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Ambush at the COMEX Corral

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Publié le 18 avril 2013
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Goldman Sach’s prediction of $1200 gold is similar to Hitler predicting the Reichstag fire

Prediction is an art. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is as operative in the realms of the unknown as well as in the known. But, sometimes, predictions are a slam-dunk such as the large number of put options placed on United and American Airlines in the days prior to 9/11 through Alex Brown Deutsche Bank, an investment unit with close ties to the CIA’s Buzz Krongard.

Note: Alex.Brown’s former Chairman, Buzz Krongard, was appointed Director of the CIA in 2011. Buzz Krongard’s successor, Mayo Shattuck III, who oversaw the purchases of the 9/11 puts resigned from Alex Brown Deutsche Bank on 9/12. For the story of the 9/11 puts, see Mark H. Gaffney’s series in the Foreign Policy Journal, Black 9/11: A Walk on the Dark Side.

In January 2013, analysts at Goldman Sachs predicted gold would fall to $1200. That Goldman Sachs would make such an apparently lucky out-of-the money prediction given the recent ambush of gold at COMEX wasn’t luck at all. Like 9/11, the COMEX ambush was planned and executed with military precision.

In his article at Sharps Pixley, Gold Crushed by 400 Tonnes of $20 billion of Selling on COMEX, former gold trader at NM Rothschilds & Sons and Credit Suisse, Ross Norman, describes how the ambush was carried out:

The gold futures markets opened in New York on Friday 12th April to a monumental 3.4 million ounces (100 tonnes) of gold selling of the June futures contract (see below) in what proved to be only an opening shot. The selling took gold to the technically very important level of $1540 which was not only the low of 2012, it was also seen by many as the level which confirmed the ongoing bull run which dates back to 2000. In many traders minds it stood as a formidable support level... the line in the sand.

Two hours later the initial selling, rumoured to have been routed through Merrill Lynch's floor team, by a rather more significant blast when the floor was hit by a further 10 million ounces of selling (300 tonnes) over the following 30 minutes of trading.

This was clearly not a case of disappointed longs leaving the market - it had the hallmarks of a concerted 'short sale', which by driving prices sharply lower in a display of 'shock & awe' - would seek to gain further momentum by prompting others to also sell as their positions as they hit their maximum acceptable losses or so-called 'stopped-out' in market parlance - probably hidden the unimpeachable (?) $1540 level.

The selling was timed for optimal impact with New York at its most liquid, while key overseas gold markets including London were open and able feel the impact. The estimated 400 tonne of gold futures selling in total equates to 15% of annual gold mine production - too much for the market to readily absorb, especially with sentiment weak following gold's non performance in the wake of Japanese QE, a nuclear threat from North Korea and weakening US economic data. The assault to the short side was essentially saying "you are long... and wrong".

Futures trading is performed on a margined basis - that is to say you have to stump up about 5% of the actual cost of the gold itself making futures trades a highly geared 'opportunity' of about 20:1 - easy profit and also loss! Futures trading is not a product for widows and orphans. The CME's 10% reduction in the required gold margins in November 2012 from $9133/contract to just $7425/contract made the market more accessible to those wishing both to go long or as it transpired, to go short.

Soon after we saw the first serious assault to the downside in Dec 2012, followed by further bouts in January 2013 - modest in size compared to the recent shorting but effective - it laid the ground for what was to follow. One fund in particular, based in Stamford Connecticut, was identified as the previous shorter of gold and has a history of being caught on the wrong side of the law on a few occasions. As badies go - they fit the bill nicely.


Sandeep Jaitly’s Gold Basis Service confirmed that gold and silver were in ‘escalating’ backwardation prior to the COMEX ambush on April 12th. This means that physical supplies of gold and silver were becoming even tighter when the attack on the gold price began.

A failure to deliver by COMEX has been delayed though not averted by last week’s action. The paper money cartel is trapped in a fight to the death, its death. The ambush of gold at the COMEX corral is but their desperate attempt to extend their ponzi-scheme of credit and debt for a few more years.


While the fund in Stamford Connecticut may have placed the $20 billion worth of gold shorts but, if they did, it is far more likely they acted as the agent of far-larger entity such as Goldman Sachs which had months before predicted gold would fall to $1200.

Goldman Sach’s January prediction of the fall of gold reminded me of an after-dinner conversation I had a few years ago in Europe. The conversation was with a gold trader at a major European bank and the topic of conversation was gold.

Gold had been falling for several days and I remember his excusing himself the previous evening and saying quietly, “I think it’s time to buy gold”. The next morning the price of gold began moving higher.

What he told me during that evening’s conversation bears repeating, especially after what has happened. He said that he had been watching gold’s movements in real time when a highly anomalous event caught his attention, the bid price of gold had been followed not by an equal or higher ask price but by a lower ask price and, as he watched, the price of gold began to fall.

He said he began watching for this anomalous trade and discovered when it occurred, it was always followed by lower ask prices which meant gold was being driven lower. The source of the anomalous lower gold ask price was always J. Aron & Co., the commodities trading arm of Goldman Sachs.

Note: Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sach’s CEO, worked as a precious metals salesman at J. Aron’s London offices before going to Goldman Sachs in New York.


In 2007, in my book, Time of the Vulture: How to Survive the Crisis and Prosper in the Process, I wrote:






Ø  STAGE 1:  THE SUPPRESSION OF THE PRICE OF GOLD Central Banks collude with investment banks and gold mining companies to force down the price of gold.

Ø  STAGE 2:  THE PRICE OF GOLD MOVES UPWARD Gold begins to rise, doubling in price even as Central Banks fight its rise.

Ø  STAGE 3:  THE PRICE OF GOLD BECOMES INCREASINGLY VOLATILE The price of gold is subject to increasing highs and lows as large investment funds move in and out of gold as global economic uncertainties wax and wane, a sign that gold is increasingly a haven in uncertain times.

Ø  STAGE 4:  EXPLOSIVE ASCENT IN THE PRICE OF GOLD A crisis results in a monetary breakdown which drives the price of gold to never-before-seen highs. Investment capital floods towards the safety of gold. Central Banks capitulate.

Ø  STAGE 5:  THE PRICE OF GOLD STABILIZES The crisis recedes and order begins to return to the markets. Though losses are substantial, a new order based on new realities slowly begins to emerge.

When I was writing Time of the Vulture: How to Survive the Crisis and Prosper in the Process gold was in STAGE 2. The price of gold was then $650. Today in April 2013, gold is now in STAGE 3 where THE PRICE OF GOLD BECOMES INCREASINGLY VOLATILE The price of gold is subject to increasing highs and lows as large investment funds move in and out of gold as global economic uncertainties wax and wane, a sign that gold is increasingly a haven in uncertain times.

The recent 20% fall in the price of gold indicates we are currently still in STAGE 3. STAGE 4 with its EXPLOSIVE ASCENT IN THE PRICE OF GOLD is next. When STAGE 4 happens is anyone’s guess as prediction is always an uncertain art—unless, of course, you’re Goldman Sachs.

Regarding STAGE 4’s eventuality, I wrote in Time of the Vulture:

When allied troops stormed the beaches at Normandy, it was the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. But between Normandy and Berlin was a great distance in miles, blood, and time. So it is with the battle between paper money and gold.

Paper money had its day as did Nazi Germany. During the expansion of the 1980s and the boom times of the 1990s, it appeared that paper’s triumph was complete, and gold an outdated relic.

Indeed, from 1981-2000 and especially so between 1996 and 2000, paper was the unquestioned victor. In the late 1990s, the price of gold was but ¼ of what it should have been. Only its most ardent believers and supporters had faith that gold’s day would come.


In my youtube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0duUjR_C4s, The Collapse and Emergence of Eras, I discuss the collapse of the present economic paradigm and the better world that will replace it. These are momentous times. The volatility of gold is an indicator that far greater changes are in motion than merely the price of precious metals.

Buy gold, buy silver, have faith.

Darryl Robert Schoon



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1. Sure we could assign some blame to Drahgi. Maybe some to Soros and Goldenslacks as well.

However this was orchestrated. Evidence is the massive losses incurred by driving the price down with non-existent gold.

So any blame assigned to Draghi, Soros, _____ (fill in the blank) is just noise.

2. It is illegal to naked short the market with the intent of manipulating the market. Usually difficult to prove. However the evidence is in the magnitude of the shorts.

3. What! Few buy in a collapsing market. If they start buying, the valuation stabilizes. No buyers means the valuation will continue to drop until buyers stop the decline or the sellers withdraw the goods from the market.

The "no selling without a buyer" line was silly. The lack of a buyer does not infer lack of value.

4. You have forgotten that not all buyers are eager PM traders. Many actually save aka accumulate PM weight.

If your business is PM sales, what would ever possess you to tell prospective buyers they should sell out/close out/ don't buy from me?

Do you buy everything advertised on TV? Ever hear of infomercials?

5. Gold IS a commodity just as rare paintings and Ming Vases are. It is also a monetary metal respected world-wide.

Fiat money absolutely demands consumer confidence; first, last and always. PM prices and gold especially erode that confidence and highlight inflation.

6. Mr Dontrose engages in speculation just like everyone else. I don't recall him being called an idiot. The only serious mistake I have seen Mr Dontrose make is assuming all readers were speculators.

He makes the further mistake of calling for avoidance of the market until it stabilizes at the bottom. Poor idea for speculators. Buy on the way down unless you really believe the tripe about gold being in a bubble.

As for Mr Dontrose's comments about Mr Schiff. Each writes to a different buyer. Mr Schiff is right on the money about this is the time to buy. If you are gonna make money, buy on the way down and sell on the way up. Let Mr Dontrose call the tops and bottoms. Good luck with that.

7. Austrians slaughtered? Bubba, PMs pre-date Austrians and Keynesians by a few thousand years. History has demonstrated what works and what don't. Austrians are the historians. Keynesians are just the latest iteration of economic game theorists. They will go the way of the last several hundred iterations.

Gold is a commodity AND a monetary metal. The market is always right in the longer view. You don't get the right to redefine what the market has decided. The same goes for everyone, myself included. The market decides and man squalls like a little baby. It ain't fair.
Speculation is just a fancy word for gambling.

Savings is just a politically correct word for hoarding. Haven't you been listening to the politicians and economists extolling us to quit saving and start spending to save the economy?

Greed is good. Even Dept of Homeland Security is recommending laying in supplies just in case. That is hoarding. Hoarding is saving for a rainy day. Hoarding is the tactics that support the strategy of greed.
This is a buying opportunity.

But more importantly, it might have been the beginning of a new beginning. The economy requires that the participants have confidence in the system. This may have proven that the market is manipulated in the extremis. Once confidence is lost, the shit hits the fan.

More than anything, the perps need to do the perp walk. The SEC, DoJ and the politicians need to get brutal with the perps. This means the businesses that dumped the naked shorts MUST be killed, licensing pulled, fined into oblivion, assets seized, ...

The economy needs confidence to keep operating. Failure will make all economic theory moot. The market will take control.
Evaluer :   5  0Note :   5
I've been reading the various autopsies on what happened in the gold market last Friday and this Monday and have been struck by a number of things.

1) It seems to me that nobody is pointing the finger of blame at Mario Draghi, yet it appears to me that his statement about Cypriot gold is what triggered the sell-off. In short, what he said is that Cyprus would have to sell their gold reserves if they wanted more "help". The unspoken implication was that this requirement would be placed on any other Eurozone country needing a bail-out (read Spain, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and perhaps France). That raised the spectre of thousands of tons coming onto the market in the very near future. Hard to blame anyone for wanting to get out with the possibility of forced sales of that magnitude on the horizon.

2) There has been a lot of talk about a massive naked shorting of the market coming from those who only advise that you buy, never that you sell. And they quite naturally complain bitterly about it. Let me just point out that it is perfectly legal to short the market, even if you do not have the underlying asset (hence naked).

3) There has been a great deal of detective work done trying to determine who the seller was. Why has there been no interest shown in who was buying? After all, there can be no selling without someone buying.

4) It seems rather incongruous to me that those who complain most bitterly about the market being rigged are the very same folks who only advise that you buy, never that you sell. Why on earth would you advise anyone but your enemies to participate on the wrong side of a rigged market?

5) There has been a near absence of commentary pointing out the obvious: gold is a commodity just like all the others. It goes up and it also goes down. There need not be some sinister plot behind its price movements. Indeed, there would be something sinister behind it only moving either up or down, for that would be unnatural.

6) It has been rather sad to see the feedback Dan Dontrose has received, being called an idiot and the like. All he was guilty of was making the right call on where price was headed. As for his comments on Peter Schiff, he was a good deal more gentle than I would have been. With that he merely pointed out that Schiff, with his endless calls to buy, was decisively wrong.

7) Far too many of those writing articles for our consumption on this site have bought into the utter nonsense that Austrian economics represents. It is time to realize that gold is just another commodity. Austrians have made it into a quasi-religion. Recent events have shown that if this was a battle between Austrians and Keynesians, the Austrians got slaughtered. It was not even a competitive fight. This revelation should be welcomed, for if we learn the lesson that it has taught, we will throw off the blinders that Austrianism forces us to wear and we will see gold for what it really is.

Evaluer :   2  8Note :   -6
Vox, you’ve made some pretty stupid comments before but you now crossed the line and are seemingly living in Jim C world. At first I thought you might be trying to put out some provocative thoughts to start a flow of ideas but then realized that, no this was for real.

You ask “Why has there been no interest shown in who was buying?” Well I was buying, as was everyone I know. Anyone with any common sense was buying. I stopped at two bullion dealers in my area yesterday to pick up some gold but more so because I wanted to see what kind of chatter was going on with the dealers. I was surprised at the number of people that were lined up to buy gold and silver. One dealer was rationing and both were almost out of both metals. I chatted with a few of the people in the line ups, normal everyday people, none of which had a broker but all understood what you don’t seem to be able to grasp, the metals have been manipulated and they were waiting for a major manipulation down to buy physical. How many millions of ounces of both gold and silver do you think was sold at street level over the last few days in Europe, never mind the rest of the world after the Cyprus rip off? People are trying to protect what they have left before Keynesian driven politicians and the banksters try to grab it. They weren’t led by an understanding of what you call the Austrian quasi-religion. They were running on common sense, something that you seem to possess very little of. You have obviously missed the documentation presented here and elsewhere that China, Russia, and to a lesser degree smaller countries are on gold buying spree’s. How could you miss something so obvious?

I have never preached that people should buy PM’s but I have complained about those who manipulate the prices. Wrong side of a rigged market, really? Tell me oh wise one, has there ever been a rigged market where eventually those doing the rigging didn’t end up nailed to a wall? Which is the right side when men in black suits come knocking on the door?

As far as the derogatory comments on Dontrose, I’d say they were representative of the man’s writings. Where you see Peter Schiff’s calls to buy decisively wrong I see wise advise. Am I alone in this thinking, no just as there are those who believe Dontrose is correct. Here again we hit that subject that causes you grief, people possessing and acting on their own opinions (feelings). If your opinion was the only correct one you would not be bothered to come here and entertain the lessor beings, you would be out drinking Champaign for breakfast with the people running central banks. Obviously your opinions and knowledge have not led to the creation of a multi-billion dollar empire.

“Indeed, there would be something sinister behind it only moving either up or down, for that would be unnatural.” Have you missed all the documentation about central banks being in hyper drive, even main stream media is reporting on this, spewing out fiat money? Do you understand that when there is too much of something created out of thin air it’s value goes down when compared to something (gold) that can’t be created out of thin air? Are you new to this?

Gold has never been just a commodity. Like the need to breath or eat, gold has been part of what humans need for 6000+ years. Have there been politicians or leaders over those thousands of years that have manipulated gold and silver by adding other metals or a number of other scams, yes. Did this change how humans (and I know you’re going to have a problem with this word again because you don’t understand it) feel about gold and silver, no. It’s only been in recent history that gold and silver have been treated like commodities by those who would perpetrate yet another scam.

“Far too many of those writing articles for our consumption on this site have bought into the utter nonsense that Austrian economics represents.” What a breathtakingly stupid statement. Please do provide a dissertation on your thoughts as to which school of thought is the correct one and why. I’m also unsure what you mean that if this was a battle between Keynesians and Austrians the Austrians got slaughtered. Are you so blind that you can’t see the shear corruption of the media and what they are pushing on behalf of their Keynesian leaders? There has been no victory, one side simply has the ability to print all the money it needs to pay off the politicians and media barons to promote their quest to remove all monies from Mr. Average Joe and put it in their own pockets. I don’t see any Austrians laying in mass graves, they weren’t slaughtered nor was what they believe even dented. Truth be told many of the average people on the street are, through the use of common sense, coming to the conclusion that the Keynesian way of life has gotten them nowhere other than over their heads in debt. Without even knowing about Austrian economic theory they’re becoming Austrians in the way they think about money and have started moving away from debt.

“Austrianism forces us to wear blinders?” What the hell were you thinking when you typed that up? Please do explain how we as a collective species have been forced to wear Austrian blinders? In fact the very opposite is true, Keynesians through manipulation of the media have carried out a continued assault on the world’s population. Most of the planet is walking around with glazed over eye’s believing they didn’t get into enough debt and because of this the world as we know it will end. Like some liberal fanatic you run around calling Austrians terrorists simply because they can see where you are wrong and they have a better plan. I and millions more see gold for what it really is. This understanding however has alluded you.

You’ve made some bad calls here in the past but you’ve now set a new low for yourself.

Evaluer :   7  2Note :   5
Thanks for your response. It is appreciated far more than the lone up arrow my comment garnered.

i could not help but notice that you made no mention of my first 2 points. As you tackled the rest of them in order, am i to take it that you failed to do so because you agreed with them?

In attempting to answer my question of who was buying, you stated that you along with everyone you know were buying. However, you were far from clear on this. My point had to do with the paper market. As you know, the paper and physical markets are 2 different animals. You stated that you did buy some physical. The question is did you buy paper contracts? Those who did got taken to the cleaners. Those who bought physical will one day be able to profit from their action. So, unless you and everyone you know was buying paper contracts, you have not answered my question.

This one is probably my fault in that i used the term Keynesian as those who make use of this site like to do. In reality, Keynesian economics is not being employed by the current crop of crooks heading our governments. Keynes advocated a 2 pronged approach to the problems we face. The one we all know about was adding liquidity. The other was lowering taxes. To my knowledge, no government exists today that is lowering taxes. So, we ought not to knock Keynes.

As for the documentation you alleged has been presented here regarding the purchase of gold by China, none exists. That is pure conjecture. China has not reported on their official gold holdings for 3 or 4 years now. Indeed, the last official announcement to come out of China concerning gold, as reported in Xinhua, was that they had enough and would not be adding any more to their reserves. But if you could point me in the direction of real documentation to that effect, it would be appreciated.

Your point about the men in black suits who will come knocking at the door was about as clear as mud. Did you mean by it that they would be coming to "nail to the wall" the price manipulators or that they would be coming to confiscate gold? Given how the rule of law has done a vanishing act in America, (to say nothing of past history) the second possibility seems the more plausible. Yet i suspect you had the former in mind.

While you are free to see the advice of Schiff and others of his ilk as being sound, you can only do so with the proviso that timing does not matter. But time does matter. There is a time to buy and there is also a time to sell. Anyone who claims otherwise is not only a dullard, but poorer.

As for all the evidence that banks have been in hyper-drive printing money, no, i have not missed it. And what is more, it is true. i also understand that when too much of it has been created, the law of supply and demand kicks in and it loses its value. That being said, it must be asked, why hasn't the law of supply and demand kicked in? Let me explain that it has never stopped functioning. What you and so many others have failed to recognize is that capital destruction has out paced capital creation by roughly a 2:1 ratio. They have not been able to print quickly enough. You cannot look at but one side of the equation and expect to come up with the correct answer. Such simplistic reasoning leads only to the poor house.

Your contention that gold is as necessary to human life as is breathing and eating was, to put it mildly, rather bizarre. You may want to reconsider that bit of hyperbole.

As i have already dealt with much of your penultimate point, i will not rehash it. But the point you made about most folks becoming Austrians without even knowing what that means is simply not true. Very few people own any gold at this time and while my evidence for saying so is only anecdotal, i can point you to the U.S. national debt clock for real evidence that cumulatively, Americans are continuing to increase their personal debt loads at roughly $1 million per minute; not getting out from underneath their debt as you claimed.

Like that putz, Sharpt, you have put words in my mouth that i did not utter. i never once referred to Austrians as terrorists.

And now allow me to address the over-arching theme of your post: the wisdom of common sense. Common sense is not always correct. Indeed, it can and has led to some very incorrect conclusions. Common sense led mankind to believe that the earth is flat and that the sun orbits the earth once each day. Common sense is employed by those with lazy minds who cannot be bothered to investigate what is really going on. It is those with uncommon sense that lead mankind forward, always questioning their own assumptions and in so doing, discovering that their notions of contrafactual definiteness were mistaken.

Evaluer :   3  7Note :   -4
Your first two points came across as nothing more than escaping gas and were treated that way.

First let me address your last item. It was common sense that lead to the idea that the world was round, not that not was flat. Flat earth promoters just could not accept that there was something beyond that which they could see. They did not believe beyond what they could observe, I believe you sometimes suffer from the same affliction. You state “It is those with uncommon sense that lead mankind forward” and seem to limit it here. Common sense is why your still alive to stalk this forum. Common sense has kept humanity alive even when there was an overwhelming desire to see if a hungry man could steal food from a bears grasp. Uncommon sense resulted in men being ripped to shreds by bears. To claim that common sense is what layabouts use is nonsense. You have effectively confused common sense with ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and business sense, none of which are needed to see that buying PM’s is important or a smart thing to do.

What triggered the sell off? Here it would appear your thinking in terms of a non-manipulated market which doesn’t exist. “That raised the spectre of thousands of tons coming onto the market in the very near future.” That statement is speculative and pure conjecture on your part.

This site is about owning PM’s. To me owning PM’s means having physical metals and I can’t recall many authors here suggesting you go buy paper metals. I don’t think in terms of paper metals here, my fault for allowing my opinion direct my thoughts towards the markets you referred to but I would offer that you do this far more often than I. If this was a site that heavily promotes stocks I would think in terms of paper here.

No documentation that China is buying gold? http://www.moneynews.com/StreetTalk/china-gold-federalreserve/2010/12/03/id/378884 http://money.cnn.com/2011/05/20/markets/china_gold/index.htm http://goldnews.bullionvault.com/china_gold_silver_022320105 http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonchang/2012/01/29/why-are-the-chinese-buying-record-quantities-of-gold/ http://blogs.wsj.com/marketbeat/2010/12/03/gold-demand-huge-buying-from-china/ and a lot more for anyone to read with the benefit that the information is more likely to be accurate than anything coming out of the US government.

Do I really have to explain what I meant by the men in black suits will be knocking on the doors of those that are doing the manipulating. They, the manipulators, will eventually be nailed to a wall, found guilty, thrown in a cell and the key thrown away. Or wait, are you among those that believe they won’t be brought to justice and instead all of humanity will be taken into custody by the elite and made to be slaves? Clarify please.

You calling Schiff ilk is like an endorsement given your current state where you attack anything that runs contrary to your own opinion. Recent posts by you have been rather, well they were uninspiring. Please do tell how you made your million/billions? Or please elaborate on how you’ve managed billions of others people’s money or assets thereby making your opinion so valuable? It’s always easy to insult those who have done better than we have but let’s just say I’m calling you out on this, put up or… Well you know the rest.

There is a time to buy and a time to sell. Who dictates these events? Again you hold your opinion above others without justification. Anyone who decides to hold rather than sell is looking at the long term and is in all likelihood an average metals buyer so calling someone a dullard for thinking this way is arrogant. There are wealthy men aplenty that had the courage to hold and even buy when everyone else was bailing out. I’m sure you’ve read about a number of them here and on other sites.

My so called contention that gold is as necessary to humans as is breathing and eating reflects the human psyche, not a physical need. It’s the human need to own something, land is another good example if you need it. Call it greed or whatever you want but having gold in hand satisfies this need and gives us something portable and very valuable that can called wealth. Did I really have to spell it all out? Think of all the men that left their families, their homes, traveled to far off lands and then died in the gold rushes. Have you ever seen anything in history where men died in a gravel rush?

As for putting words in your mouth. I simply used one word to describe a group that you seemed to imply anyone from the Austrian school of thought belongs to. So let’s see if I put words in your mouth. You state “we will throw off the blinders that Austrianism forces us to wear and we will see gold for what it really is.” The implication is that we are forced to take the Austrians view, we were bullied, gun to our heads, and the threat to hurt our families if we didn’t see things their way. Terrorists (I could also have used the word gangster) do this kind of thing. So did I really put words in your mouth?

So you seem to be implying that people must own gold before they can be Austrians? Managing money like an Austrian without knowing what it means in terms economics is what is happening today. Because people are going further into debt means they haven’t changed the way they view and use money? Time to think out of your box Vox. How much of that increased debt is pure interest? How much of that data is created out of thin air, just like the percentage of jobless the government would have you believe in. You won’t allow for anything that could be called conjecture when discussing countries buying gold but you would take anything the US government puts out as truth? Your saying that just because U.S. national debt clock shows evidence that cumulatively Americans are continuing to increase their personal debt loads at roughly $1 million per minute means that no Americans have decided to get out of debt? You need to get out more and talk to us little people.

Evaluer :   6  2Note :   4
vox kadavergehorsamkeit is guilty of many things, but most notably arrogance which has him believing even the very successful are wrong. After many comments in this forum alone he still hasn’t gleaned anything that would cause most people to step back and rethink their positions. This is often a symptom of possessing more education than the individual is capable of processing. Call it grey cell overload.

Vox, you made a statement and I would like to see what you use as the basis to back your argument. You said capital destruction has outpaced capital creation by roughly a 2:1 ratio. Papiere bitte.
Evaluer :   4  2Note :   2
Once again, when vox kadavergehorsamkeit is challenged he fails to provide any details to back up what can easily be labeled conjecture, he provides no response at all! "Nothing more than escaping gas" is a great description of his comments, well his current comments. There was a time when his posts contained thought inducing morsels but it appears he's gone all Jerry Springer on us.
Evaluer :   4  2Note :   2
Vox, your always looking for details. To your 5th point, please go to http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1366140621.php and read the whole article for yourself. The US census statistics show they have been exporting gold beyond what they could possibly export for 22 years without the help of either the US treasury or the Fed. Sinister plot? Yes indeed there has been a sinister plot.

As always, I'm open to you presenting details, not conjecture or opinion, to the contrary.

Evaluer :   4  2Note :   2
Perhaps my vision is impaired, but this sure looks like a monstrous naked short to fix the market.

Maybe the SEC will now prove that they are impotent.

Any bets on politicians asking why the SEC is sitting on their butts?
Evaluer :   5  0Note :   5
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Vox, your always looking for details. To your 5th point, please go to http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1366140621.php and read the whole article for yourself. The US census statistics show they have been exporting gold beyond what they could possi  Lire la suite
Schwerpunkt - 19/04/2013 à 21:03 GMT
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