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12/06/2022>   Protection from a currency collapse
02/06/2022>   Recession, prices, and the crack-up boom
28/05/2022>   A Roman lesson on inflation
20/05/2022>   Cycles are driven by credit
13/05/2022>   The most difficult thing in economics…is to explain ris...
05/05/2022>   Financial war takes a nasty turn
02/05/2022>   Building a better banking system
21/04/2022>   Value destruction
14/04/2022>   The failure of fiat currencies and the implications for...
08/04/2022>   The commodity currency revolution
31/03/2022>   Edging towards a gold standard
24/03/2022>   Designing a new currency is impractical
17/03/2022>   The evolution of credit
13/03/2022>   The end of fiat hoving into view…
03/03/2022>   When normality is exposed as a Ponzi
26/02/2022>   How Ukraine fits into the global jigsaw
17/02/2022>   Central banks are now insolvent
10/02/2022>   Difference between growth and progress
06/02/2022>   The UK and its lost opportunities
27/01/2022>   Why dollar CBDCs may never happen
20/01/2022>   Understanding the inflation problem
13/01/2022>   A euro catastrophe could collapse it
06/01/2022>   Money supply and rising interest rates
31/12/2021>   The ugly side of Triffin
23/12/2021>   Gold and silver prospects for 2022
16/12/2021>   The credit cycle and zombies’ downfall
09/12/2021>   Interest rates, money supply, and GDP
02/12/2021>   James Turk’s new book on money
25/11/2021>   The euro’s death wish
18/11/2021>   Returning to sound money
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