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'Curriculum Vitae of the United States of America'

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Publié le 15 février 2019
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"Would some god the giftie gie us,

to see ourselves as others see us...

Robert Burns

"Curriculum Vitae of the United States of America" is the work of an educated, independent Mexican of the middle-class. Though some of the statements are of debatable nature, on the whole, the work places the international behavior of the USA in a most unfavorable light. An important number of members of the Mexican middle-class would agree with the general thrust of this study.

Generally speaking, the Mexican upper-class, whose business interests may be linked to a good relationship with US business leaders, would wish to turn a blind eye to the record mentioned in this work.

I did not elaborate the attached study; my only intervention has been to translate the original work from Spanish, into English.

Hugo Salinas Price



1776 – USA declares its independence from England.

1777 – Mexico sends ships loaded with silver to support those fighting for Independence, led by George Washington, in their struggle against the British Empire.

1787 – France sends warships to assist Washington’s revolutionaries in their fight against the British fleet.

1803 – USA purchases New Orleans from Napoleon Bonaparte’s France, but takes possession of the entire Mississippi river basin.

1813 – USA invades Canada.

1817 – USA invades Florida and fights against Spanish troops.

1819 – USA signs the Adams-Onis Treaty, by which the USA, in its Article 3, renounces forever all its rights, claims and pretentions, to the Territories situated to the West and South of the Sabine River, the line which at present divides Texas from Louisiana. (In other words: USA renounces forever all claims against Mexico).

1823 – USA intervenes in the Mexican Empire and dismembers it, overthrowing Emperor Iturbide and depriving Mexico of its Central American Provinces of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. (These were made independent of Mexico, just like 80 years later, the USA made Panama independent of Colombia, and made Guyana-Esequiba independent of Venezuela).

1823 – Having caused the disintegration of the Mexican Empire, USA proclaims the Monroe Doctrine.

1829 – USA intervenes in Mexico to overthrow Gomez Pedraza and impose Vicente Guerrero as President. (First President of Mexico to be imposed by USA.)

1831 – USA breaks up the State of Grand Colombia, and divides it into 4 separate nations.

1835 – USA invades the Mexican province of Texas; with irregular troops, USA attacks the Mexican military outpost at San Antonio, Texas, and captures the commander, Martin Perfecto de Coss, brother-in-law of Mexican general Santa Anna.

1836 – With mercenaries and irregular troops, USA attacks the Mexican Army on the outskirts of what is today Houston, and captures General Santa Anna. The province of Texas is declared an independent nation named “Republic of Texas”.

1845 – Texas is officially annexed to the rest of the American Union.

1846 – USA invades Mexico on the North.

1847 – USA invades Mexico on the Gulf of Mexico and on its Pacific shore.

1848 – USA subscribes with Mexico, the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, by which USA annexes almost 2.2 million square kilometers of Mexican territories, to which the USA had explicitly renounced all rights, claims and other pretensions, and which today make up all or part of the States of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Arkansas. Perchance the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo of 1848 has legal value?

1848 – USA intervenes in France and attempts to impose a national official celebration for February 22, the birth date of George Washington, in order to commemorate in Europe the victory over Mexico. The monarchies of Europe oppose the measure, and in a flash, a Revolution breaks out in 1848 in all European countries, except Russia and England.

1850 – USA intervenes in Venezuela. USA and Britain sign the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty, under which Britain renounces its claims on Panama, in exchange for the USA depriving Venezuela of 160,000 square kilometers of territory of Guyana-Esequiba, which Britain annexes to British Guyana.  Thus, the USA remained the only power with interest in Panama, which belonged to Colombia. To the present day, Venezuela claims the territory of which it was deprived.

1853 – Once again, USA invades Mexico and annexes the world’s richest mining areas for copper and molybdenum, under the “Gadsden Purchase” of 77,000 square kilometers.

1854 – USA invades Nicaragua.

1856 – USA declares war on China, for prohibiting the importation of opium.

1857 – USA invades Costa Rica.

1859 – USA invades Honduras.

1859 – USA invades Mexico once again, destroys the Mexican fleet at Anton Lizardo, disembarks in Veracruz, and by the Treaty McLane-Ocampo they rescue Benito Juarez, who was encircled by the Mexican Army led by General Miguel Miramon.

1860 – USA invades El Salvador.

1867 – USA invades Mexico with 50,000 mercenaries and irregular troops, liberated after the Civil War, to overthrow the pro-European, conservative Mexican government, and impose a liberal, pro-USA government under their pawn, Benito Juarez.

1871 – USA invades the Dominican Republic.

1881 – USA intervenes in Peru, in its war against Chile.

1889 – USA intervenes in Brazil, carries out a “Coup” and deposes the Emperor Pedro II of Brazil.

1893 – USA invades Hawaii and annexes it.

1895 – USA invades Guatemala.

1898 – USA declares war on Spain in order to deprive it of Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Guam

1899 – USA invades and occupies Cuba.

1901 – USA invades and occupies Puerto Rico.

1902 – USA invades and occupies Philippines.

1902 – USA invades and  occupies Guantanamo.

1903 – USA invades Colombia and deprives it of Panama.

1903 – USA invades Honduras.

1906 – USA invades and occupies Cuba for the third time.

1907 – USA intervenes in Honduras and causes a military coup.

1909 – The Holocaust! The death of the Apache Indian chief Geronimo marks the end of the most extensive and bloody campaign of genocide and ethnic extermination in the history of humanity, in the course of which millions of North American Indians were massacred.

1909 – USA invades Nicaragua. The Mexican President Porfirio Díaz sends troops on board the frigate Vicente Guerrero, and the American naval blockade is broken; Mexican troops land and rescue the President of Nicaragua Santos Zelaya, wanted for capture by the USA.

1910 – USA intervenes in Mexico, President Porfirio Díaz is overthrown and USA imposes Madero as President.

1912 – Once again, USA invades and occupies Cuba.

1912 – USA invades Nicaragua, and occupies it until 1925.

1913 – USA intervenes in Mexico and forces President Madero to destroy military batteries and coast defenses, designed and built by General Manuel Mondragon, for the defense of Salina Cruz on the Pacific, and of Coatzacoalcos on the Gulf of Mexico. The railroad across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, that united both ports and transported inter-oceanic cargo in competition with the Panama Canal, is marked for destruction.

1913 – USA intervenes in Mexico to overthrow President Madero, and has him assassinated, only 3 weeks after the work of destroying the coastal defenses on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec had finished.

1914 – USA invades Mexico. With no coastal defenses left, the port of Veracruz is bombarded and occupied.

1914 - USA overthrows Mexican President Victoriano Huerta and pressures President Carranza to dismantle the Trans-Isthmic Railroad, in order to eliminate competition with the Panama Canal.

1915 – USA invades Haiti and occupies it until 1934.

1916 – USA invades and occupies the Dominican Republic until 1924.

1916 – USA invades Mexico, occupies Chihuahua State and declares that the US Army will remain there until there is a new Constitution which will establish that all minerals in the ground are national property: Germany was on the way to defeating Britain, and a substantial part of Mexican petroleum was property of British enterprises, which might pass on to German control. The new Constitution is proclaimed by Venustiano Carranza on February 5, 1917, and the 15,000 soldiers under the command of General Pershing leave the country the next day, once there is assurance that in the future, all the petroleum fields are national property.

The present Constitution of Mexico, like that of Iraq, was called for, debated, drawn up, legislated, approved and proclaimed while the country was under foreign military occupation, which constitutes a most serious invalidation of the national will, and for which reason it is deficient in legal validity, on par with the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

1917 – USA invades Cuba, once again.

1918 – USA invades Russia.

1920 – USA invades Mexico by land and by air, and bombs the Mexican Army in order to save President Obregon, and obtain in exchange the signature of the Treaties of Bucareli, which stipulated:

Article I: Mexico shall not manufacture internal combustion engines for 50 years, so that it will not compete with Ford and General Motors.

Article II: Mexico shall dismantle the ports of Salina Cruz and of Coatzacoalcos, and the Trans-isthmus Tehuantepec railroad that transports freight between the two oceans, in order to cancel competition with the Panama Canal.

Article III: Mexico shall dismantle its infrastructure of agricultural production (In other words:”Agrarian Reform”) in order to avoid competition with American ranchers.

1924 – USA invades and occupies Honduras.

1927 – USA invades China

1930 – USA intervenes in the Dominican Republic and imposes Dictator Trujillo.

1934 – USA intervenes in Nicaragua, murders Sandino and imposes Dictator Somoza.

1934 – USA intervenes in Cuba, deposes President Grau and imposes Dictator Batista.

1934 – USA installs military bases in Bermuda, for 99 years.

1934 – USA installs military bases in Bahamas, for 99 years.

1941 – USA installs 3 military bases in Trinidad.

1941 - USA imposes sanctions and naval blockade on Japan.

1942 – Birth of the OSS, predecessor of the sinister CIA.

1942 – USA attacks Mexico. Through a false flag operation, US submarines, posing as Germans, torpedo and sink 2 Mexican oil tankers, the “Potrero del Llano”, sunk off the coast of Florida, and the “Faja de Oro”, sunk near Cuba; this move forced Mexico to abandon 3 years of neutrality and declare war on Germany.

1945 – The Holocaust: Atomic bombs are cast upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which both constitute the greatest mass extermination in the history of humanity.

1945 – Military occupation by the US Army of Europe, Asia Minor, Africa, Japan and the Pacific.

1947 – The CIA is born, the invisible government of the USA.

1948 - First assassination of an important public figure by the CIA: Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, leading candidate for President of Colombia. The political disturbance known as “El Bogotazo” erupts. The Colombian Left becomes a clandestine movement, which in due course gave rise to the FARC of today.

1949 – USA installs military bases around the world.

1950 – USA invades and occupies Korea. USA retires in defeat, in 1953.

1952 – USA intervenes in Colombia, forcing the country to send troops to fight in the Korean War, in which they had no interest.

1953 – USA organizes an uprising in East Berlin.

1955 – USA intervenes in Vietnam and begins its occupation. General Vo Nguyen Giap, the same commander who shortly before had defeated the French in 1954, finally defeats the USA in 1975.

1956 – USA organizes uprisings in Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

1960 – USA overthrows Patrice Lumumba in the Belgian Congo, an anti-colonialist and nationalist leader.

1961 – USA invades Cuba with mercenaries and irregular troops at Bay of Pigs. The invasion fails.

1961 – USA assassinates Patrice Lumumba in the Belgian Congo.

1961 – USA assassinates the General Secretary of the UN, Dag Hammarskjöld, because he sought a dialogue in the Belgian Congo crisis.

1962 – USA intervenes in Italy and assassinates Enrico Mattei, head of the national petroleum company ENI, due to the threat of competition against the Anglosaxon oil companies.

1964 – Coup in Brazil. Joao Goulart is deposed and murdered. If the coup were to fail, the USA was ready to invade Brazil and depose Goulart.

1965 – USA invades and occupies the Dominican Republic, deposes Juan Bosch and imposes Joaquín Balaguer. US Marines are photographed sacking and stealing the gold of the Dominican Central Bank.

1971 – USA dollar is the world’s currency, no longer backed with gold.

1973 – Coup in Uruguay. President Bordaberry is deposed.

1973 – USA intervenes in Chile, deposing and murdering  President Allende; a military dictatorship is imposed, under General Pinochet – as was the case in Brazil 9 years earlier.

1976 – Coup in Argentine. Isabel Peron is deposed and a military dictatorship under Videla is established.

1978 – USA intervenes in the Vatican and Pope John Paul (Albino Luciani) is poisoned. 28 days later, the ferocious anti-Soviet Carol Wojtyla is imposed as Pope John Paul II.

1978 – USA assassinates the Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, after he signs a pact between the Christian Democrats and the Italian Communist Party.

1979 – 65 USA diplomats are captured by the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and held hostage for 444 days, after which they are expelled from Iran.

1980 – USA creates the “Contras” and the “Death Squadrons” in Central America.

1980. USA intervention in Iran, as Pentagon attempts rescue of American hostages. Attempt failed.

1982 – USA intervenes in Lebanon. Defeated and expelled in 1984.

1982 – USA intervenes in Mexican elections to defeat Pablo Emilio Madero of the PAN Party, and Miguel de la Madrid is imposed by the PRI.

An official of the Presidential “Estado Mayor” of Mexico, who was on the payroll of the CIA, was called upon by the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate, presided by Senator Jesse Helms, and with regard to the Presidential Election of 1982, he declared:

1.That the  votes Mexican officials actually took from electoral urns were: Miguel de la Madrid of the PRI – 8.2 million. Pablo Emilio Madero of the PAN – 7.8 million.

2. That the government Unions had added one million illegal votes.

3. That the true winner was Pablo Emilio Madero of the PAN party.

4. That they considered that with a difference of only 400,000 votes, it would not be possible to exercise government with complete power and government would have to be shared.

5. That they chose to multiply the PRI result by 2, and divide by 2 the PAN result.

6. And so, history recorded that PRI obtained 16.4 million votes, and PAN obtained 3.9 million votes.

1983 – USA invades Grenada in the Caribbean Sea.

1986 – USA bombs Libya. The Presidential Palace is attacked, and President Khadaffy’s son is killed.

1986 – USA assassinates the Prime Minister of Sweden Olof Palme, due to his neutrality between USA and USSR. The assassins were provided by the DINA of General Pinochet: DINA = "Entity for National Intelligence" of Chile.

1986 - USA intervenes in the world oil market and lowers the price of crude to $5 dollars a barrel, in order to bankrupt the Soviet Union; however, the fall in the price of crude bankrupts Mexico.

1986 - USA intervenes in Ukraine and sabotages the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, in order to contaminate with radioactivity the heart of the grains-production area of the Soviet Union and accelerate its collapse.

1988 - USA intervenes in the Mexican elections for president, in order to defeat the nationalist Cuauhtemoc Cardenas and impose the neoliberal Carlos Salinas de Gortari, from whom the USA obtained the "North American Free Trade Agreement" - NAFTA - with its secret Protocols, which increased the dependence of Mexico upon the USA and turned it into a satellite nation.

1989 - USA intervenes in the Colombian electoral process and assassinates the nationalist candidate, Luis Carlos Gaitan, in order to impose its campaign chief, the neoliberal Cesar Gaviria, from whom the US obtained the "Colombia Plan". Nationalist sectors of Colombia accused Gaviria of treason.

1989 - Coup in Paraguay. President Stroessner is deposed.

1989 - Alfred Herrhausen , director of Deutsche Bank is assassinated, on account of his links to East Germany.

1989 - USA invades Panama and captures President Noriega.

1990 - USA intervenes in the internal politics of Mexico and attempts to obtain the approval of a constitutional reform that would permit the re-election of Salinas de Gortari. The attempt fails.

1991 - USA intervenes in Haiti to depose President Aristide.

1991 - USA invades Iraq and deprives it of its historic oil-bearing province of Kuwait.

1993 - USA invades Somalia. USA is defeated and expelled in 1994.

1994 - USA intervenes in the Mexican presidential election and assassinates the nationalist candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio, whose campaign chief, the neoliberal Ernesto Zedillo, is imposed. (The same operation as that in Colombia, 5 years earlier).

1995 - USA intervenes in Mexico and imposes the "Fobaproa" financial scheme to guarantee the payment of Mexican Bank Debt to banks in the USA.

1995 - USA intervenes in Mexico and imposes a loan of $50,000 million dollars, so that Mexico's Central Bank shall have sufficient dollars to liquidate the American holdings of Mexican "Tesobonos" (Treasury Bonds).

1998 - USA bombs Sudan and Afghanistan.

1999 - USA intervenes in Colombia. Through the Peruvian Director of Intelligence, Vladimiro Montesinos, the CIA delivers 10,000 AK-47 rifles to the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) in order to increase their fire-power in their combat against the Colombian Army, to whom they also sell weapons - an operation similar to that during the Mexican Revolution, when the USA provided weapons to both sides, in order to prolong the conflict and justify US interventions.

1999 - USA bombs Yugoslavia for one whole month, deposes President Slobodan Milosevic and divides the country into 6 separate and independent nations.

1999 - USA intervenes in Indonesia and dismembers the country, depriving it of its oil-rich province East Timor, which is made independent and whose main oil resources are assigned to Australia.

1999 - USA intervenes in Colombia. The director of the New York Stock Exchange, Richard Grasso, travels to the Colombia jungle, interviews the leaders of the FARC, and offers to handle their investments and resources. Richard Grasso invites the highest officers of the FARC, Manuel Marulanda and Raul Reyes, to visit the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street.

2000 - Coup in Ecuador. President Mahuad is deposed and Novoa is imposed.

2001 - USA intervenes in Mexico. The CIA steals the data-base of IFE (Federal Electoral Institute) in order to manipulate future elections.

2001 - USA invades Afghanistan, overthrows the government and imposes Karsai.

2002 - USA intervenes in Venezuela, causing a Coup against President Hugo Chavez, who is deposed for only two days. Chavez convinces the participants in the Coup to join him and he recovers power. The Coup, assisted by the ex-President of Spain Jose Maria Aznar, fails. Hugo Chavez denounces the participation of Spain in the failed Coup, before the "Iberoamerican Junta" of Chile. The Spaniard Rodriguez Zapatero is cornered; the King of Spain found to be a participant, he yells at Chavez his famous "Why don't you shut up...!"

2003 - USA invades Iraq. President Saddam Hussein is deposed and captured.

2004 - USA intervenes in Haiti in order to depose - for the second time - President Aristide.

2004 - USA intervenes in Mexico and uses the First Lady to split the PRI from the Teachers' Union, and recruit the PRI in favor of the PAN, in preparation for the elections of 2006.

2004- USA intervenes in Venezuela to depose President Hugo Chavez, through a Referendum for Revocation. The attempt fails.

2005 - USA intervenes in the Vatican and applies euthanasia to Pope John Paul II, who was promoting an understanding between Christianity and Islam; in his place, USA imposes the ferocious anti-Islamic Joseph Ratzinger, as Benedict XVI.

2005 - USA intervenes in Mexico. USA attempts to jail Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), in order to eliminate him from the struggle for the Presidency. The population of the Federal District (i.e. Mexico City) carries out the greatest concentration of people in the history of the Western Hemisphere. The Pentagon is alarmed and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , General Myers, travels to Mexico immediately and has an interview with the Secretary of Defense General Ricardo Vega, who then takes him to an interview with President Vicente Fox. General Myers asks Fox to refrain from jailing AMLO. Fox removes Brigadier General Rafael Macedo and sends him to Italy, under the shelter of the fearsome CIA Masonic Lodge "Propaganda Due". The new head of the PGR (Attorney General of the Republic) Francisco Cabeza de Vaca withdraws the charges against AMLO, and he is set free to attempt to win the Presidency in 2006.                      

2005 - USA intervenes in Mexico. Fox is saddled with the "ASPAN Treaty" ("Alliance for the Security and Prosperity of North America").

2006 - The number of assassination attempts, acknowledged by the CIA, on the life of Fidel Castro now numbers over 100.

2006 - USA intervenes in Mexico. USA instructs 5 Mexican state governors, who are on the payroll of the CIA, to betray their party, the PRI, and to use the electoral machine in their States to support Felipe Calderon of the PAN. Even so, AMLO is 20 points ahead of Calderon. CIA uses Ricardo García Cervantes of the PAN to frighten the First Lady, telling her that if AMLO wins the Presidency, he would jail her sons. The First Lady pressures her husband Fox to prevent the arrival of AMLO as President, and prepares Fox by making him more receptive to what President George W. Bush would request from him. Thus, on March 31, 2006, when AMLO was 20 points over Calderon, Bush Jr. travels to Cancun and has a private interview with Fox, with no assistants present, and no Press. The immediate result of this Fox-Bush interview was that - mysteriously - the next day, all polls together began to propagandize that AMLO was only 5 points above Calderon in the polls, and strengthened the campaign that "AMLO is a danger for Mexico". The recent revelations on the part of the formerly proscribed newspaper reporter Nino Canun, during a press conference hosted by AMLO, confirm the complete truth of this investigation and what has been said above.

2006 – USA intervenes in the Mexican presidential election. The nationalist AMLO is ahead in the election at 10 p.m., by 5 points. Suddenly, the CIA activates an algorithm on the computers of the “IFE” (Federal Electoral Institute) and in a few minutes Calderon receives some 2 million votes, placing him about 200,000 votes ahead of AMLO. The algorithm was incorrectly programmed and the same difference of 200,000 votes remains for several days after the counting of the votes had concluded – something that is statistically impossible. Officially, Calderon won by 200,000 votes, equivalent to one-half of one percent (0.50%) of the total.

2007 – USA intervenes in Mexico and Colombia. USA creates a Bogotá-Mexico axis whose purpose is to incorporate in a “NATO Jr.” the armies of both countries.

2007 – USA intervenes in Mexico and imposes the “Merida Initiative”. This plan places the Armed Forces of Mexico in a “de facto” subordination to the DEA (“Drug Enforcement Agency”). The generals and admirals of Mexico are – de facto – subject to the orders of the police forces of USA.

2007 – USA intervenes in Mexico, and installs immigration and customs police of the Department of Homeland Security of the USA, at the airport of Cancun. US military, along with agents of the CIA, the DEA and FBI, dress in official uniforms of Mexican sailors and carry out operations on Mexican territory, not subject to the knowledge and control of the Mexican authorities.

2007 – USA intervenes in Mexico and imposes a tax reform that will guarantee sufficient income to cover the payments of FOBAPROA-IPAB bonds, which are affected by the reduced production of petroleum.

2007 – USA intervenes in Mexico. USA dynamites 4 gas pipelines in the states of Veracruz and Tlaxcala, in order to pressure the Mexican Government to approve the “Merida Initiative” and the new security treaty with the USA and Canada; Mexico thus goes beyond being very cooperative, to collaboration, and the security of Pemex falls to American troops disguised as mercenaries, or to Mexican military on the payroll of the CIA, to ensure an important source of financing for the Agency, through the theft of oil and gasoline of Mexico and other countries. The other important source of income for the Agency being the drug traffic.

2008 – President Bush Jr. tries to cancel the presidential election in the USA, in November, in order to become an absolute dictator. The attempt fails.

2009 – USA intervenes in the Mexican elections, to defeat the nationalist candidates, labeled as populists, and impose the internationalist candidates, known as neoliberals, in order to ensure an energy-reform in the Mexican Congress that favors the USA.

2009 – USA carries out a Coup in Honduras and overthrows President Zelaya.

2011 -  USA intervenes in Libya. President Omar el Khadaffy is overthrown and assassinated.

2012 – USA intervenes in the Mexican elections. The IFE and the Media are manipulated as in 2006, in order to impose a political group that will obey the USA, thanks to the deal “Presidency in exchange for Oil”.

2014 – USA carries out a Coup in Ukraine. The pro-Russian president, Yanukovich, is deposed and USA imposes a Pro-USA government, thus depriving Putin of an important ally.

2014 – USA assassinates Christophe de Marjerie, Chairman of “Total”, the French petroleum company, on account of making deals with Russia and disobeying American sanctions.

2015 – USA carries out a Coup in Brazil. President Dilma Rouseff is deposed.

2016 – USA attempts a Coup against President Erdogan of Turkey. Vladimir Putin warns Erdogan of a coming Coup, and Russian troops rescue Erdogan minutes before his planned assassination. The Coup fails, Erdogan turns away from USA and NATO, and turns toward Russia.

2018 – USA tries to intervene in the Mexican elections. USA desists and allows the election to proceed freely.

2018 – USA jails the leading contender for the Presidency of Brazil, Lula de Silva, to keep him out of the upcoming election – just as was attempted on AMLO in 2005.

2018 – USA is defeated in Syria and announces the departure of its troops

2019 – USA intervenes in Venezuela. USA withdraws recognition of Maduro as President of Venezuela and attempts to place Juan Guaido in the Presidency of Venezuela, under threat of military invasion to remove Maduro from office. Maduro is supported by Russia, China, Turkey, North Korea and Iran.

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