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Defend America, Not the World

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Publié le 21 février 2012
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The administration recently released its 2013 budget proposal, and conservatives are correctly alarmed that it calls for unprecedented spending and continued annual deficits exceeding $1 trillion. But the same conservatives complain that the budget does not devote enough funds to overseas adventurism.

I continue to be dismayed that in spite of our economic problems, most of those who call themselves fiscal conservatives refuse to consider any reductions in military spending. Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute very aptly addresses this in his recent article for the American Conservative entitled “Attack of the Pork Hawks”. He points out that conservatives are using a tired liberal argument to defend the bloated military budget: namely, that more spending equals better results. The federal education morass is merely one example that clearly disproves this.

The facts are that the President’s budget calls for an 18% increase versus the previously planned 20% increase. This is not a cut, yet Pentagon hawks continue to issue dire warnings that this “draconian” decrease in proposed future spending will seriously threaten our national security. In truth, the majority of DOD spending goes to protect other nations, including prosperous allies like Europe and Japan and South Korea – nations that could and should take more responsibility for their own defense.

Is there any amount of money that would satisfy the hawks and the neoconservatives? Even adjusted for inflation, military spending is 17% higher now than when Obama took office. Even the worst case scenarios of Obama’s “cuts”, adjusted for inflation, still put outlays at 2007 levels, which are 40% higher than a decade ago. Our total spending on overseas adventurism and nation building equals more than the next 13 highest spending countries in the world combined. Even if we were to slash our military budget in half, we would still be the world’s dominant military power, by far.

In reality, the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about has become every bit the voracious monolith he feared. It wastes as much as any other arm of government, if not more, because it knows it can depend on unlimited blank checks from a terrified Congress.

Mr. Bandow concludes that America is more secure today than at any point since before WWII, and that military outlays should be reduced accordingly. We should, Mr. Bandow argues,

“stop garrisoning the globe, subsidizing rich friends, and reconstructing poor enemies. Instead, it’s about time Washington focused on defending American and its people.”

I couldn’t agree more. Wasting money on overseas adventurism and nation building threatens our national security by massively contributing to our debt. Both welfare and warfare spending are tipping our economy into a serious currency and debt crisis. We can afford no sacred cows in our budget. One only has to look to the violence and civil unrest in Greece and ask – is that the sort of security we envision for our nation’s future?



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Ronald Reagan was in his 2nd term between the age of 73-77 years young while being The President. Ron Paul is going to be the next President if it hair lips the Grand Old party poopers. The GOP, RNC, the Lamestream media hate Ron Paul, his messages and are doing everything they can toward helping Obama to get re-elected. The Pork-Hawks, are all in favor of other people putting down their own lives while serving in the military. For to put what George S Patton Jr. said about how to use the Nazis was to grease the tracks of his tanks. These same old Pork-Hawks have that in mind about how to use the our forces in the field to grease their way to the presidency, and beyond into their bank accounts... http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DP7M21JlBM78... No more Pork. Socialism doesn`t work, a form of it didn`t work in the old Soviet Union, as history has proven. You can`t grow an economy on tax money. Like what many do, trying to spend their way to prosperity. This mentality wouldn`t work to well, if there were still debtor`s prisons still around. And that need`s to happen to Obama and the other Pork-Hawk`s of the GOP.
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I find the talk of cutting our "sacred cows" most distressing ! Hare Krshna ! ~~(>,' )
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One cannot disagree with Paul re USA's ridiculous and wasteful self appointed world policeman role.

People have to stand up to the military establishment and tell their reps that they have had enough.

Paul's only problem is that he is too old to be electable, even though he makes more sense than the rest of the rabble.
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In point of fact Ron Paul would be a very, very poor defender of America.

On several occasions he has taken Abe Lincoln to task for defending the Union from Southern agression. He believes Lincoln should have let the South secede from the Union, and, as a State Rightist, he believes any state has the right to secede from the Union for any reason -- even to preseve their slavery.

Here's the video link if you care to see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRx-trdMGtY

So, how can Ron Paul claim to be a defender of America when he wouldn't even defend its internal break-up?
Evaluer :   10  12Note :   -2
You dont have to worry about attacks from the south Jim as Obama and his neocon mates intend to remove the mexican border completely so they will all be Americans citizens too along with all of South America and Canada in the new Federal states of America! Sounds just dandy doesnt it.

At least Dr Paul would make sure that nightmare doesnt happen.
Evaluer :   9  7Note :   2
Jim C believes that Sanatorium will save us. That explains a lot of jim c comments about other contributors on 24hgold. i thought he was a troll but he's worse, a self proclaimed ass juice lover. Must be a christian too since he seems to be a warmonger.
nuff said
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Ronald Reagan was in his 2nd term between the age of 73-77 years young while being The President. Ron Paul is going to be the next President if it hair lips the Grand Old party poopers. The GOP, RNC, the Lamestream media hate Ron Paul, his messages and a  Lire la suite
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