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Astral Mining Corporation

Publié le 11 septembre 2007

Announces Commencement of Phase II Drilling at the Jumping Josephine Gold Project and Remaind

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Astral Mining Corporation
Astral Mining Corporation
News Releases
 Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Astral Announces Commencement of Phase II Drilling at the Jumping Josephine Gold Project and Remainder of Phase I Drill Results

Vancouver, BC - Astral Mining Corporation (TSX-V AST) and Kootenay Gold Inc. (TSX-V KTN) are pleased to announce that a 3,500m Phase II drilling program has recently commenced at the JJ Main Discovery Gold Zone. In addition surface trenching over several additional targets is also completed and samples have been submitted for analysis. The Company is also pleased to provide final results from the 2,627.73m, 31 hole Phase I diamond drill program on the Jumping Josephine (JJ) Gold Project in southeast British Columbia. The results include assays from holes drilled in the JJ Main (20 holes for 1431.06m, Bonanza Pass (2 holes for 643.29m) and Albion-Dubrovnik areas (9 holes for 553.38m).

Results from HQ diamond drill holes #14 through to #17 and NQ2 diamond drill holes #18 and #20, include 10m averaging 1.17 g/t gold (32.8 feet at 0.034 opt*) from hole 07JD016, which includes 1m at 4.14 g/t gold (3.28 feet at 0.121 opt*). Six of the remaining seven holes from the 20 hole Phase I drill program completed on the JJ Main Gold Zone are reported herein. Diamond drill hole 07JD019 is not reported as core was lost during a transportation incident. Table 1 contains detailed results and includes significant intervals from diamond holes 07JD014-020, finalizing results from Phase I drill program at JJ Main.

President Manfred Kurschner stated "We are very excited to have commenced the Phase II drill program which will be targeting what we believe to be a strong south-plunging mineralized shoot within the JJ Main Gold Zone. The shoot has been intersected to date by holes drilled on the southernmost two sections, spaced 60m apart, and so far it appears to be increasing in width to the south. The drill is currently completing a fence of holes along a section 30m further to the south. Astral has only just begun to test the potential of JJ Main structure which, based on mapping, geophysics and surface geochemistry, may extend for over three kilometres. In addition to targeting the gold-bearing stockwork system our technical team will also be drill testing for a buried porphyry target at depth".

Current information indicates the JJ Main Gold Zone has an estimated true width of up to 12.6m (41.32 feet) and that gold grades and zone width generally increase towards the south as evidenced by previously reported hole 07JD013 which assayed 19m averaging 7.01 g/t gold from 46m. Visible gold (VG) was observed in 07JD016 and this interval, along with those containing VG from 012 and 013, all located on the southernmost fence (see attached long section map), were submitted to an additional independent laboratory for 1kg metallic analysis for gold and assays are included in Table 4 below.

Table 1: Significant Intervals from Diamond Drill Holes 07JD014-020 on JJ Main Gold Zone
HOLE ID UTM E UTM N DIP AZIMUTH FROM (m) TO (m) WIDTH (m) Au (g/t) WIDTH (ft) Au (opt)*


429848 5456722 -60 316 77 78 1 3.07 3.28 0.090


429908 5456779 -60 316 105 108 3 0.68 9.84 0.020


429791.5 5456695 -60 315 91 101 10 1.17 32.8 0.034


        92 93 1 4.14 3.28 0.121


429879 5456751 -65 317 83 84 1 0.34 3.28 0.010


429870.5 5456871.5 -50 315 20 24 4 0.42 13.12 0.012


429871 5456870 -75 315 Core lost in transport accident


429894.5 5456847 -60 315 58 59 1 0.38 3.28 0.011
* troy ounce per short ton

Two NQ2 drill holes were completed at Bonanza Pass for a total of 643.29m in order to test soil geochemical anomalies and gold bearing quartz veins observed in road cuts (see Sept 26 2006 and November 7 2006 News Releases). Results from this prospect included 4.5m averaging 0.54 g/t gold from hole 07JD022. Also of note was anomalous molybdenum in 07JD021; 187.5m averaging 0.0035% Mo including 1.5m averaging 0.039% Mo See Table 2 below.

Table 2: Significant Intervals from Holes 07JD021 to 07JD022 on Bonanza Pass


421698 5447815 -50 258 21.0 208.5 187.5   0.0035%


        102.0 103.5 1.5   0.0390%


421916 5447474 -50 255 261.0 265.5 4.5 0.54  

Five holes at the historical Albion prospect and four at the adjacent Dubrovnik vein were completed for a total of 553.38m. Drillholes targeted the Albion vein, previously channel sampled by Astral (Nov 7 2006 News Release), and the Dubrovnik vein, 300m east of Albion. Significant results for this work include 4.5m averaging 1.14 g/t gold from 07JD028 at the Dubrovnik prospect. Complete results are provided below (Table 3).

Table 3: Significant Intervals from Holes 07JD023-027 (Albion) and 07JD028-031 (Dubrovnik)
HOLE ID UTM E UTM N DIP AZIMUTH FROM (m) TO (m) WIDTH (m) Au (g/t) WIDTH (ft) Au (opt)*


422102 5449700 -50 270 44.5 52.0 7.5 0.49 24.6 0.014


422059 5449753 -50 270 no significant results


422059 5449753 -75 270 no significant results


422103 5449604 -60 270 no significant results


422124 5449523 -60 270 no significant results


422378 5449726 -55 270 22.0 26.5 4.5 1.14 14.76 0.033


422378 5449726 -80 270 22.0 25.0 3.0 0.51 9.84 0.015


        29.5 31.0 1.5 0.58 4.92 0.017


422395 5449714 -55 270 18.0 21.0 3.0 0.36 9.84 0.011


422395 5449714 -80 270 28.5 30.0 1.5 0.32 4.92 0.009
* troy ounce per short ton

Technical Summary

At the JJ Main Gold Zone 1,431m in 20 holes have been completed along 5 fences, testing the gold-bearing quartz stockwork zone over a strike length of 180m and to a vertical depth of 100m. Surface trenching on the stockwork zone during 2006 by Astral returned channel sample intervals of up to 31.19 g/t gold over 7m, including 133.91 g/t gold over 1m (see Astral's December 14th 2006 News Release). The zone is characterized by silicified and sericitized quartz monzonite hosting a distinct zone of multi-phase stockwork veining and breccia zones controlled by a northeast-striking structure. Mapping and geochemistry completed to date suggest that this structure may extend for over three kilometres. Interpretation of aeromagnetic images show the structure to be underlain by a feature thought to be a buried intrusive stock approximately 2km in diameter. Astral suspects this stock may be genetically related to the stockwork-hosted gold mineralization and is applying a porphyry genetic model to the project. A significantly expanded Phase II diamond drill program is now underway to test the stockwork zone along strike and at depth and to test for a potential underlying buried porphyry deposit.

As stated previously (see July 12, 2007 news release), re-assay of reject material from drillholes 07JD001 and 002 resulted in values up to 40.8% higher (reported intervals from the Phase I drilling program were submitted to a second laboratory, ALS Chemex in North Vancouver for 1kg sample size metallic gold check assays). Mineralized intervals from the southernmost fence of three holes, 07JD012, 013 and 016, all containing visible gold, were also sent to ALS Chemex for this analysis and resulted in a generally lower (up to -30.4%) assay results.

Table 4: Check Assays
HOLE ID FROM (m) TO (m) WIDTH (m) WIDTH (ft) Original Au (g/t) Original Au (opt)* RE-ASSAY Au (g/t) RE-ASSAY Au (opt)* Change (%)
07JD001*** 6 16 10 32.8 9.95 0.290 12.65 0.369 +27.10%
(including) 7 9 2 6.6 42.61 1.243 58.1 1.695 +36.34%
07JD002*** 10 19 9 29.5 1.34 0.039 1.40 0.041 +4.39%
(including) 10 12 2 6.6 2.52 0.074 3.55 0.104 +40.87%
(including) 17 19 2 6.6 2.40 0.070 1.68 0.049 -30.0%
07JD012 28 36 8 26.2 3.06 0.089 2.34 0.068 -23.53%
(including) 35 36 1 3.28 11.32 0.331 7.88 0.230 -30.39%
07JD013 46 65 19 62.32 7.01 0.205 6.40 0.187 -8.70%
(including) 48 53 5 16.4 16.42 0.479 16.42 0.479 0.00%
(including) 56 60 4 13.12 7.53 0.220 5.95 0.174 -20.98%
07JD016 91 101 10 32.8 1.17 0.034 1.07 0.031 -8.55%
(including) 92 93 1 3.28 4.14 0.121 2.94 0.086 -28.99%
* troy ounce per short ton
*** reassays from 07JD001 and 002 reported previously (July 12 2007)

Phase I drilling included 643.3m in 2 holes at the Bonanza Pass target and 544.2m in 9 holes at the Albion-Dubrovnik targets, both in the southern part of the JJ property. A minimum 3,500m Phase II drilling program has recently commenced. To view all of the results from Astral's 2006 summer work programs visit www.astralmining.com.

Drill core samples from holes 07JD001 to 017 comprised 1m intervals of HQ drill core halved by diamond core saw, 07JD018 onwards comprised 1m or 1.5m intervals of NQ2 drill core, also halved by diamond core saw. All analytical results for JJ Main (07JD001-020) are from 500g samples analyzed using the Metallic Gold method by Acme Laboratories in Vancouver B.C. Re-assayed intervals from JJ Main were analyzed by 1kg Metallic Gold method at ALS-Chemex of North Vancouver using reject material from the original Acme work. Bonanza Pass and Albion-Dubrovnik analyses were done by Acme laboratories and utilized 30g Fire Assay for gold and a 0.5g aqua regia digestion with ICP-MS analysis for a 36-element suite. Both laboratories are internationally-recognized analytical service providers. In addition to laboratory standards Astral has included independently-prepared standards into the sample sequence to assure proper quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC).

Exploration work reported in this release was completed under the supervision of Astral's Project Geologist Dale Brittliffe, B.Sc.. Technical information contained in this release has been reviewed by Dr. David A. Terry, P.Geo., Director and Vice President of Exploration for Astral Mining Corporation, and a Qualified Person as defined in National Instrument 43-101.

Astral is earning a 60% interest in the JJ Project from Kootenay (see April 12, 2006 news release).

Astral Mining Corporation, a member of the Grosso Group, is a Canadian-based company engaged in the exploration and development of precious metal properties in North America. By focusing on exploration in mining-friendly districts, the Company minimizes the political and social risks encountered in many other parts of the world. With a new gold discovery at the Company's Jumping Josephine Gold Project in Southern British Columbia currently being drilled for the first time, and an experienced technical team and seasoned management, Astral is poised to leverage this expertise into early exploration success. Further details on Astral Mining Corporation and its high-quality portfolio of exploration projects can be found at www.astralmining.com.

Kootenay is an emerging exploration Company actively developing a suite of premier gold and silver projects in British Columbia, Canada and Mexico. The Company's top priority remains the ongoing aggressive development of its rich Promontorio Silver project, which encompasses the former producing Promontorio Silver Mine in Northwest Mexico. Supported by an experienced and accomplished technical team, over the past four years Kootenay has substantially grown its mineral asset base through key acquisitions, while successfully achieving four new mineral discoveries in the Rossland Republic Gold Trend of British Columbia. Further information can be found at: www.kootenaygold.ca


"Manfred Kurschner"

Mr. Manfred Kurschner, President & CEO
Astral Mining Corporation


"James M. McDonald"

Mr. James M. McDonald, CEO
Kootenay Gold Inc.

For further information on Astral please contact Manfred Kurschner, President & CEO, at 1-800-901-0058 or 604-687-1828, or fax 604-687-1858, or by email info@astralmining.com, or visit the Company's web site at http://www.astralmining.com.

For further information on Kootenay Gold, James McDonald, CEO at 403- 238-6986 or Ken Berry, President at 604-683-2214; 1-888-268-8688; www.kootenaygold.ca

The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or the accuracy of this release. Cautionary Note to US Investors: This news release may contain information about adjacent properties on which we have no right to explore or mine. We advise U.S. investors that the SEC's mining guidelines strictly prohibit information of this type in documents filed with the SEC. U.S. investors are cautioned that mineral deposits on adjacent properties are not indicative of mineral deposits on our properties. This news release may contain forward-looking statements including but not limited to comments regarding the timing and content of upcoming work programs, geological interpretations, receipt of property titles, potential mineral recovery processes, etc. Forward-looking statements address future events and conditions and therefore involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements.

2007 Number 21

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Astral Mining Corporation

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Astral Mining est une société d’exploration minière d'argent et d'or basée au Canada.

Astral Mining détient divers projets d'exploration au Canada et au Mexique.

Ses principaux projets en exploration sont JUMPING JOSEPHINE, HONEYMOON BC et BARRIERE RIDGE au Canada et LOS CRESTONES PROPERTY au Mexique.

Astral Mining est cotée au Canada, aux Etats-Unis D'Amerique et en Allemagne. Sa capitalisation boursière aujourd'hui est 769 500 CA$ (584 949 US$, 523 939 €).

La valeur de son action a atteint son plus haut niveau récent le 13 juillet 2007 à 8,70 CA$, et son plus bas niveau récent le 21 septembre 2015 à 0,02 CA$.

Astral Mining possède 25 650 000 actions en circulation.

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