,461,052,536,459 US$
Market Cap / In situ value
In situ value / Market Cap
Dynamic Project Map of Xstrata plc
Legends Company
Status Information
 1Land holding
 2Green exploration
 3Brown exploration
 4Past producer
 5Early discovery
 6Advanced discovery
 8Care and maintenance
 9Mine development
Country Risk Information
 1Very low
 5Very High
Reserves and resources of Xstrata plc
MetalTotalUnitReservesResourcesIn Situ Value
Proven and probableMeasured and indicatedInferredHistoric or estimated resource
 Platinum2 034 499 252oz 2 034 499 252 1722 956 381 139 US$
 Zinc67 637 001 705lbs13 990 132 1186 241 545 90047 375 798 128 29 525 55856 834 010 690 US$
 Gold 24 054 875oz 5 236 334 12 141 030 6 677 511 46 658 038 079 US$
 Silver1 301 723 389oz 317 492 696 493 048 139 490 587 750 594 80436 812 737 454 US$
 Lead28 221 441 020lbs4 539 581 0253 884 423 79919 790 132 073 7 304 12324 072 337 511 US$
 Nickel1 399 456 691lbs 160 936 067 175 944 5101 062 576 115 10 172 395 609 US$
 Copper121 027 413 961lbs32 814 509 26976 174 633 41112 038 033 623 237 658 183 373 376 US$
 Molybdenum1 035 154 769lbs 423 968 452 191 095 476 420 090 841
 Cobalt 8 536 916lbs 2 296 952 6 239 964
Important: Historic or Estimated Resources have not been independently verified and cannot be relied on for economic purposes.
Definitions             Cautionary Note to US Investors concerning estimates of Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources
Properties, projects
and mines
TitleInterestDataStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendResources
ALUMBRERAJoint venture50Prod.          Argentina     Copper, gold
EL PACHON100Devpt          Argentina     Copper, molybdenum, silver
PantagoniaExpl.          Argentina     Silver, gold
AGUA RICAJoint venture50Devpt          Argentina     North western argentinaGold, copper, silver, molybdenum
LitchfieldUnk.          Australia     Nickel, copper
Mt McclureProd.          Australia     Gold
Wildara (amaroc-...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Nickel
Knp/ BulongExpl.          Australia     
Maggie Hays Lake...Expl.          Australia     
Table HillExpl.          Australia     
Lehmans WellExpl.          Australia     
Kalgoorlie Regio...Expl.          Australia     
Barrow CreekExpl.          Australia     Nickel, copper
Bulong Nickel-cobaltOwner100Expl.          Australia     Cobalt, nickel
SILVER SWAN80Prod.          Australia     Nickel
Emily AnnOwner100Prod.          Australia     Nickel
Mount Isa Lead Z...100Prod.          Australia     Zinc, silver
ERNEST HENRYOwner100Prod.          Australia     Copper, gold
Mount Isa Lead Z...100Prod.          Australia     Lead, lead
Maggie Hays100Devpt          Australia     Nickel
CLONCURRY COPPEROwner100Devpt          Australia     Gold, copper
Lady LorettaOwner100Expl.          Australia     Copper, lead, silver, zinc
TOBY CREEKJoint ventureExpl.          Australia     Zinc, silver
East Kimberley P...Expl.          Australia     Nickel, diamonds
TOBY CREEKJoint ventureExpl.          Australia     Lead
Prospect DExpl.          Australia     Northern territoryGold, copper, nickel
Hyc Mcarthur River100Prod.          Australia     Northern territorySilver, zinc, lead
MOUNT PEAKEExpl.          Australia     Northern territoryVanadium
MT ISA BLACK STAROwner100Prod.          Australia     QueenslandSilver, lead
MT ISAOwner100Prod.          Australia     QueenslandCopper
MT ISA ENTERPRISEOwner100Prod.          Australia     QueenslandCopper
MT ISA BLACK STAROwner100Prod.          Australia     QueenslandZinc
Tick Hill ProjectOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
BLACK ROCKOwner65Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold, silver
Bounty MineOwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaNickel, gold
Wilson CreekExpl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Alice HillExpl.          Australia     Western australiaDiamonds
Lake Percy (lake...Expl.          Australia     Western australiaNickel
Roundtop (lake J...Expl.          Australia     Western australiaNickel
Maggie Hays (lak...Expl.          Australia     Western australiaNickel
Alice HillExpl.          Australia     Western australiaPlatinum
Emily Ann (lake...Owner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaNickel
Cosmos MineOwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaNickel
ThunderboxProd.          Australia     Western australiaGold
LENNARD SHELFOption on interest50Devpt          Australia     Western australiaLead
LENNARD SHELFJoint venture50Devpt          Australia     Western australiaLead
LENNARD SHELFOption on interest50Devpt          Australia     Western australiaZinc
LENNARD SHELFJoint venture50Devpt          Australia     Western australiaZinc
SINCLAIROwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaNickel
MUSGRAVEExpl.          Australia     Western australiaNickel
Honeymoon WellExpl.          Australia     Western australiaNickel
Phoenix Mine (ta...Prod.          Botswana     Nickel, copper
Selkirk Mine (ta...Owner100Expl.          Botswana     Copper, nickel, platinum
DIKOLOTIOwner15Expl.          Botswana     Nickel, copper
Carajas Rio VermelhoExpl.          Brazil     
Carajas Sao FelixExpl.          Brazil     
CarajasExpl.          Brazil     
MANGABALExpl.          Brazil     Copper, nickel
Rio VermelhoExpl.          Brazil     Carajas mineral provinceCopper
Sao FelixExpl.          Brazil     Carajas mineral provinceCopper
Vermillion-erringtonOwner100Expl.          Canada     Copper
Craig/ Nad ClaimsExpl.          Canada     Lead
Vermillion-erringtonOwner100Expl.          Canada     Silver
Craig/ Nad ClaimsExpl.          Canada     Silver
Vermillion-erringtonOwner100Expl.          Canada     Zinc
Craig/ Nad ClaimsExpl.          Canada     Zinc
Confederation La...Expl.          Canada     Zinc
Kidd TwpOwner100Expl.          Canada     
Rouyn D'alembertExpl.          Canada     
Foy MouthExpl.          Canada     
MaclennanOwner100Expl.          Canada     
Rouyn Lac DufaultExpl.          Canada     
Frood-stobie Nor...Owner100Expl.          Canada     
Chesterfield InletExpl.          Canada     
Musk PropertyExpl.          Canada     
Rainbow PropertyExpl.          Canada     
Lac Rocher - Mau...Owner100Expl.          Canada     
MirageOwner100Expl.          Canada     
KamiskotiaExpl.          Canada     
Quash Creek - Fa...Owner100Expl.          Canada     
Marten River - J...Owner100Expl.          Canada     
Bravo Lake (baff...Expl.          Canada     
Lac Rocher - Fal...Owner100Expl.          Canada     
Confederation La...Expl.          Canada     Silver
Seymour Lake/ Km 61Expl.          Canada     Silver
Delta - Kenty(un...Expl.          Canada     Platinum
Seymour Lake/ Km 61Expl.          Canada     Molybdenum
Delta - Kenty(un...Expl.          Canada     Nickel, palladium
Confederation La...Expl.          Canada     Copper
Delta - Kenty(un...Expl.          Canada     Copper
Seymour Lake/ Km 61Expl.          Canada     Copper
Delta - Kenty(un...Expl.          Canada     Gold
Confederation La...Expl.          Canada     Gold
PELLETIER LAKE (...Prod.          Canada     Gold
NORALEX (WEST AN...Prod.          Canada     Gold
KIDD CREEK MINE...Owner100Prod.          Canada     Copper
NORALEX (WEST AN...Prod.          Canada     Copper
CRAIG - ONAPING...Owner100Prod.          Canada     Nickel
BUCKO LAKEOwner100Prod.          Canada     Nickel
KIDD CREEK MINE...Owner100Prod.          Canada     Lead, silver
NORALEX (WEST AN...Prod.          Canada     Silver
KIDD CREEK MINE...Owner100Prod.          Canada     Zinc
NORALEX (WEST AN...Prod.          Canada     Zinc
Pd1Owner100Devpt          Canada     Zinc, silver, copper, gold
Bowden LakeExpl.          Canada     Nickel
M11aExpl.          Canada     Nickel
Halfway LakeExpl.          Canada     Nickel
Seal Bay JvJoint venture49Expl.          Canada     Lead, silver
Troilus / Frotet50Expl.          Canada     Vanadium, silver
Seal Bay JvJoint venture49Expl.          Canada     Gold, copper
Troilus / Frotet50Expl.          Canada     Copper
Seal Bay JvJoint venture49Expl.          Canada     Zinc
Resting LakeExpl.          Canada     
Brenda MineOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCopper
Chemainus ProjectOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCopper
Quash CreekOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCopper
Windy CraggyOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCopper, cobalt
Siwash CreekExpl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
Windy CraggyOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
Chemainus ProjectOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
Jd-mooseOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
LizardOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
Quash CreekOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaGold
Churchill / HillerExpl.          Canada     British columbiaIron ore
Chemainus ProjectOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
Jd-mooseOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
Quash CreekOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
Siwash CreekExpl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
Windy CraggyOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaSilver
Chemainus ProjectOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaLead
Quash CreekOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaLead
Chemainus ProjectOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaZinc
Quash CreekOwner100Expl.          Canada     British columbiaZinc
CATFACEArea of interest50Expl.          Canada     British columbiaCopper
ROBB LAKEExpl.          Canada     British columbiaLead, zinc
Rod MineOwner100Expl.          Canada     ManitobaSilver, gold, copper, zinc
Poplar BayExpl.          Canada     Manitoba
Burntwood RiverExpl.          Canada     ManitobaNickel
Strong And Moak...Expl.          Canada     ManitobaNickel
DickstoneOwner100Expl.          Canada     ManitobaSilver, tin, copper, gold, zinc
Cook LakeExpl.          Canada     ManitobaZinc, gold, copper, silver
Tnb NorthExpl.          Canada     ManitobaNickel
Tnb SouthExpl.          Canada     ManitobaNickel
William LakeExpl.          Canada     ManitobaNickel
WishboneOption on interest100Expl.          Canada     NanuvutZinc
Heath Steele MinesOwner100Expl.          Canada     New brunswickZinc, lead, silver, copper
BRUNSWICK MINE100Prod.          Canada     New brunswickCopper, lead, silver, zinc
Bathurst JvExpl.          Canada     New brunswickZinc, lead, copper
Indian ArmUnk.          Canada     Newfoundland
Victoria MineExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
Beaver BrookExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandAntimony
Victoria MineExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandLead, zinc
Buchans ProjectExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc
Tulks NorthExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc
Duck PondOwner100Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandSilver
Tulks NorthExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandSilver
Buchans ProjectExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandSilver, lead
Tulks NorthExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandLead
Duck PondOwner100Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandLead
Tulks NorthExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
Buchans ProjectExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
Duck PondOwner100Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
Valentine LakeOwner100Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandGold
Tulks NorthExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandGold
Duck PondOwner100Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandGold
Buchans ProjectExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandGold
Duck PondOwner100Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc
TULKS NORTHBack in right50Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandGold
TULK SOUTH - DOMINONet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandGold
TULK SOUTH BOOM...Net Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandGold
TULK LONG LAKE M...Net Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandGold
GREAT BURNT LAKEExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandGold
TULKS NORTHBack in right50Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandLead
TULK SOUTH - DOMINONet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandLead
TULK SOUTH BOOM...Net Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandLead
TULK EAST B ZONENet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandLead
TULK LONG LAKE M...Net Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandLead
GREAT BURNT LAKEExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
TULKS NORTHBack in right50Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
TULK SOUTH - DOMINONet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
TULK SOUTH BOOM...Net Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
TULK EAST B ZONENet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
TULK LONG LAKE M...Net Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
SKIDDERNet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper
TULKS NORTHBack in right50Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandSilver
TULK SOUTH - DOMINONet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandSilver
TULK SOUTH BOOM...Net Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandSilver
TULK EAST B ZONENet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandSilver
TULK LONG LAKE M...Net Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandSilver
SKIDDERNet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandSilver
TULKS NORTHBack in right50Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc
TULK SOUTH - DOMINONet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc
TULK SOUTH BOOM...Net Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc
TULK EAST B ZONENet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc
TULK EAST A ZONENet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc
TULK LONG LAKE M...Net Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc
SKIDDERNet Smelter Return2Expl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc
MARY MARCHExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandZinc, silver, lead
KONRADExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandNickel
MARY MARCHExpl.          Canada     NewfoundlandCopper, gold
Stirling / MindamarOwner100Expl.          Canada     Nova scotiaZinc
DONKINJoint venture75Expl.          Canada     Nova scotiaCoal
StormExpl.          Canada     Nunavut
HACKETT RIVEROption on interest100Devpt          Canada     NunavutZinc, copper, gold, lead, silver
BathurstInterest50Expl.          Canada     NunavutSilver, lead, gold, copper, zinc
MUSKExpl.          Canada     NunavutCopper, lead, gold, silver, zinc
Ben NevisExpl.          Canada     OntarioSilver
Halfmoon (kamisk...Owner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioSilver
VermillionOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioSilver
Ben NevisExpl.          Canada     OntarioLead
Fox-stimson - Cr...Owner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioLead
Halfmoon (kamisk...Owner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioLead
SaganashOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioLead
VermillionOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioLead
HavocExpl.          Canada     OntarioNickel, palladium
Janes Twp (chini...Expl.          Canada     OntarioPalladium
FootwallExpl.          Canada     OntarioPalladium
FoyExpl.          Canada     OntarioPalladium
HavocExpl.          Canada     OntarioPlatinum
Pigeon RiverExpl.          Canada     OntarioPlatinum
Janes Twp (chini...Expl.          Canada     OntarioPlatinum
FootwallExpl.          Canada     OntarioPlatinum
FoyExpl.          Canada     OntarioPlatinum
Pigeon RiverExpl.          Canada     OntarioNickel
Janes Twp (chini...Expl.          Canada     OntarioNickel
FootwallExpl.          Canada     OntarioNickel
FoyExpl.          Canada     OntarioNickel
Montcalm Twp PropOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioNickel
SothmanOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioNickel
Marten RiverOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioDiamonds
SaganashOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioDiamonds
Janes Twp (chini...Expl.          Canada     OntarioGold
Ben NevisExpl.          Canada     OntarioGold
Pigeon RiverExpl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
Janes Twp (chini...Expl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
FootwallExpl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
FoyExpl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
HavocExpl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
Ben NevisExpl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
Halfmoon (kamisk...Owner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
SaganashOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
Snake FallsOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
Montcalm Twp PropOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
VermillionOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
Pigeon RiverExpl.          Canada     OntarioCobalt
Montcalm Twp PropOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioCobalt
VermillionOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioZinc
SaganashOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioZinc
Snake FallsOwner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioZinc
Fox-stimson - Cr...Owner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioZinc
Halfmoon (kamisk...Owner100Expl.          Canada     OntarioZinc
Ben NevisExpl.          Canada     OntarioZinc
Mann (frederick,...Expl.          Canada     Ontario
Fox Stimson Peri...Owner100Expl.          Canada     Ontario
KIDDOwner100Prod.          Canada     OntarioZinc
KIDD CREEK DIVISION100Prod.          Canada     OntarioCopper
KIDDOwner100Prod.          Canada     OntarioCopper
STRATHCONAProd.          Canada     OntarioCopper
LINDSLEY MINEOwner100Prod.          Canada     OntarioCopper
KIDD CREEK DIVISION100Prod.          Canada     OntarioLead
STRATHCONAProd.          Canada     OntarioNickel
FALCONBRIDGE MINEJoint venture22Prod.          Canada     OntarioNickel
LINDSLEY MINEOwner100Prod.          Canada     OntarioNickel
KIDDOwner100Prod.          Canada     OntarioLead
KIDD CREEK DIVISION100Prod.          Canada     OntarioSilver, zinc
KIDDOwner100Prod.          Canada     OntarioSilver
ONAPING DEPTH100Devpt          Canada     OntarioZinc
PREMIERE RIDGEDevpt          Canada     OntarioSilver
FRASER MORGAN100Devpt          Canada     OntarioSilver
Onaping Depth100Devpt          Canada     OntarioSilver
ONAPING DEPTH100Devpt          Canada     OntarioSilver
Onaping Depth100Devpt          Canada     OntarioNickel
PREMIERE RIDGEDevpt          Canada     OntarioNickel
FRASER MORGAN100Devpt          Canada     OntarioNickel
PREMIERE RIDGEDevpt          Canada     OntarioPlatinum, palladium
ONAPING DEPTH100Devpt          Canada     OntarioLead
Onaping Depth100Devpt          Canada     OntarioGold
ONAPING DEPTH100Devpt          Canada     OntarioGold
PREMIERE RIDGEDevpt          Canada     OntarioGold
FRASER MORGAN100Devpt          Canada     OntarioGold
Onaping Depth100Devpt          Canada     OntarioCopper
ONAPING DEPTH100Devpt          Canada     OntarioCopper
Onaping Depth100Devpt          Canada     OntarioCobalt
FRASER MORGAN100Devpt          Canada     OntarioCobalt
PREMIERE RIDGEDevpt          Canada     OntarioCopper
FRASER MORGAN100Devpt          Canada     OntarioCopper
ISLAND COPPERJoint venture45Expl.          Canada     OntarioGold
SABINExpl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
CHANCEOwner58Expl.          Canada     OntarioLead, silver
SABINExpl.          Canada     OntarioZinc
CHANCEOwner58Expl.          Canada     OntarioZinc
AKWESKWAExpl.          Canada     OntarioZinc
Victoria LakeExpl.          Canada     OntarioZinc
AKWESKWAExpl.          Canada     OntarioSilver
Martison (phosphate)Expl.          Canada     OntarioPhosphate
West Timmins ProjectExpl.          Canada     OntarioNickel
Montcalm100Expl.          Canada     OntarioNickel
AKWESKWAExpl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
Victoria LakeExpl.          Canada     OntarioCopper
AKWESKWAExpl.          Canada     OntarioGold
Coral RapidsExpl.          Canada     OntarioDiamonds
AKWESKWAExpl.          Canada     OntarioLead
Lac DufaultUnk.          Canada     Quebec
D'alembertUnk.          Canada     Quebec
Pelletier LakeExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold
Gaspe MineExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
MagnolaOwner100Expl.          Canada     QuebecMagnesium
Gaspe MineExpl.          Canada     QuebecSilver
GarinOwner100Expl.          Canada     QuebecSilver
Phelps Dodge ProjectExpl.          Canada     QuebecSilver
Delta-kentyExpl.          Canada     QuebecPlatinum
GerfautExpl.          Canada     QuebecZinc
Phelps Dodge ProjectExpl.          Canada     QuebecZinc
MoleonExpl.          Canada     QuebecSilver
Delta-kentyExpl.          Canada     QuebecNickel, palladium, copper
MoleonExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
GerfautExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
Phelps Dodge ProjectExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
GerfautExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold
Delta-kentyExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold
GarinOwner100Expl.          Canada     QuebecGold
Haut PlateauOwner100Expl.          Canada     Quebec
MoleonExpl.          Canada     QuebecZinc
RAGLAN100Prod.          Canada     QuebecCopper, nickel
PERSEVERANCEInterest100Devpt          Canada     QuebecSilver, copper, gold, zinc
MATAGAMIJoint venture50Expl.          Canada     QuebecZinc, gold
WEST ANSILJoint venture50Expl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
MATAGAMIJoint venture50Expl.          Canada     QuebecCopper, silver
TORTIGNYNet Smelter Return1Expl.          Canada     QuebecSilver, copper, zinc
HORNE SMELTERExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold, copper, silver
TROILUS / TORTIGNYExpl.          Canada     QuebecSilver
Lac RocherExpl.          Canada     QuebecSilver
TROILUS / TORTIGNYExpl.          Canada     QuebecZinc
MEGATEMInterest30Expl.          Canada     QuebecNickel
TROILUS / TORTIGNYExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper
Lac RocherExpl.          Canada     QuebecCobalt
TROILUS / TORTIGNYExpl.          Canada     QuebecGold
CEZINCInterest25Expl.          Canada     QuebecZinc
SUDBURYOwner100Prod.          Canada     QuebecTimminsCopper, nickel
NICKEL RIM SOUTH100Devpt          Canada     SudburyNickel, silver, cobalt, copper , gold
Craig / NadOwner100Expl.          Canada     Yukon territorySilver
AndrewOwner100Expl.          Canada     Yukon territorySilver, zinc
Craig / NadOwner100Expl.          Canada     Yukon territoryLead
AndrewOwner100Expl.          Canada     Yukon territoryLead
Craig / NadOwner100Expl.          Canada     Yukon territoryZinc
West WallOwner100Expl.          Chile     
COLLAHUASI MINEJoint venture44Prod.          Chile     Copper
LOMAS BAYAS100Prod.          Chile     Copper
LOMAS BAYAS II100Devpt          Chile     Copper
Rosario Oeste44Expl.          Chile     Copper
La Fortuna (el M...Expl.          Chile     Copper, gold
SideralOwner100Expl.          Chile     Gold
ProdecoProd.          Colombia     Coal
CERRO DE MAIMONNet Smelter Return2Devpt          Dominican Republic     Gold, copper, silver
FALCONDO MINEInterest85Devpt          Dominican Republic     Nickel
Disko BayExpl.          Greenland     Nickel
Nuussuaq (centra...Expl.          Greenland     Nickel, platinum, rhodium, cobalt
Disko BayExpl.          Greenland     Copper
ShinroneExpl.          Ireland     
Holy CrossExpl.          Ireland     
PALLAS GREENOwner100Expl.          Ireland     Zinc, lead
Touba-biankoumaOwner100Expl.          Ivory Coast     Nickel, cobalt
ST ANN BAUXITEInterest50Prod.          Jamaica     Bauxite
El Pilar100Expl.          Mexico     Copper
KoniamboOwner51Devpt          New Caledonia     Nickel
South Norway Project100Expl.          Norway     Nickel, cobalt, copper
Espedalen40Expl.          Norway     Novegian caledonidesCopper, nickel
Rio Veraguas & G...Expl.          Panama     Copper, gold
Frieda River72Expl.          Papua New Guinea     Gold, copper
FRIEDA - NENA DE...Expl.          Papua New Guinea     SepikCopper, gold, silver
Las BambasOwner100Expl.          Peru     Molybdenum, gold, copper
ANTAMINAInterest33Prod.          Peru     Copper
TintayaOwnerProd.          Peru     Copper
ANTAMINAInterest33Prod.          Peru     Molybdenum, zinc, silver
Las BambasOwner100Expl.          Peru     Copper
ANTAMINAInterest33Prod.          Peru     AncashCopper, silver, molybdenum
Antamina Zinc OreInterest33Prod.          Peru     Ancash
ANTAMINAInterest33Prod.          Peru     AncashZinc
TAMPAKANOption62Devpt          Philippines     MindanaoCopper, gold
Potgietersrus Pl...Unk.          South Africa     Copper, cobalt, nickel, platinum
InsizwaExpl.          South Africa     Nickel, copper
De WildtOwner100Expl.          South Africa     Platinum
KABANGAJoint venture50Expl.          Tanzania     Nickel
ELMALAANExpl.          Turkey     Silver
BertaExpl.          Turkey     Silver
ELMALAANExpl.          Turkey     Copper, gold
BertaExpl.          Turkey     Zinc
ELMALAANExpl.          Turkey     Zinc
BunkervilleUnk.          USA     NevadaPlatinum, palladium
Al HariquahExpl.          Yemen     
Al Hariqah (suwar)Expl.          Yemen     Palladium, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper, Cobalt